Russian Drawing Translation Services

Are You looking for English to Russian translation of drawings? Do you need the translation of drawings from Russian to English? Implement your international project with timely delivery of translated drawings. Get your graphics, sketches, diagrams, schematics, and drawings translated with careful attention to every detail, whether it is just a general arrangement or detailed engineering design. Get an excellent translated drawing with Russian drawing translation services in the UK!
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Best Price
We offer the best price for Russian translation of engineering drawings in the UK market - from as low as £0.06 GBP per source word!
Wide range of technical sectors
Wide Range
We translate drawings in a wide range of industries: technical engineering, technology, construction, oil and gas, telecom, automotive, aerospace.
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We translate all types of drawings: AutoCAD, GA, P&ID, Electrical Circuit Diagrams, schematics, layouts, Civil Drawings, Engineering Drawings.

English to Russian Translation of Drawings

With our industry specific experts with respective background in science and technology focusing on translation of technical, engineering and scientific documents and drawings, and our commitment to precision, accuracy and consistency in translation of technically challenging and sensitive information, we provide the customized translation of all kinds of drawings.
Translation of drawings is actually the same as translation of any document but for the graphics and tables and references. The quality of translation solely depends on the proficiency, qualification and experience of translators. The translator should have an adequate education and understanding of the industry specific terminology as in case with drawings there can be a lot of abbreviations requiring the knowledge of the narrow field or sector.
All our translators have both PhD or Masters degrees in engineering translation and industry specific expertise that allows to ensure the provision of high-quality drawings translation services.
Translation of drawings and schematics from English to Russian
The translation of drawings require both the translation skills and technical knowledge of the subject matter. So the drawing translator should not only specialize in a particular sector or technical field, have knowledge, qualification and experience in working with special software creating and editing drawings like AutoCAD, CorelDraw, PDF, or InDesign, but also be an expert in a particular field of expertise that the drawings belong to. Our translators have the required skills in understanding and reading the drawing and working with graphics in the dedicated software.

Whatever the drawing you have you can be confident that you will get a professional English to Russian translation of drawings in the UK with retention of the same details and graphics and layoutting.
We keep the original layout, scale, original structure, font size and format by translating the drawing in its original format or in PDF. If the drawing is provided in PDF and there is no original file available we convert it an editable format and translate it there and then convert it back to PDF for delivery. In case with PDF the translated content strictly corresponds to the original document, so you have to be sure you will get technically and linguistically adequate drawing translation service.
AutoCAD drawings
Drawings in PDF
General Arrangement (GA)
Engineering Drawings
Architectural Drawings
AutoCAD drawings_Russian translation
Process and Instrument diagrams_Russian translation
Drawing in PDF_Russian translation
Electrical Circuit diagrams_Russian translation
General Arrangement drawing_Russian translation
Schematics_Russian translation
Engineering drawings_Russian translation
Layouts_Russian translation
Architectural drawings_Russian translation
Trends_Russian translation
Process & Instruments Diagrams (P&ID)
Electrical Circuit Diagrams
Civil Drawings
Structural Drawings
Mechanical Systems Drawings
Electrical Drawings
Plumbing Drawings
Civil drawings_Russian translation
Structural drawings_Russian translation
Mechanical system drawings_Russian translation
Electrical drawing_Russian translation
Plumbing drawing_Russian translation
Russian Drawing translation services

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Types of Drawings We Translate

AutoCAD drawing_Russian translation

AutoCAD Drawing

Translation of AutoCAD drawings for engineering, construction, oil and gas, automotive and marine industries.
Engineering drawing_Russian translation

Engineering Drawing

Translation of engineering drawings for manufacturing, installation, assembly, electrics, mechanics, electronics.
Architectural drawing_Russian translation

Architectural Drawing

We develop strategy, conception, and ideology of the project and offer you city-planning ideas.
P&ID drawingg_Russian translation

P&ID Drawing

Translation of process and instrument diagrams for industrial projects, oil and gas, factories, industrial facilities, industrial equipment.
Circuit diagram_Russian translation

Circuit Diagram

Translation of circuit diagrams for electrical, electronic, telecom, and IT projects.
GA drawing_Russian translation

GA Drawing

Translation of general arrangement drawings for all sectors where such drawing is required.
Schematic_Russian translation


Translation of schematics for electrical, mechanical, and electronic industries.
Plot_Russian translation


Translation of plots with agenda and description for all industries.
Layout_Russian translation


Translation of layouts of equipment, facilities, structures, piping, lands, production sites.
Detail design drawing_Russian translation

Detail Design Drawing

As-built Drawing

As-built drawing_Russian translation
Assembly drawing_Russian translation

Assembly Drawing

Translation of detail and design drawings for detailed description of the geometric dimensions of structure, building, machine, plant, or assembly.


Plan_Russian translation
Translation of plans (block, floor, site) showing the full extent of the facility, floor, or plant to be developed or constructed.

Construction Drawing

Construction drawing_Russian translation
Translation of construction drawings providing the dimensional and graphical information used for construction, fabrication, and assembly.
Translation of as-built drawings with marked up changes made on site during construction process or upon completion of works.
Translation of assembly drawings showing how the components fit together along with plans, cross sections, elevations, and 3D views.

