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Are You looking for English to Russian translation of legal documents? Do you need the translation of legal documents? With a team of professional legal translators and certified linguists with extensive experience in legal industry coupled with our commitment to quality and accuracy as per ISO 9001 and 17100 your legal documents are guaranteed to be handled and translated with adherence to local and international laws by our Russian legal translation services in the UK.
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We offer the best price for Russian legal translation in the UK market - from as low as £0.06 GBP per source word!
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We cover all legal sectors and international laws, business regulations, rules, specifications, obligations, mandates, resolutions, certifications.
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We translate all types of documents, including contracts, power of attorney, notes, deeds, bills, affidavits, letters, statements, articles.

English to Russian Translation of Legal Documents

English to Russian legal translation services play a pivotal role in facilitating cross-border legal communication and transactions within the UK. These services cater to a myriad of legal document types, ensuring precision and accuracy in translations. From certificates and contracts to agreements, charters, warranties, specifications, wills, passports, and more, these translations navigate the complexities of legal terminology and nuances, ensuring that the intended meaning and legal validity are preserved.

In the UK, where legal documents serve as the backbone of various industries, including business, immigration, and personal affairs, the demand for accurate translations is paramount. English to Russian translation of legal documents in the UK not only bridge linguistic gaps but also facilitate legal processes, ensuring compliance, understanding, and adherence to legal frameworks. In the business realm, translated contracts and agreements enable seamless international collaborations and transactions. For individuals navigating immigration procedures, translated passports and legal documents are indispensable.

The legal profession itself relies on these translations for accurate communication in multilingual settings. Moreover, translated legal documents serve as vital tools in legal proceedings, ensuring fair representation and comprehension for all parties involved. The use and application of these translations extend beyond the immediate legal transaction, impacting various sectors and personal affairs, contributing to the smooth functioning of legal processes and fostering cross-cultural legal understanding in the diverse landscape of the UK.
Legal translations from English to Russian
Rental/Lease Agreement
Power of Attorney
Confidentiality Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Healthcare Directive
Child Travel Consent
Letter of Intent
Legal Settlement
Partnership Agreement
Employment Contract
Service Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Purchase Agreement
Warranty Agreement
Legal Bond
Sales Agreement
Deed of Trust
Loan Agreement
Mortgage Agreement
Court Forms
Article of Incorporation
Certificate of Incumbency
Compensation Agreement
Complaint Letter
Shareholder Agreement
Financial Statement
Arbitration Agreement
Legal Notice
Rental/Lease Agreement_Russian translation
Power of Attorney_Russian translation
Confidentiality Agreement_Russian translation
Non-disclosure agreement_Russian translation
Healthcare directive_Russian translation
Child travel consent_Russian translation
Partnership agreement_Russian translation
Employment contract_Russian translation
Service agreement_Russian translation
Consulting agreement_Russian translation
Joint venture agreement_Russian translation
Purchase agreement_Russian translation
Sales agreement_Russian translation
Affidavit_Russian translation
Assignment_Russian translation
Deed of trust_Russian translation
Loan agreement_Russian translation
Mortgage agreement_Russian translation
Article of incorporation_Russian translation
Certificate of Incumbency_Russian translation
Compensation agreement_Russian translation
Complaint letter_Russian translation
Shareholder agreement_Russian translation
Financial statement_Russian translation
Letter of intent_Russian translation
Legal settlement_Russian translation
Warranty agreement_Russian translation
Legal bond_Russian translation
Court forms_Russian translation
Wills_Russian translation
Arbitration agreement_Russian translation
Legal notice_Russian translation

