Russian Translation of Presentations

Russian translation of presentations for advertising, marketing, promotion of brand and products, explanation of new materials for training courses, clarification on the subject matter, description of products and services, introduction of new technology and methodology, installation of equipment, construction of major industrial project, and more!
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we translate presentations for a wide range of sectors: IT, telecom, manufacturing, production, oil and gas, power generation, construction, engineering, instrumentation, marine, automotive
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We translate all types of presentations: business contract, supply contract, partnership agreement, services contract, employment contract, maintenance contract, lease agreement, medical contract

English to Russian Translation of Presentation

Are you looking for someone to translate your finely made-up presentation into Russian? Are you searching for a translation agency that would be able to translate your corporate presentation from English to Russian? Do you need the warranted Russian translation service for translation of your multi-slide power point presentation? Do you have to translate text, images, and graphics in those presentations? You can rely on our services and our commitment to conveying the true and authentic ideas and messages to the end client or target audience, whatever the goals and subject matter.

Depending on the type of presentation we assign the respective translator qualified in your industry or sector. Any kind of presentation should be both informative, persuasive, and inspiring. So, in order to express the original concept and present your information before the specific audience in a proper way we engage those linguists and specialists who can not only translate your text from English to Russian but who can also convince the reader of what you intend to present and display. If you have visual elements in the form of graphics, charts, or images, we use technologies to make the picture editable for translating the text inside it.

When translating the presentation we keep the original layout to make it look professional and make a good impression on your presentation viewers. We never miss a slightest or barely visible detail and take care of every component of the content to deliver the high quality Russian translation of presentation and achieve the desired goal in advertising, depicting, describing, instructing, and marketing!
Share your insights, ideas, and messages through prssentations with Russian translation services!
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Informational Presentation
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Russian translation of Power Point presentation
Russian translation of Informational presentation
Russian translation of business presentation
Russian translation of instructional presentation
Russian translation of marketing presentation
Russian translation of data presentation
Russian translation of poster presentation
Russian translation of online presentation
Russian translation of storytelling presentation
Russian translation of roadmap presentation
Russian translation of advertising presentation
Russian translation of visual aid
Russian translation of training presentation
Russian translation of product presentation
Russian translation of demonstrative presentation

