Russian Oil and Gas Translation

We assist the leading oil and gas companies in their communications with the UK, Russian, and international customers by providing them with professional petroleum translation services. With the expansion of the oil and gas industry worldwide and emergence of new technologies, the need for effective communication in the energy sector has grown wide and large. We provide the on-demand oil and gas Russian translation solutions for all of your communication needs.

English to Russian Oil and Gas Translation

Oil and Gas industry is a combination of different sectors, various technical processes, engineering technologies, and international business operations that require technically precise and accurate translation services.

We translate Oil and Gas documents for whatever activities: oil field exploration, production, offshore rigs operation, transportation, refinery, storage, compression or treatment. Our company serves a full spectrum of oil and gas businesses and provides translation services for all categories of the oil and gas industry with professional linguists and qualified subject-matter experts, for upstream, midstream, and downstream.

LOGOSTRANS is your perfect Russian language translation partner for oil and gas industry, combining expert knowledge of qualified translators with innovative technology and helping oil and gas customers overcome language barriers and state borders.

Any oil and gas company has diverse business operations that imply a large volume of documentation for oil and gas exploration, mining, extraction and transportation that you may need to translate to Russian or English.
If you represent an oil and gas company or work in the oil and gas sector, our agency can be the right Russian translation solution for all your translations in the energy sector. We translate different kinds of technical and engineering documents for the respective industry, including but not limited to: contracts, user manuals, agreements, safety instructions, training material, reports, records, and all types of drawings.
Translation of business and technical material for oil and gas industry
Translation of documents for exploration of oil and gas fields.
Translation of documents for mining of oil and gas deposits.
Translation of documents for drilling of wells for production of oil and gas.
Translation of documents for production of oil and gas.
Translation of documents for operation and maintenance of pipeline for transportation of oil and gas.
Translation of documents for operation and maintenance of offshore rigs.
Translation of documents for operation and maintenance of instruments and devices.
Translation of documents for construction of oil and gas facilities.
Civil Engineering
Translation of documents for civil engineering in the oil and gas sector.
Translation of documents for subsea operations and works.
Translation of documents for petrochemical sector.
Translation of documents for refinery of oil and refinery facilities.

Russian to English Oil and Gas Translation

Our team of over 100 professional oil and gas translators who are intimately familiar with various and latest engineering processes, oilfield services, and technologies used in the industry applied for gas extraction, oilfield exploration, use the next generation technology that allows us to deliver the accurate and technically precise translation of documents belonging to oil and gas sector.

The global energy sector is changing due to the emerging of alternative and renewable energy, nevertheless, the oil and gas translations are no less demanded and require the professional Russian language translation services for existing oil and gas projects of fracking and drilling aimed at the increase of oil and gas production.

Any translation of documents or any communication messages are translated in accordance with the customers' requirements and local regulatory authorities and kept up-to-date with the current industry advancement that allow the companies to launch and deploy the facilities and products in the most efficient way.
Translation for energy sector from Russian to English language