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English to Russian Translation of Official Documents

Are You looking for an official Russian translation services in the UK? Do you need the translation of some official documents into Russian or from Russian? Don't know how and where to translate official documentation in London? Still searching for a sworn Russian translator who could be able to handle all your official translation for submission to the UK Home Office or Russian embassy?

Our team of experts and qualified Russian translators are authorized to provide the Official Russian Translation services in the UK. All our translations are eligible and valid for submission to the local and international public, official, legal, and governmental offices, departments, agencies, and institutions, including courts, embassies, and UK Home Office.

We certify all our translations if required and upon request. Our company' certification is admissible by the UK Foreign Office or any other public or state body. When we do the translation we testify that the translated document or text is the true representation of the original document. The legalization of translation is confirmed by our stamps and signatures. Wherever necessary the officially translated documents can be accompanied by a quality assurance certificate issued by our team for proving the quality and authenticity we provide.

The official translation is basically meant for business or legal documents, applications to educational institutes, universities or colleges, court hearing and proceedings, incorporation of limited companies and partnerships, immigration and relocation, employment and job application, application for citizenship and getting the permission to work in a country, adoption of children, purchasing a real estate or renting an apartment, transferring of rights, changing of name, power of attorney, certificates and diplomas, passports and ID documents.
Translation of documents for official, public, legal, and business use
Corporate Report
Business Contract
Delivery Plan
Health Certificate
Legal Documents
Record of Proceedings
Guide Book
User Manual
Court Decision
Codes and Laws
Reports_Russian translation
Records_Russian translation
Presentations_Russian translation
Certificates_Russian translation
Brochures_Russian translation
Booklets_Russian translation
Clinical Trials_Russian translation
Contracts_Russian translation
Agreements_Russian translation
Memorandums_Russian translation
Statements_Russian translation
Periodicals_Russian translation
Reports_Russian translation
Records_Russian translation
Presentations_Russian translation
Certificates_Russian translation
Brochures_Russian translation
Booklets_Russian translation
Clinical Trials_Russian translation
Contracts_Russian translation
Agreements_Russian translation
Memorandums_Russian translation
Statements_Russian translation
Periodicals_Russian translation

Need Russian Translation of Official Documents?

You are welcome to submit your documents for our review, cost estimate, and translation!
Official Documents We Translate
Russian translation of passports
Russian translation of passports: identifcation documents, QR codes, technical passports, permits, warranties, driver licenses, awards, ID Card, residence permit, permanent residence documents.
Russian translation of certificates
Russian translation of certificates: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, adoption certificate, name change cetificate, education certificate.
Russian translation of Diploma
Russian translation of diplomas: higher education diploma, college diploma, university diploma, institute diploma, campus diploma, high school diploma, training courses diploma, graduation diploma.
Russian translation of reports
Russian translation of reports: medical reports, business reports, audit reports, annual and monthly report, financial reports, progress reports, test results report, production report, maintenance report, operation report.
Russian translation of specifications
Russian translation of specifications: technical specifications, design specifications, construction sepcifications, equipment specifications, project specifications, international standards and norms.
Russian translation of contracts
Russian translation of contracts: business contract, construction contract, maintenance contract, services contract, partnership contract, sales contract, delivery contract, manufacturing contract, supply contract.
Russian translation of proposals
Russian translation of proposals: business offer, business proposal, research proposal, development proposal, marketing proposal, engineering proposal, project proposal.
Russian translation of letters
Russian translation of letters: business letters, personal letters, corporate letters, corporate correspondence, official presentation, official letter, application for employment, education, citizenship.
Russian translation of records
Russian translation of records: medical record, business record, operation record, test results record, record of achievements, record of competitions, production record, historical record.
Russian translation of researches
Russian translation of researches: scientific researches, marketing researches, IT researches, paharmaceutical researches, engineering researches, biotechnology researches.
Russian translation of declaration
Russian translation of declarations: declaration of rights, declaration of property ownership, declaration of trust, declaration of incorporation, declaration of transfer of rights.
Russian translation of statements
Russian translation of statements: bank statement, financial statement, official statement, corporate statement, public statement, govermental statement, open statement, internal statement.
Samples of Official Documents
Samples of official documents we translate
Russian translation of Diploma
Russian translation of UK Passport
Russian translation of USA Passport
Russian translation of contract
Russian translation of incroporation document
UK Passport
USA Passport
Incorporation Certificate
Russian translation of technical specification
Technical Specification
Russian translation of medical report
Medical Report
Business Invitation
Safety Data Sheet
Auditor's Report

Official Translation for the UK Home Office

Official Russian translation for submission to the UK Home Office
Official translation as such is required by the local legal department, educational university, governmental body, or any other public institute. Among other offices in the United Kingdom where the official documents are submitted is the UK Home Office. It is the governmental department that officially accepts personal or corporate documents – business or private – for legal proof, legalization, authorization and/or licensing the presence of an individual in the country, citizenship, work permission, education, business formation, incorporation, employment, real estate purchase or sale, and for a lot more reasons.

The UK Home Offices requires that the Russian official translation should meet the following criteria: the document with official translation to Russian or from Russian should have the confirmation from the translator or translation agency that the translation is accurate and truly conveys and bears the exact meaning of the original document, indicates the date of translation, name and signature of the translator or agency, and stamp with details of the translation provider.

Official Russian translation for the UK Home Office

Authorized Agency to Translate Official Documents

We translate and certify documents to make them legally valid and acceptable
The official translation shall be provided by an authorized translator or translation agency. Actually any translation performed by a sworn or a qualified translator shall be admissible and acceptable by an official institute or governmental body in the UK or EU. However, the requirements to Russian translation can vary in different countries. So apart from standard attributes like stamps and signatures it may also require the issuance and attachment of a quality proof certificate that would both legalize the translation of official documents, confirming and stating that the translated document to be certified is an accurate and true copy and representation of the original document.

Official translation of documents represents a part of the legal process that certifies the original copy and the translated document. In order for the document to be certified and made legally valid for any further use at official, public or state agency or institute the translation should be performed by a qualified and professional linguist specializing in legal and business translations. The official Russian translation provider – translator or translation agency – should sign the document and put a stamp displaying the contact details and location.
We can also translate your official documents from Russian or to Russian for the local UK notary which can witness the translation and provide the notarization (certification) of your original and translated documents by binding all the documents together and sealing it with a wax seal. So you can send us your documents for translation and then forward it to notary for certification.
Authorized Russian Translation Agency to translate official documents in the UK

How to Translate Official Document from English to Russian

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