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Types of Presentations We Translate
Russian translation of product presentation
Product Presentation
Translation of product presentations introducing your product to your audience. Addressing the solutions and specific benefits it can provide. Delivery of information about the product and visual graphics illustrating the product's features and functions. Introduction of the product's application and usefulness in a way to persuade your audience to take action. Promotional material to make your potential customer interested in your new or renovated product and increase sales.
Russian translation of service presentation
Service Presentation
Translation of service presentations introducing your online or offline services to individuals or companies. Material in the form of text, slideshows, photos, videos, visual aids, offering the benefits of your services which make people's life easier. Statements, case studies, real life stories, catalogs, knowledge articles, describing the services you offer. Introduction of effectiveness of your services and the needs your service can cover and meet. Information that presents to customers the existing positive experience with your service.
Russian translation of Performance presentation
Performance Presentation
Translation of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) presentations with column, bar, line, spline, pie, and radar with markers charts. Combination of charts, graphics, texts, and tabular data, as a type of measure, displaying the effectiveness, productivity, and goal achievements. Metrics showing the data and figures for evaluation of business companies, projects, production, and individuals against the specific and strategic objectives. Information with infographics tracking the performance.
Russian translation of operation presentation
Operation Presentation
Translation of operation presentation represents the performance of a company, process, facility, equipment, or a device. It helps to measure the capacity and potential for possible and actual management of operation and the conceivable outcomes of such operation. It presents the analysis of competitiveness, strategies, integration, productivity, and quality control. It visualizes the goals to be achieved in terms of supply chain, inventory, logistics, and manufacturing. It showcases the procedures and processes used for operation.
Russian translation of function presentation
Function Presentation
Translation of function presentation with illustrations and text describing the functions of any business entity, person in charge, various processes, technical or management procedures, equipment operation, vehicle designation, device application, facility service, project implementation, and work performance. It depicts the overall and individual peculiarities and specific features pertaining and inherent to a certain machine, vessel, equipment, instrument, or management, process, procedure.
Russian translation of feature presentation
Feature Presentation
Translation of feature presentation that communicates the benefits and advantages of your product or service or a project to your audience with illustrations, explanations, and convincing content adopted to any public so that they can have enough knowledge to make a decision. It introduces the information about specific properties and capacities or resources that are inherent in or belong to what you offer. It is important to packager the information about features in a way that will persuade the audience.
Russian translation of data presentation
Data Presentation
Translation of data presentation with text, graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables. Overall display and interpreting of information in a professional manner to make it easy to read and understand by the interested party or audience. It is the visualization of represented information in a way and format commonly recognized and accepted by most people. Data is shown in the form of scales, trends, patterns, matrixes, and diagrams, accompanied by textual description.
Russian translation of informational presentation
Informational Presentation
Translation of informational presentation with textual and graphical content designed for lectures, seminars, reports, or demonstrations in different industries. It is the report in the form of a visual presentation, introduction and sharing of information with the help of visual aids, charts, and schematics. Such kind of informative presentation accurately conveys the specific information with clarity and interest in an appealing manner to your audience.
Russian translation of instructional presentation
Instuctional Presentation
Translation of instructive presentation in the form of textbooks, power point presentations, diagrams, case studies, simulations, online visual aids used for lectures, training programs, education, for solving the reader's problems. It gives a step by step direction to accomplish certain tasks, reveals a clear perspective for further growth and development, provides a detailed guide to follow, helps the reader to be more informed on the subject and get new skills.
Russian translation of marketing presentation
Marketing Presentation
Translation of marketing presentation created in PPT or in any other format with multiple slides, numerous images, introducing a new or updated marketing strategy, campaign, or a goal, illustrating in detail your marketing plan, social media strategy, which you will utilize to sell your product or service. It also promotes your brand, brings up ideas on how to expand to new markets, help you improve your existing marketing technique. It is the demonstration of methods that motivate, inspire, and persuade.
Russian translation of advertising presentation
Advertising Presentation
Translation of advertising presentation for marketing purposes with slides and visual aids introducing the new product, service, event, activity or a proposal. It promotes the brand, increases the brand awareness, and advertises the selling propositions. It is an informative presentation that catches the stakeholder's attention, engages him in buying your goods and products, and drives sales. It is made with reports and infographics showing the real-life case studies.
Russian translation of demonstration presentation
Demonstrating Presentation
Translation of demonstration presentation of your product or service you want to sell to your prospective clients. It is a visual demonstration of your achieved results, benefits and advantages, best features, test results, and applications. It communicates and summarizes the concept of usefulness and applicability for a variety of purposes. It grabs the customer's attentions by illustrating the object for sale, showcases the solution it brings and visually depicts how it works.
Russian translation of visual aid presentation
Visual Aid Presentation
Translation of visual aids presentation in the form of different kinds of visual materials such as charts, pictures, graphs, diagrams, as well as flip charts, handouts, various demonstrations, infographics, and slides. It helps listener or a reader to apprehend the shared information for better understanding and remembering. Also it engages the audience, enhances the understanding of the presented content both in textual and visual form, ignites the client's immediate response and converts the prospect into buyer.
Russian translation of training presentation
Training Presentation
Translation of training presentation or learning material in the form of power point presentations, slides, training modules, simulators, props, quizzes, whiteboarding, handouts, charts, and diagrams. It helps the trainees or employees to increase their knowledge of the studied subject, improve their qualification and skills. The effectiveness of any training presentation is measured by how well the trainee or employee will perform their work or task afterwards.
Russian translation of poster presentation
Poster Presentation
Translation of poster presentation with text, tables, pictures, graphs, charts, and other visual aids for advertisement, presentation of your work, publicly introducing the new information, attraction of people's attention to your clear message. It entices people to read the content and compels your visitors to trust your services or products. It intrigues your customers to learn more about your offers and drives them to make a decision towards.
Russian translation of roadmap presentation
Roadmap Presentation
Translation of roadmap presentation with visual depiction of strategic plan you have to follow, setting of a goal you have to achieve, setting the agenda you have to abide by and the timeline for completion of tasks. It is a planning of operations, activities and events, setting the direction and stages for implementation of projects. It prioritizes the goals and places them on a timeline roadmap for further consequent execution.
Russian translation of brochure presentation
Brochure Presentation
Translation of brochure presentations or leaflets, pamphlets, or flyers, that provide the information about a product or service and drives the viewer to learn more about the purpose of an item and purchase it or acquire. It shares the information about the brand that produces it and promotes the best features that make it stand out among the rest of competitors with the help of an easy-to-read compelling copy and eye-catching photos and images.
Russian translation of pamphlet presentation
Pamphlet Presentation
Translation of pamphlet presentation or some form of a booklet, flyer, handout, brochure, or a leaflet. It contains the information about the subject in question, product or service, event or training course, tenets or rules, instruction or guidelines, benefits or features, opportunities or offers, case study or samples, invitation or promotion. It can be both digital and printed.

