Russian Translation Rates and Prices

Here You can see the rates and prices for Russian translation services. Check our rates and try our services! We offer the lowest rates for Russian translation in the UK. Also, we offer 10% to 20% OFF discounts for large and recurrent projects.
Our Rates
Rates we offer for our translation services. The given rates below are the starting rates (from).
  • Test Translation
  • First page of a Book
  • 150 words for 10K+
  • Formatting (DTP)
  • Certification
  • Discounts 10% to 20%
Document Translation

  • Word Text
  • PDF File
  • Scanned Image
  • Handwritten Text
  • Manuals
  • Contracts
  • Reports
Drawing Translation

  • P&IDs
  • Schematics
  • Flow Charts
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • As-built drawings
  • Detailed Designs
  • General Arrangements
Website Translation

  • Blog Article
  • SEO Text
  • Landing Page
  • Website Content
  • Sales Presentations
  • Marketing Material
  • Product Description
User Manual Translation

  • Repair Manual
  • Technical Manual
  • Operations Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Assembly Guidelines
Book Translation Service

  • Novel Book
  • Fiction Book
  • Memoir Book
  • Scientific Book
  • Biography Book
  • Engineering Book
Video Translation Service

  • YouTube Video
  • TV Broadcasting
  • Introduction Video
  • Promotion Video
  • Documentary Video
  • Interview Video
Copywriting Service

  • Blog Article
  • Website Content
  • Presentation Text
  • Marketing Material
  • Product Description
  • Books and Manuals

Rates Per Word

Rates per word for English to Russian translation
Translation by native-speaking linguists with basic quality check
  • Native Speaker
    Post-delivery update
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Translation by a Qualified Translator with an expert review and quality control
  • Qualified Translator
    Quality Control
    Expert Quality Check
    Post-delivery amendment
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What Affects Pricing
  • Language
    Language pair is the main and primary element that may affect the pricing. The target language is the determining factor in cost estimate. It is because the translation into Russian language may cost less than the same translation into English as the translation services in the Western World are valued considerably higher. So the translation from English to Russian will cost £0.05 GBP per source word whereas the Russian to English translation will cost from £0.06 GBP.
  • Urgency
    The final price quote for translation can vary depending on how quick you need the translation. You may want to have your file translated within the same day or even within a few hours. In that case the final cost will be recalculated with due consideration of our capacity, your project requirements, and other factors listed among three major factors affecting the price. If the project is urgent the price can be doubled and increased up to £0.10 GBP or £0.12 GBP.

  • Subject
    Subject matter is one of the key factors that affects the pricing as it may involve additional resources or capacities. With general or non-technical subject the translation will be charged with standard rate from 0.05 GBP, but if the text is technically sophisticated and complex the price can be a little of even considerably higher. For engineering or hi-tech translations the rate can be increased to £0.07 GBP per source word.
How much is my translation?
Want to know the price of your translation? Just submit your file, text, or document and let us evaluate your project!
Russian Document Translation Service in the UK
Document Translation
We charge on a per source word basis. I.e. the final price quote will depend on how many words there are in the original text, urgency, and subject matter. Our standard rate is £0.06 GBP per word.
Russian Book Translation Service in the UK
Book Translation
Price quote for translation of a book is calculated based on the same concept as the one used for document translation. But in case with books the editing is required that may add some fee. Editing rate is from £0.03 GBP per word.
Russian Drawing Translation Service in the UK
Drawing Translation
We evaluate the translation of drawings based on the complexity of drawings (graphics, design, and number of words) as we translate them either in AutoCAD or convert them between PDF and MS Word formats. From £20 GBP per drawing.
Russian Website Translation Service in the UK
Website Translation
We translate website text for the same rate as we translate documents, but the price can be enhanced due to the additional service of localization or globalization which may increase the rate for some £0.02 GBP per word.
Russian Video Translation Service in the UK
Video Translation
Video translation is a service that has a wide application like typesetting, subtitling, and voice over or dubbing. For typesetting we charge some minimum rate, subtitling costs £20 GBP per minute and voice over's rate is from £25 GBP per minute.
Russian Copywriting Service in the UK
Writing of text is diverse and different texts shall be charged differently. A description for selling products on Amazon will cost around £50 GBP per 1000 words but B2B text will be charged from £100 GBP per text.