Russian Translation Services in the UK

Russian translation services in the UK
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Looking for English Russian translation services for your industrial project?
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Translation made easy with professional translation agency with decades of experience providing high-quality translation services by native speakers for both private individuals and corporate clients - fast, accurate, cost effective, personalized, and compliant with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038
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Ensured Quality
Professional High-quality 100% Human English to Russian Translation as per ISO and EN standards.
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Best Price
Best affordable and competitive prices for English Russian translations in the UK from as low as £0.06 GBP.
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Customer Oriented
Russian translations services tailored for Global customers located in the UK, USA, EU, Russia, and worldwide.
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Broad Scope
We cover a wide range of industries: Medical, Legal, Business, Finance, Engineering, etc.

Why our Translation Company

Why our Translation Company - Russian Translation in the UK
Benefits of Our Russian Translation Company.
As one of the Russian translation services providers in the UK the Universal Language Solution LP (ULS) responds to all of your English to Russian translation needs in a fast and efficient way and helps you expand your business and communications to Russian markets and find new customers in all CIS countries, as well as assist you in corporate and private communications in the UK, USA, and EU.
All translations are performed by qualified and experienced English and Russian translators at reasonable and affordable rates, ranging from as low as £0.06 GBP per source word.
With a network of over 100 linguists in the UK and in Russia and compliance with international quality assurance standards, we provide a comprehensive solution of the high-quality Russian translation services to a full spectrum of industries.

We are committed to providing an accurate and timely English to Russian translations adapted and localized to your target audience. Our being on duty 24/7 allows us to deliver the projects on schedule and within your deadline.

Your valuable assets are in the hands of skilled and experienced native linguists with a background knowledge of your industry and competence in your subject that ensures that your message or content will be successfully conveyed to a specific Russian customer, partner, or reader.
20+ Years of Experience
100+ Translators
Fast Turnarounds
24/7 Available
20+ Languages
ISO Compliant
50+ Industries
300+ Customers
Customer Service
Project Management
From £0.06 GBP
Discount 10% OFF
Post-delivery Support
GDRP Compliant
Confidentiality Guaranteed
20+ Years of experience
100+ translators
Fast turnarounds
24/7 available
20+ languages
ISO compliant
50+ industries
300+ customers
Customer service
Project management
From £0.06 GBP
Discount 10% OFF
Post-delivery support
GDRP compliant
Confidentiality Guaranteed
Quality assurance
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ISO 9001_English Russian translation
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Binai Singh
CEO and founder of Singh Marine Management Limited (SMML)
"It was a great pleasure for me to work with you over the translation of my books. Professional translation with a style".
Paul Rigby
President for International Operations for International Thought Leader Network (ITLN)
"I am grateful to your team for brilliant translation of my book "The Bee Book" and excellent communication skills and careful attention to details".
Peter J Nisbet
Managing Partner for ValueSelling in EMEA
"Excellent service! They accurately translated a huge volume of presentations for us within quick turnaround time. Good team work and fast response."
John Tate
Owner of EnviroCare International
"You did a very good job in translation of our engineering drawings. You guys were awesome in translation of every detail in detailed design drawings".
Services We Provide
Reports, Records, Presentations, Agreements, Contracts, Statements, User Guides, Manuals, Certificates, Articles, Specifications, Forms, Licences
Certificates, licences, passports, ID documents, qualifications, Diploma, awards, patents, permits, reports, records, QR codes, incorporation
User manuals: maintenance, repair, operation, troubleshooting, service, installation, assembly, construction, training, user guide, guidelines
Scientific, training, catalog, equipment user guide, academic, biography, memoir, fiction, novel, narrative, poem, essays, thesis
AutoCAD, DWG, PDF, JPG. GAs, as-built drawings, detailed designs, electrical circuit diagrams, P&ID diagrams, schematics, flow charts, trends, layouts
Contracts, agreements, business deals, financial transactions, obligations and commitments, industrial projects, corporate provisions, regulations, mandate, trust, warranty, will
Reports: examination, inspection, tests, investigations, scanning, performance results and indication, properties, features, output, capacity
Specifications: operation procedure, policies, detailed description, guideline, data sheet, catalog, instruction, follow-up, functions, features, options
English Russian translation of presentation
Presentation Translation
Presentation: instruction, description, visual aid, promotion, training, marketing, branding, user guide, know-how, advertisement, proposal
English Russian translation of proposals
Proposal Translation
Proposals: business offers, product sales, brand promotion, tender bidding, start-ups, enterprises, joint ventures, market research, probing
Handwritten text: text written by hand in Russian language, letters, notes, medical reports, post cards, buusiness papers, correspondence
Old Russian text: manuscripts, record books, ancestry books, letters, post cards, maps, archives, chronicles, historic writings, memorials
Websites: website content, landing pages, blog posts, articles, media files, web pages, product descriptions, FAQs, policies, tems and conditions, website text
Subtitling, Voice Over, Dubbing. TV broadcastings, shows, series, news, mass media videos, documentary videos, feature films, advertisements
Writing of content for websites, landing pages, blog articles, web pages, mass media, brand promotion, B2B relations, PR, marketing, essays, thesis
Translation between Russian and other world languages
Russian to English translation
Russian to German translation
Russian to French translation
French translation
Russian to Italian translation
Italian translation
Russian to Spanish translation
Spanish translation
Russian to Portuguese translation
Portuguese translation
Russian to Dutch translation
Dutch translation
Russian to Norwegian translation
Norwegian translation
Russian to Swedish translation
Swedish translation
Russian to Hebrew translation
Hebrew translation
Russian to Korean translation
Korean translation
Russian to Japanese translation
Japanese translation
World Languages
With a team of native speaking professional translators, we provide human translation services in over 20 languages, from and into Russian, English, and all major European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages.
To ensure you always receive the highest quality of translation we select the best qualified linguists most suitable for your project, cooperate with a dynamic network of industry experts, specialists and consultants, and employ rigorous method of selecting and testing every translator before he gets any assignment.
All translations are performed by qualified and experienced linguists having respective specialized knowledge in your industry (e.g. engineering, pharmacy, technology, manufacturing, etc.) in compliance with internationally recognized and accepted quality assurance standards.
Whenever you apply for language translation, whatever target audience you translate for and communicate with, you will have an ideal translator or team of linguists assigned to your project.