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All translations are performed by qualified and experienced translators and DTP (desktop publishing) specialists. This ensures the quality rendering of Russian presentation translation services and warranted keeping of the original layout despite the volume and complexity of text and sophisticated combination of graphics, charts, and matrixes. The range of industries we cover include all basic sectors such as business, finance, technical, engineering, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, information technology, and more.
When you submit your documents whether in PPT or in any other format with elements of visual and informative instruction or description we assign the task to an expert proficient in your field of expertise and subject and specializing in text formatting. This will save both time and money for you as sometimes it requires to engage more than one person in translation process to make changes and adaptations in layout of the final translated version.
To make the presentation readable and easy to understand we keep the components of slides in their initial locations and adapt the text so as to fit the translated text on slide and in graphics. It happens that Russian text occupies more space than English text. In this case we have to adjust both graphics and text in regards to both size and layout so we could keep the same format and match the original images and graphics picture and textual content.
Russian presentation translation services
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Russian Translation of Business Presentations

Start marketing and selling your products and services abroad with our services!
Among the clients that we serve are business clients. Since business or corporate clients are the most demanding we take efforts to meet their expectations in the professional manner. We perfectly understand the criticality of the content they provide and urgency of the project and how crucial it is for business to be presented in the best way possible not only before the audience but in front of their competitors as well. Thus, we commit ourselves to delivering the best-in-class service and retaining the branded look of the company we translate for.

As most frequently the business relations are cross-border and international it is crucial for companies to present themselves abroad in the best form and shape. Whether they represent products or services across Europe or UK we take care of every detail and support the client until the full completion of the project with our Russian to English translation of presentations for a wide range of clients, whatever the scale - large, middle, or small. What our team does is that it serves our corporate clients with Russian presentation translation to further market their products or services beyond the borders and enable them to sell it at best market prices.

What companies mostly need is the translation of presentations of their commercial products as the project brief in the form of a brochure or a booklet, or power point presentation. While most of presentations are made and translated in PPT it is still not uncommon that visual and textual descriptions and instructions are produced and delivered for translation in PDF. We process any time of presentation in all available formats, from JPG to MS Word.
Russian translation of business presentations

Russian Translation of Product Presentation

Promote your product and draw clients with our Russian translation services!
If you are looking for your business presence in one of European countries or UK, or if you are getting contacts with Russian consumers you have to find someone who can professionally translate your product presentation from English to Russian or backwards. To attract more clients for purchasing your product or collect funds for your projects you will necessarily translate the presentation of your product to the language of your target audience or buying public, whether it is English or Russian.

It is evident that companies attract customers and increase sales through marketing and advertisement. And the English to Russian translation of product presentation is one of the service that promotes the product you sell and makes it look like outstanding and unique in the market, displaying the best features and properties it has been designed and built with. It is our primary goal to present your product in the best light and convince your buyers in their native language that what you offer is still much better than what your competitors offer.

To beat your competitors your product has to look smarter and useful in regards to its applicability, durability and efficiency. When presentation is translated the appearance of the product matters much. So we take care of every image by translating every single word in graphics so that visual look and embedded text may make people interested in the product and get as much information about it as possible.

Russian translation of product presentation

How to Translate Presentation from English to Russian

Get a professional look with our care after your text, graphics, and layout.
Do you have a product or a service that you intend to present to a large audience? Are you seeking ways to show how it's features can be used by the buyer and display all the benefits it offers to a lot of people at one time? Are you going to share some specific information internally among your employees? You can succeed in all of the above with the help of a professionally crafted and finely forged presentation.

When text is used on slides it is usually short but appealing and convincing. We keep the same length of text to fit the slide and the area it was placed into. Even though often it is no easy task to translate presentations with a whole lot of graphics, charts, tables, and all sorts of images displaying samples or screenshots or just pictures of the subject introduced, it is quite within our capacities to cope with this challenge and perform the work beyond your expectations.

Apart from just a perfect knowledge of what you present to your foreign audience, our team is expert in formatting and keeping the same layout of slides or brochure, as in the original file. Sometimes it is rather difficult to translate short phrases and abbreviations as they are displayed on presentation. But it is far from hard for our expert translators who has a brilliant knowledge of the subject and excellent skills in conveying the original message while keeping the same length of words and containing them within the same box.

Most of presentations are made in Power Point but there are other formats which are used for creating various kinds of presentations for different purposes. We exert special importance to the visual look of your presentation as it actually brings 99% of success to your words and information. Visual aids and graphics enhance the information about the item or fact or event or instruction you present and make it understandable even without words.
How to translate presentation from English to Russian