What countries speak Russian

How many people in the world speak Russian language as their native?

What countries speak Russian?

How many people in the world speak Russian language as their native?
Russian speakers by country

How many Russian speakers are there in the UK?

There are a lot countries where you can find people speaking their native Russian language. Mostly those countries are former states of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) or republics of the former Soviet Union. But Russian people can also be found across the globe – from Canada and USA to Argentina and Chile, from Iceland and UK to South Africa, from Japan to Australia and New Zealand.

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Origin of Russian Language
Like many European languages, Russian can be traced back to its Indo-European roots. When Slavic tribes began to settle in eastern Europe, their language was transformed into what is now considered as the Proto-Slavic tongue in the Early Middle Ages, which, in turn, gave rise to the Slavic family of languages.

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Russian is one of the three main languages within the East Slavic sub-family, but it became as a distinct tongue in the late Middle Ages. In the mid of 1800 the Standard Russian was established and became official.

Where Russian is an official language
Russian is an official language in Russian Federation, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. But is unofficially but widely spoken in Ukraine, and other former USSR republics, including Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
There is a number of other countries in which a certain contingent of Russian speakers live for decades or centuries: Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Finland, Cyprus, China, USA, and Israel. Actually, when you travel to Eastern Europe, you notice that their languages very much resemble Russian language, for example, in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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How Many People Speak Russian in the World
There were around 170 million native Russian speakers in 2011 that placed Russian language at number eight in the list of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Within the global scale the Russian speaking people account for 2.4% of the global population. Russian language can also be called as one of the biggest players on the internet. In 2014 it became the second most widely used language for online communication - nearly 6% of all websites used Russian.

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How Many People Speak Russian in the UK
Currently about 300 000 Russians call UK as their home country. Roughly, 100 000 people moved to the Great Britain for permanent residence. The capital of the United Kingdom gas become the second Russian capital for many. The citizens of London are very familiar with nicknames like "Londongrad" and "Moscow-on-the-Thames".

Over the last two years more than 500 000 of East European immigrants moved to UK to find a refuge or for a better place of living or for getting a better income. More than 16% of the above figure were solely the Russian nationals.

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London as a Second Home for Russians
London being the second capital for Russian speaking community has accommodated Russians from different social statuses – from students to maids and nannies, from IT specialists to wealthy tycoons and political leaders. You can find Russian-language newspapers and magazines published across UK, as well as TV channels like Russia Today. Companies like Russian London Ltd. help Russians visit UK, enter the university, or immigrate to Great Britain.

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How many people speak Russian language as their native in the United Kingdom