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You are welcome to trust your critical report to our team! Whatever the industry or subject matter we shall take care of your documents with accuracy and precision, whether it belongs to technical, business, medical, or financial sector. Make Your reporting process better with Russian translation of report documents! We help you convey the core and valuable information to the end user or supervisory agency in a way that does not fail.
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We offer the best price for report translation in the UK market - from as low as £0.06 GBP per source word!
Wide range of technical sectors
Wide Range
We translate in a wide range of industries: technical engineering, technology, medical, pharmacy, legal, business, finance, telecom, automotive, aerospace, government.
Customer Service
We translate all types of documents: reports, records, presentations, user manuals, catalogs, instructions, letters, specifications, procedures, policies, proposals.

English to Russian Report Translation

Translation of any kind of report, whether technical, medical, business, or financial, requires the respective qualification and background. Most often the report contains technical information and data which has to be translated by someone with deep understanding of the subject matter and ability to recognize the field-specific terminology.

We translate reports from English to Russian and vice versa in different forms, like user manual, guide-book, statement, test results, analytical report, directions, instructions, technical brochures, and more, for a broad range of sectors. So when we assign the translation of your report to one of our specialists you can rest assured that the document you submit will be translated by a linguist with necessary technical knowledge and expertise.
Professional Translation of Reports from English to Russian
Translation of reports is a unique class of translations by itself. First of all there are a lot of types of existing reports in all industries and secondly the reports contain various technical and specific information pertaining to a particular area of expertise or subject matter. The English to Russian translation of reports is not just a mere conversion of text from one language into another but a meticulous work of a professional translator with immense knowledge and experience in a particular field.
Internal Report
Test Report
Functional Report
Annual Report
Expense Report
Audit Report
informational Report
Analytical Report
Operational Report
Product Report
Industry Report
Progress Report
Compliance Report
Feasibility Report
Sales Report
Performance Report
Summary Report
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Types of Reports We Translate
Russian translation of business report
Business Report
Translation of business reports on transactions, transfers, dealings, trading, sales, marketing, contracts, relations, trends, promotion, revenue.
Russian translation of financial report
Financial Report
Translation of financial reports: financial statements, daily, weekly, montly, annual budget reports, transaction history, profit and loss.
Russian translation of technical reports
Technical Report
Translation of technical reports on testing, examination, inspection, repair, maintenance, performance, capacity, output, production.
Russian translation of medical report
Medical Report
Translation of medical reports: MRI reports, CAT scan reports, prescriptions, examination, tests, operation, vaccination, treatment, healthcare.
Russian translation of engineering reports
Engineering Report
Translation of engineering reports on scientific research, development, advancement, progress, innovation, artificial intelligence, biotech.
Russian translation of legal reports
Legal Report
Translation of legal reports: statements, testimonials, witnessing, certification, proofs, commitments, obligations, warranties, confidentiality.
Russian translation of examination report
Examination Report
Translation of examination reports: medical examination report, equipment examination report, facility examination report.
Russian translation of inspection report
Inspection Report
Translaton of inspection reports: technical inspection report, quality control inspection report, security inspection report.
Russian translation of analytical report
Analytical Report
Translation of analytical report: analysis report, estimate, forecasting, projection, assumption, asessment, prediction, summary.
Russian translation of audit report
Audit Report
Translation of audit reports: company audit report, department audit report, project audit report, industrial audit report, financial audit report.
Russian translation of accounting report
Accounting Report
Translation of accounting report: tax report, financial statement, budget report, funds movement report, cash flow report.
Russian translation of project report
Project Report
Translation of project reports on civil works, excavation, survey, construction, installation, assembly, start-up & commissioning, operation.
Russian translation of evaluation report
Evaluation Report
Translation of evaluation reports: asessment report, estimation report, analytical report, comparison report, credit report.
Russian translation of research report
Research Report
Translation of research reports: scientific research, studies, marketing research, engineering research, social research, business research.
Russian translation of Minutes of Meeting report
Minutes of Meeting Report
Translation of minutes of meeting reports: speech report, presentation, memorandums, declaration, announcement, notification, summons.
Russian translation of performance report
Performance Report
Translation of performance reports: key performance indicators report, capacity report, power output, power consumption, production report.
Russian translation of feasibility report
Feasibility Report
Translation of feasibility reports: feasibility study reports, expediency report, technical asessment, surveys, exploration report.
Russian translation of test report
Test Report
Translation of test reports: bench test report, blood test report, non-destructive test, X-ray report, crash test, load test, tension test, rapture test.
Russian translation of products report
Products Report
Translation of products report: presentation, functions report, properties report, description report, characteristics report, features report.
Russian translation of sales report
Sales Report
Translation of sales reports: maketing report, promotion report, brand awareness, marketplace, profit & loss, revenue,
Russian translation of progress report
Progress Report
Translation of progress reports: development report, production report, processing report, updates, recurring operation report.