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Legal Documents We Translate
Translation of different types of legal documents
  • Contract / Agreement
    Translation of fixed-price contract, time and materials contract, unit price contract, bilateral contract, unilateral contract, implied contract, express contract, simple contract, purchase contract, supply contract, sales agreement, employment agreement, confidentiality agreement, nondisclosure agreement.
  • Certificate
    Translation of certificates: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, passport, ID document, QR code, tickets & receipts, permits, qualifications, training certificate, university diploma, adoption certificate, education certificate, employment certificate.
  • License
    Translation of various licences and permits: driver licenses, trademark license, copyright license, patent, access permit, work permit, employment license, property license.
  • Terms and Conditions
    Translation of terms and conditions on: orders, delivery policy, pricing, payment, risk management, warranties, refunds and returns, defects, liability, confidentiality, data protection, lead time, cancellation and termination, intellectual property, guarantees, obligations.
  • Regulation
    Translation of regulating documents: rules, procedures, order, resolution, standards, statute, ordinance, precept, specification, policies, guide, directive.
  • Legislation
    Translation of legislative documents: enactment of law, amendments, judgements, constitution, bill, item, clause, drafts, statute, commission, debates.
  • Confidentiality Agreement
    Translation of documents for keeping the information confidential: nondisclosure agreement (NDA), legal binding contract, confidential information, party's obligations, Non-Solicitation agreement, information protection, privacy policy.
  • Immigration Document
    Translation of immigration documentation: visa, citizenship document, passport, national and international identity card, registration certificate, permanent residence card, biometric immigration document, immigration status document, applications to public and governmental institutes, travel document, permission to stay in the country, permission to work, work contract, extension documents, asylum report.
  • Deeds
    Translation of property ownership documents: right for property, claims, arrears of rent, arrears of interest, mortgage, document of ownership, transfer of land, land registry documents, title register, title plans, record of property ownership, covenants, lease agreement, proof of ownership.
  • Litigation Document
    Lawsuits, civil litigation proceedings, court documents, claim form, admission, case management, disclosure, settlement, amendments to statements, proceedings and filing of a defense, pre-trial procedures, trial, commercial disputes, matrimonial matters, personal injury claims, employment disputes.
  • Articles of Incorporation
    Translation of documents related to incorporation: corporate charter, articles of association, certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association, memorandum of association, articles of association, statements, letter of register, company's constitution, power of attorney, distribution of shares.
  • Affidavit
    Translation of affidavit documents: letter of affidavit, affidavit form, sworn affidavit, notarized sworn statement, written court testimony, statement of fact under oath.
  • Court Proceeding
    Translation of documents for court proceedings: pleadings, motions, dockets, briefs, orders, memoranda, expert testimony, pleading, filing a complaint, petition, lawsuit, court's jurisdiction, plaintiff's legal claims, summons, defendant's answer to the complaint, counterclaims, cross-claim, third-party complaint, lawsuit.
  • Prosecution
    Translation of prosecution documents: charges, list of evidence, prosecution files, investigation report of an accident or incident, factual report, witness statement, note of points of law, case report, expert evidence, accident report, summary of interview with proposed defendant, letter of advice, HSE inspection record, previous convictions record.
  • Letter of Attorney
    Translation of different types of letter of attorney: power of attorney letter, durable power of attorney, medical POA, springing POA.
  • Charter
    Translation of charter documents: articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, certificate of formation, memorandum of association, articles of association, by-laws, corporate books and records, certificate of good standing, limited liability company agreement, trust deed, joint venture agreement, business license.

