Russian Translation of Microsoft Word Documents

Manage Your documents in MS Word and translate your valuable and sensitive content with us. Transmit your personal and corporate information in Word format with our Russian translation services!

MS Word Translation English to Russian

Please find below just a small list of documents we translate in this format:
Technical Manuals
Engineering Surveys
Project Specifications
Contracts & Agreements
Medical Reports
Business Letters
Financial Statements
Marketing Material
Corporate Presentations
User Guidelines

Most of the documents are created and issued in Word format, that is both convenient for the customer requesting for translation and for translator doing the Russian translation in Word. If the document is provided in MS Word format we can literally change, edit, and translate anything and everything in such document.
When documents are sent in PDF we convert them into Word for making it editable and flexible for making changes, formatting, and translation of text. So, if you have a chance to send us documents in Word we would prefer it to PDF as we will have an original document for English to Russian translations. We agree that the document in Word is heavier and it will take more megabytes for transferring the Microsoft Word documents rather than in PDF. But if the files have a large weight for uploading you can use Wetransfer or Dropbox for safe and quick transfer. Please note that if the document is sent in Word it will save you money for conversion, formatting (Desktop Publishing) and localization as we will just change the text and nothing else.
You are welcome to send us your Word documents for English Russian translation in its original format without hassle. We will take care of your assets, translate it and deliver it back to you within your set time frame.
Professional translation of MS Word document from English to Russian language
Translation of MS Word documents is as much popular as translation of PDF documents. The benefit with Word format is that a translator can edit the document and make all necessary changes whenever needed. Besides, this format is the number one among dozens of formats, which is primarily used for English to Russian translation services. The translation of MS Word documents takes major part of all our translations after PDF translation. We translate all types of documents in Word.