Who We Are

International Translation Company that delivers world-class Russian translation services at reasonable rates and helps companies and individuals in UK, Russia, USA, EU, carry their message across cultural and linguistic boundaries by cooperating with over 100 professional native-speaking linguists.
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What We Are

LOGOSTRANS is team of over 100 professional translators, proofreaders, editors, copywriters, translating and writing in their native Russian or English language. With over 100 certified and sworn translators located in Russia, UK, USA, and other countries, we serve clients in almost every country. Founded in 2006 we started as a small team of 3 linguists. Within a decade we grew into a large network of qualified translators providing high quality Russian translation services in every industry.

With quality and accuracy being our top priorities we employ and contract only the proven and seasoned translators fluent in their native language and cultural backgrounds and available 24 hours and 7 days a week. With our commitment to customer satisfaction we established ourselves as one of the best partners in translations from English to Russian language in the European Union and beyond. Clients place their confidence in our ability to deliver timely, accurate, and affordable translation product because we follow the international quality assurance standards and leverage the ideal combination of best human translators and CAT tools.
Team of professional English and Russian translators

Translation Services We Provide

Document Translation
Translation of documents from English to Russian. We translate manuals, agreements, contracts, reports, presentations, lists, descriptions, promotional and marketing materials, legal documents, operations and maintenance user guides, drawings.
Website Translation
Translation of websites from English to Russian. We translate websites, web pages, blogs, articles, news, SEO texts, podcasts, stories, promotional material, product descriptions.
Book Translation
Translation of books from English to Russian. We translate books, fiction stories, science fiction, memoirs, biographies, novels, historical material, handwritten texts, literature, lists, archives, booklets, e-books, audio books, paper letters, old Russian texts.
Video Translation
Translation of videos from English to Russian. We translate videos, video clips, video messages, video stories, TV series, TV shows, TV broadcasts, promotional videos, marketing videos, Instagram videos, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, subtitles, voice over, dubbing.
Drawing Translation
Translation of drawings from English to Russian. We translate drawings, sketches, drafts, schematics, pictures, graphics, infographics, scans.
Writing of texts for websites, video presentations, essays, thesis, blog articles, product descriptions, search engine optimization, social media marketing, branding, magazines, news updates and reports.
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What We Do

Our company is known for providing accurate and high-quality Russian translation services for international clientele. Headquartered in UK, London, with a global team of qualified linguists and subject matter experts, we help companies, corporations, firms, agencies, and individuals to communicate and cooperate. Our expertise in technical, business, financial, medical, legal, engineering fields as well as compliance with stringent international regulations such as ISO 17100:2015 ad EN 15038 set us apart from other translation companies in UK.

Our clients benefit from our native linguists with over 10 years of experience, wide range of fully managed English to Russian translation services, and our internal rigid rules that permit us to meet your urgent translation needs and deliver projects fast while maintaining accuracy. We translate documents, websites, books, manuals, certificates, blog articles, description of products for eCommerce, texts for SEO and marketing according to your schedule and specific requirements.

The quality of translations results from the qualification and skills of our translators. We have a rigorous evaluation systems and methods in place that help us select the best linguists to ensure a 100% guarantee of professional and flawless translation. Besides, we also work hard to make our translation services even more effective by incorporating various world known practices and technologies that are updated every year.
What rules we follow to ensure high quality translation services
Russian Translation Agency
We value your time and efforts taken to make a product and provide a service. You can be confident with our Russian translation agency to get a high quality English to Russian translation due to our compliance with ISO and EN international standards for quality assurance.
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Russian Translation Company
We are committed to quality and client satisfaction for 100%. We are eager to accomplish your Russian to English translation project and contribute to your development and growth with our Russian translation company. To make sure you can trust your assets to our linguists you are welcome to check with our services and request for some test translation.
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