Languages We Translate

Translated Samples
Book Translation
CORONAVIRUS_book translation_English to Russian
Samples of documents, manuals, and books we translated
FEDCO_Installation and Operation Manual_English to Russian
Operation Manual
Legal invitation_English to Russian
Legal Invitation
Medical report_English to Russian
Medical Report
Passport_English to Russian
Software user guide_English to Russian
Software User Guide
Rochem_English to Russian translation
Operation & Maintenance Manual
Financial Statement_English to Russian translation
Financial Statement
Meghan Beaton
What our clients say about our translation services
The translation was completed and delivered on time. Really appreciate working with your team!
Thanks a lot for having our documents translated within our time frame and budget! Look forward to more projects!
Thank you for professional translation of all our presentations and guide books! Excellent work!
Translation of legal documents (contracts)
Sandra Mcintosh
Translation of installation and operation manuals
You did an awesome job! Thank you very much for managing the technical translation and perfect formatting!
Barry Walmsley
Translation of engineering documentation
PJ Nisbet
Translation of business management documentation
Russian language translation

Russian Language Translation

How crucial is Russian language translation for your business
Russian language is spoken by around 250 million people in over 30 countries. Russia, being the world's largest country is one the biggest and crucial market place for any business.

By translating with us you will be able to communicate with Russian customers, contractors, legal and physical entities. Due to the peculiarity and complexity of the Russian language in terms of grammar and Cyrillic alphabet the translation to Russian should be performed by a native and qualified linguist who knows the relevant terminology and delivers high-quality translation at all times.

Beside Russian Federation the Russian language is also spoken in some other countries of the Former Soviet Union – Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia.

Apart from its geographical size Russia has an immense deposits of oil and gas, ore, gold, and other mineral resources what makes this country absolutely attractive for foreign investors and developers. If you have a business in or with Russia we can help you build strong relationships with Russian interested parties – government, private companies, or just private individuals – by delivering professional English Russian translation services in your niche.
We as a company have been providing high quality professional translation services for over 20 years. There are clients from literally any industry. You can also read some of their testimonials. For many customers we are the best translation company in the region. With over 100 translators in all key countries we stand out as an agency with a global reach. We use human translators in combination with computer aided tools and follow the stringent international quality assurance policy that ensures you will get an accurate translation fast without an error.
Russian translation achievements

Translation Rates Per Word

Translation by native-speaking linguists with basic quality check
  • Native Speaker
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Post-delivery update
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Translation by a Qualified Translator with an expert review and quality control
  • Qualified Translator
  • Quality Control
  • Expert Quality Check
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Post-delivery amendment
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How it works
File Submission
You submit us your documents, files, or link for our review, cost estimate, and translation, along with specifications and requirements, and the preferred lead time.
We evaluate the project and give you our price quote for your approval. You make the due payment, either 100% or 50% depending on the volume.
We translate your text, document, file, website, or video, and send it back to you for your review and confirmation.
You are welcome to come back for any comments or queries or complaints and we shall respond with care and attention.