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Russian translation of safety data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Russian translation of characteristics value
Characteristics Values
Russian translation of report on damage
Report of damage
Russian translation of products report
Products report
Russian translation of financial report
Financial report
Samples of Translated Reports
Some of the samples of reports we translated
Russian translation of medical reports
Medical Report
Russian translation of technical report
Technical Report
Russian tranbslation of engineering report
Engineering Report
Russian translation of business report
Business Report
Russian translation of test report
Test Report

English to Russian Translation of Report

Get your report translated to Russian by the professional industry experts
As far as the volume is concerned we take care of your large or multiple documents by involving a team of experts having decades of experience in translating large text reports in your industry and niche. Please be aware that we also translate into more than 20 world languages, not just Russian or English. Our capacity of human resources allow us to handle as many files as you have within your time frame and budget.

The translation of reports as of a technically explicit document requires an accurate and precise conveying of the original message that can only be achieved by a specialist highly efficient and qualified in Russian to English translation in your segment.

We serve customers from a whole array of industries, from manufacturing, to production, to scientific and hi-tech fields. As we are committed to meeting the client's needs and demands we allocate professional translators with technical knowledge who do not only convert the original copy into the target language but also bring the original message and information using the specific terminology and technical slang and jargon to the foreign reader.
English to Russian translation of report

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Report Translation from Russian to English

We help you overcome your communication challenges and understand your customer's reports
All translations of reports from Russian to English require a great deal of industry-specific knowledge and experience in your field that ensures the accuracy and scrupulous attention to details. Linguists and industry experts engaged in translation assignment are perfectly versed in what they translate. Besides, if the text of the report we translate is too much complicated and technically complex we involve more than one translator and forward the translated report to another linguist for proofreading and editing. Thus, we comply with the ISO and EN requirements. So, you can be confident in the quality we provide.
Whether your report is made for engineering data or test results, medical examination or surgery, scientific research or product sales, operation performance or funds movement, investment or marketing, we are capable of dealing with any kind of report, regardless of its technical nature and origin. In order for us to achieve the best results in translation of technical content and convey the engineering information to the potential reader the report should be translated by a professional English Russian report translator with a great deal of knowledge of due terminology and extensive experience in accurate translation of technical texts that he does on a regular basis.
You can get a price quote for translation of reports from English to Russian by submitting your documents via email or using our online submission form or my any other online file sharing resources like Dropbox or WeTransfer.
Report translation from Russian to English

How to Translate Report from Russian and to Russian?

Whatever your translation need we can help you translate your report to Russian and from Russian!

English to Russian Translation of Technical Report

Translate Your technical reports from English to Russian with us!
Our team of highly efficient and qualified language experts are well versed in your technical field and have years of experience in accurate translation of technical reports and engineering documents. Of course the work with reports requires the extensive knowledge of specific technical terminology and the sector which the given document belongs to. Definitely, our interpreters are well trained in all industrial subjects and so can handle any types and kinds of documents for your industry and niche.

We translate all formal documents bearing technical information including examination reports, non-destructive testing reports, quality control reports, installation reports, assembly reports, operation reports, maintenance reports, repair reports, start-up and commissioning reports, technical evaluation reports, assessment reports, key performance indicators reports, and more!

You can effortlessly order for translation of report from English to Russian and from Russian to English. All you need top do is just to write us an email and send us the description of your project with an attached document or sample of the text subject for translation. Or you can also submit us your documents via our online form and ask us to do what need to do with your files, documents, or reports.

We offer official translation of reports from Russian to English and from English to Russian at affordable rates and prices for a wide range of industries. Every report translation is done by a seasoned and qualified Russian translator. You should be aware that any translator before he or she is assigned with any translation of report goes through a rigorous test they have to pass prior to joining our team and proceeding with any translation work.

Since most of reports contain details of your product, or event, or activity, or process, and may have sometimes personal or confidential information we agree on signing a confidentiality agreement between our company and you or your company. So please be assured that your information will be safe and secure.
English to Russian translation of technical report
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