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Legal Sectors We Translate For
Russian translation of documents for real estate
Real Estate Law
Russian translation of Real Estate documents: books, records, files, deeds, mortgage records, rental agreements, insurance certificates, lease agreements, contracts, tax bills, utility bills, and more.
Russian translation of documents for banking
Banking Law
Russian translation of Banking documents: letters of credit, reimbursement agreements, mortgages, bond pledge agreements, security agreements, bank credit agreements, bank collateral agreements, instruments, notes.
Russian translation of documents for criminal law
Criminal Law
Russian translation of criminal documents: criminal record, police record, criminal history, penal convictions for all types of offences, penal decisions, deprivation of parental rights, reintegration, decisions of retraction, decisions of rehabilitation, decisions of pardon, decisions of release, sentences.
Russian translation of documents for commercial law
Commercial Law
Russian translation of commercial documents: quotations, busines agreements, sales contracts, pro forma invoices, commercial invoices, packing lists, inspection certificates, insurance policies, insurance certificates, product testing certificates, health certificates.
Russian translation of documents for immigration law
Immigration Law
Russian translation of immigration documents: permanent resident cards (Green Card), reentry permits, refugee travel documents, employment authorization documents, immigration Visas, foreign passports, arrival/departure records.
Russian translation of documents for family law
Family Law
Russian translation of family documents related to family, marriage and children: marriage certificates, birth certificates, adoption certificate, surrogacy documents, child support documents, child abuse reports, alimonies, divorce certificates, domestic violence reports, marital property settlements.
Russian translation of corporate documents
Corporate Law
Russian translation of corporate documents: joint venture agreement, confidentiality agreement, due diligence report, shareholders agreement, licensing agreement, registration of trademark, government contracts, non-disclosure agreement, employee contract, service agreement of directors.
Russian translation of documents for civil rights
Civil Rights Law
Russian translation of documents related to civil rights law: Civil code, legal forms, adoption form, status of employment, civil summons, court report, biographical data, application for employment, employee performance appraisal, complaint form, reimbursement of travel expenses, certificate of authenticity.
Russian translation of intellectual property documents
Intellectual Property Law
Russian translation of intellectual property documents: proof of patent, trademark license, copyright license, license agreement, confidentiality agreement, letter of claim, assignment of copyright, IP warranties, consultancy agreement, data license, data processing agreement, privacy policy, non-disclosure agreement.
Russian translation of documents for environmental law
Environmental Law
Russian translation of documents related to environment law and environment protection regulation: declarations, conventions, protocols, non-compliance procedures, agreements, statement, charters, liabilities, articles, registers, treaties.
Russian translation of documents for healthcare
Health Law
Translation of HIPAA authorisation form, medical power of attorney, advance care directive, physician orders, medicare audit, nurse license, health investigation, subpoena, medical record, confidential health information, physician liability, lawsuits, medicare compliance report.
Russian translation of documents for employment
Labor / Employment Law
Russian translation of job description, employment contract, recruitment documents, performance appraisal, candidate evaluation form, job application, interview letters, misconduct report, harassment report, business conduct policy, qualification, induction, retirement, employee handbook.
Russian translation of documents for military
Military Law
Russian translation of military power of attorney, military records, code of military justice, code of conduct, records, military discharges, punishment of offenders, criminal matters, insubordination toward superior officers, desertion, unreported absence, conspiracy, malingering, other legal offences.
Russian translation of documents for personal injury
Personal Injury Law
Russian translation of personal identification, medical evidence of injury, proof of the accident, financial records, medical records, police reports, law enforcement reports, incident reports, witness statements, treatment journal, reports of other complaints or accidents.
Russian translation of tax documents
Tax Law
Russian translation of income tax form, income tax treaty, tax covenant, tax warranty, acquisitions, rights and remedies, severance, variation, waiver, settlements, termination, penalty abatement form, courthouse documents, protocols, deduction report.
UK national passport
USA national passport
Training courses diploma
Certificate of incorporation
Translated Samples
Some of the samples of legal documents we translated
Lease agreement
UK National Passport
USA National Passport
Training Courses Diploma
Certificate of Incorporation
Lease Agreement
State Registration
Official Invitation
Employment Contract
Legal Report

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Russian to English Translation of Legal Documents

Resolve your legal issues and get assistance with Russian to English legal translation services
Russian to English legal translation services are instrumental in bridging the linguistic gaps inherent in the UK's diverse legal landscape. This service encompasses the translation of various legal documents, ranging from certificates and contracts to agreements, charters, warranties, specifications, wills, passports, and more. In the multicultural context of the UK, where legal matters often involve parties with different native languages, these translations play a vital role in ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive communication.

The translated legal documents uphold the integrity of the original content, ensuring that legal terms and nuances are accurately conveyed in English. The use and application of these translated documents are multifaceted. In legal proceedings, they enable fair representation and comprehension for all parties involved. In business, translated contracts and agreements facilitate international collaborations and transactions.

For individuals navigating immigration processes, translated passports and legal documents are indispensable. The Russian to English translation of elgal documents in the UK not only ensure compliance with legal frameworks but also contribute to cross-cultural legal understanding, promoting fairness and accessibility within the diverse legal context of the UK. Beyond immediate legal transactions, these translations have a broader impact on various sectors, influencing the smooth functioning of legal processes and fostering a deeper understanding of legal matters in a multicultural society.
Russian to English translation of legal documents in the UK