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With a team of professional legal translators and certified linguists with extensive experience in legal industry coupled with our commitment to quality and accuracy as per ISO 9001 and 17100 your legal documents are guaranteed to be handled and translated with adherence to local and international laws.
English to Russian Legal Translation Services

English to Russian Legal Translation

Russian legal translation requires the highest degree of accuracy as the translated legal documents are used as official papers at governmental and educational institutions.

Any English to Russian translation of legal documents is done by a highly qualified professional legal translator and proofread by a subject-matter expert with deep knowledge of the laws and years of experience in your sector.

The proficiency of our linguists, their legal translation expertise, respective knowledge of legal terms in English and Russian as well as our company's compliance with ISO in terms of quality control and pricing, allows us to deliver 100% accurate English to Russian legal translations on time and on budget.
Legal translations from English to Russian

Legal Translation in different sectors

We translate legal documents for your specific need
Property Law
Translation of Property documents from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We translate all kinds of documents related to real estate: books, records, files, deeds, mortgage records, rental agreements, insurance certificates, lease agreements, contracts, tax bills, utility bills, and more.
Banking Law
Translation of Banking documents from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We translate various kinds of documents related to banking sector: letters of credit, reimbursement agreements, mortgages, bond pledge agreements, security agreements, bank credit agreements, bank collateral agreements, instruments, notes, and more.
Criminal Law
Translation of criminal documents from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We translate different documents related to criminal deeds: criminal record, police record, criminal history, penal convictions for all types of offences, penal decisions, deprivation of parental rights, reintegration, decisions of retraction, decisions of rehabilitation, decisions of pardon, decisions of release, sentences, and more.
Commercial Law
Translation of commercial documents from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We translate all kinds of documents related to commerce: quotations, busines agreements, sales contracts, pro forma invoices, commercial invoices, packing lists, inspection certificates, insurance policies, insurance certificates, product testing certificates, health certificates, and more.
Immigration Law
Translation of immigration documents from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We translate various documents related to immigration to a foreign country: permanent resident cards (Green Card), reentry permits, refugee travel documents, employment authorization documents, immigration Visas, foreign passports, arrival/departure records, and more.
Family Law
Translation of family documents from English to Russian and from Russian to English. We translate different documents relate to family, marriage and children: marriage certificates, birth certificates, adoption certificate, surrogacy documents, child support documents, child abuse reports, alimonies, divorce certificates, domestic violence reports, marital property settlements, and more.

Translation of Legal Documents Russian to English

Every Russian to English legal translation project will be performed by a highly skilled linguists specializing in different legal sectors with at least 5 years of experience, in accordance with your project specifications.

Whether you need the translation of contracts and agreements, wills and trusts, articles of incorporation, legal rulings, financial documents, identity documents, certificates, or any other official reports, we have all necessary resources available to cope with your project, whatever volume and expertise, and to deliver the legal translation in Russian in compliance with your jurisdiction's legislation.

We perfectly understand the criticality of your information and importance of confidentiality in translation of your legal document from Russian to English. The way we manage translation projects allows us to process the translation under the highest level of security in compliance with GDRP law.
Translate legal documents from Russian to English language

Translate Legal Document English to Russian

Translation of different types of legal documents
Translation of all types of contracts and contractual obligations from English to Russian.
Translation of certificates from English to Russian.
Translation of licences from English to Russian.
Terms and Conditions
Translation of terms and conditions from English to Russian.
Translation of regulations from English to Russian.
Translation of legislation mandatory rules from English to Russian.
Confidentiality Agreement
Translation of all sorts of confidentiality agreements from English to Russian.
Immigration Document
Translation of immigration documents from English to Russian.
Translation of deeds from English to Russian.
Litigation Document
Translation of litigation documents from English to Russian.
Articles of Incorporation
Translation of articles of incorporation from English to Russian.
Translation of affidavits from English to Russian.
Court Proceeding
Translation of documents for court proceedings from English to Russian.
Translation of legal prosecutions from English to Russian.
Letter of Attorney
Translation of letters of attorney from English to Russian.
Translation of charters from English to Russian.
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