Installation Drawing

Translation of installation drawings presenting the information like plant layout, equipment location, ventillation and heating systems.
Installation drawing_Russian translation

Russian to English Translation of Drawings

Drawing translation is a multifarious type of technical and engineering translation. It incorporates all features that are peculiar to all technical fields as it combines both textual and graphical information. This is why the translation of drawings is rather specific and time-consuming. And it should be understood that the drawing translation is not just about the conversion of the source text into another language and not only the knowledge of the respective field or specialization in a particular technical or engineering sector, but also the ability to discern the peculiarities and details of the schematics, designs, tables, and plots, skills to correctly understand and read the drawings.
Whenever you are located and whatever project you need the drawings for, please rest assured you will get the perfect result beyond expectations with our Russian to English translation of drawings in the UK.

Another issue or a challenge for a translator is to keep the original format, scale, layout and structure as well as the font size in the drawing. To ensure and achieve accuracy our translators meet high demands and standards to Russian language translation experts handling various technical documents including drawings. They have the knowledge and skills of using the respective software and experience in working with AutoCAD and DWG drawings.
English to Russian Translation of drawings
Implement your engineering and construction project with our Russian to English translation of drawings
We specialize in technical translation which includes the translation of drawings. The translation of drawing implies the work with the text and with graphics and tables contained in the document. When we translate the drawing we fragment the content into text and graphics, translate the textual content and then insert the translated text back into the drawing.
AutoCAD drawings
Scanned Drawings
Drawings in MS Word
Drawings in MS Excel
Drawings in Power Point
Drawings in JPG
AutoCAD drawings_Russian translation
Scanned drawings_Russian translation
Drawings in MS Word_Russian translation
Drawings in MS Excel_Russian translation
Drawings in Power Point_Russian translation
Drawings in JPG_Russian translation

Samples of Drawing Translations

Detailed design drawing
Detailed Design drawing_Russian translation
Some of the samples of drawings we translate in PDF and AutoCAD
Detailed design drawings in AutoCAD format
Detailed Design drawing in AutoCAD_Russian translation
General Arrangement Drawing
General Arrangement drawing_Russian translation
GA of equipment in AutoCAD_Russian translation
Floor plan_Russian translation
Electrical Circuit diagram_Russian translation
Structural drawing_Russian translation
Mechanical drawing_Russian translation
Process and Instrument diagram_Russian translation
GA of equipment in AutoCAD
Process and Instrument Diagram
Circuit diagram
Floor plan
GA drawing of structure
GA drawing of mechanical parts

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Russian Translation of Technical Drawings

Get your techhnical needs met and your project implemented with English Russian translation of technical drawings
Russian technical drawing translation services in the UK cater to the diverse needs of industries reliant on precise technical documentation. This service encompasses the translation of various technical drawings, including electrical diagrams, schematics, general arrangement drawings, plans, and more. In sectors such as engineering, construction, and manufacturing, where precise communication is paramount, these translations ensure that design specifications and technical details are accurately conveyed in both English and Russian.

The translated technical drawings play a crucial role in fostering international collaboration, enabling seamless communication between multilingual teams involved in complex projects. In construction, for example, translated general arrangement drawings facilitate the accurate implementation of architectural plans and specifications by teams that may include both English and Russian speakers. In the engineering field, translated electrical diagrams and schematics aid in the efficient understanding and implementation of intricate systems and designs.

The use and application of these translated technical drawings extend beyond immediate project needs. They serve as valuable references for maintenance, training, and documentation purposes, contributing to the longevity and comprehensibility of technical projects in the UK. In a globalized economy, where collaborations span linguistic boundaries, Russian translation of technical drawings in the UK facilitate the smooth exchange of technical information, ensuring that engineering and construction projects proceed seamlessly and adhere to the highest standards of precision and clarity.
Russian translation of technical drawings in the UK
Russian translation of engineering drawings in the UK

Russian Translation of Engineering Drawings

Accomplish your industrial goals and complete your project with Russian translation of engineering drawings
Russian engineering drawing translation services in the UK play a pivotal role in facilitating precise communication within the multifaceted field of engineering. This service encompasses the translation of diverse engineering drawings, including project drawings, facilities drawings, construction drawings, general arrangement drawings, plans, and more. In industries such as construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development, where accuracy and adherence to specifications are paramount, these translations ensure seamless collaboration between English and Russian-speaking teams.

Translating project drawings enables international engineering teams to comprehend and execute complex plans accurately, fostering effective project management. Facilities and construction drawings, when translated, facilitate a clear understanding of architectural designs and construction details among diverse linguistic stakeholders. General arrangement drawings, specifying the layout and arrangement of components, are crucial for efficient implementation, and translated versions ensure that all team members, regardless of language background, have access to clear and comprehensible information.

The use and application of these translated engineering drawings extend beyond project execution; they serve as essential references for ongoing maintenance, training, and future project planning. In the globalized landscape of the UK engineering sector, the Russian translation of engineering drawings in the UK contribute to streamlined communication, reduced errors, and enhanced collaboration across linguistic barriers. Whether for large-scale infrastructure projects or intricate manufacturing processes, the precision and clarity offered by translated engineering drawings in both English and Russian are indispensable for the success of projects and the longevity of structures and systems.