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To sell Your products beyond your country border you have to translate your website and item descriptions into a foreign language
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Translation for Online Store

Ecommerce progress over the years
Ecommerce has advanced over the years and taken major share in the global market. Now we buy goods and services online, without walking outside to any stores or shops. You can purchase the required commodity with one click by visiting the respective website that advertises and sells it. When you find the right website and do something on it you may not even think how it came that you found it and made a decision to make a purchase.

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Major Shopping Brands
Of course, there are major shopping brands like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Etsy, Ebay, AliExpress, and some other online malls. And it may be easier for you to just type in the brand name and look up for the required item on the brand's website. But, have you ever wandered that you can buy absolutely the same thing but for a much cheaper price just round the corner?

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Trust Matters
For example, if you find an Apple laptop on Amazon for the price of $1500 USD, you can find the same product for $1300 USD or even cheaper at another website that sells laptops directly from manufacturer. Obviously, it is the matter of trust that you buy at Amazon and Walmart even for a higher price. But you have to know that Amazon is not a manufacturer and not even a supplier, it is just a big and well managed ecommerce shop with huge storage places.

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Online stores, like Amazon, win their clients with a great variety and wide range of items to choose from. Another element of such online ecommerce giants is that they have a very well managed and arranged logistics with a fast delivery to the door (even with a drone).

What Makes Online Stores Popular
But what makes such online stores popular? Why do you know them? How did you manage to learn about them?
First, you see their ads everywhere – offline and online. Those companies made everything possible for you to see them 24/7 and when you are looking for some products their ads will pop up and follow you across websites you visit. When you type in the name of the product you would like to buy the URL shows up with a link to one of those big marketplaces.

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Second is the information spread about the aforementioned shops all over the internet, locally and beyond the border. Now, actually, all the world countries know about Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, and other online selling giants. You know about them because they are advertised online and broadcasted on TV for thousands of times.

Russian Online Market
Of course, each country may have their own local online ecommerce platforms that sell all kinds of goods. As for Russia, there are such stores as Ozon, Svyaznoy, Softmarket, DNS-Shop, UL Mart, Mvideo, Biglion, Citi Link, Ula, Exist, Eldorado, Onlinetrade, Shoppinglive, and many other stores.

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Russian Entrepreneurs on Amazon
But some of the Russian entrepreneurs sell the products on Amazon being signed up as partners, affiliates and intermediaries. They open their own online shops with a link to Amazon storehouse and when the client goes to their websites and make a purchase he is referred to the Amazon store. Thus, even the Russian seller can make money with Amazon selling products online in USA and UK.

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Localized Shop
Most of the information displayed in Amazon is in English. But, if the service is localized outside of USA the description of the product can be in a language different from English. For example, if you sell the branded products on Amazon or on any other online platform in Russia, you have to translate both the description and all technical features and characteristics from English to Russian language.

You Have to Translate Your Website
If you have a website selling multiple items you may have to translate your website into Russian – all texts with information about the goods you sell. Or if you provide an affiliate marketing and work as a partner or representative of some bigger brand company in Russian Federation you also have to translate documents from English to Russian.

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Translation to Russian for Online Stores