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Enjoy professional cross-border navigation in marine industry with Russian translation of all of your documentation meant for sailing, ship building, freight carrying, and import/export voyages.
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We translate for a wide range of marine/naval sectors: shipbuilding, cruise ship, navigation, harbour, mooring, barge, tugging, freight carrying, import/export voyages.

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We translate all types of documents for marine/naval industry: reports, records, presentations, user manuals, catalogs, instructions, agreements, specifications, procedures, policies, proposals.

English to Russian Maritime Translation

You can get a superb maritime English to Russian translation solution for your industrial and personal needs. Our team of professional translators with at least 5 years of experience specializing in translation for all maritime sectors like electronics, electricity, trade, logistics and engineering, is here to help you with maritime translations!
As you trust your critical maritime documents, you have to be aware of why you can rely on our company and our maritime translation services. We have a dedicated team of linguists with technical background and maritime expertise. Every project that we receive is evaluated and all your specific project needs and requirements are met. Our commitment to excellent customer service makes us manage and handle urgent projects with tight deadlines by delivering completed translations fast and within your time frame. When you order for marine industry translation you can be confident in the accuracy ensured by the skills of our linguists who make sure the translation is accurate and nothing is omitted.

We translate all kinds of maritime documents: bill of lading, shipbuilding contract, customs declaration, consignment note, registration, license, certificate, technical manual, specification, report, survey documents, and other maritime documentation.

Frequently translations are required at short notice and in large volumes. We are committed to meet the client's requirements and ensure quality. In this regard we use the experts in English to Russian maritime translation doing an excellent work in your field.

Translation of maritime documents from English to Russian
Customs declaration_Russian maritime translation
TUV certificate_Russian maritime translation
Bill of lading_Russian maritime translation
Consignment note_Russian maritime translation
Technical manual_Russian maritime translation
Delivery note_Russian maritime translation
Customs Declaration
TÜV certificates
Bill of Lading
Consignment Note
Technical Manual
Delivery Note
Specification_Russian maritime translation
Import report_Russian maritime translation
Export report_Russian maritime translation
Waybill_Russian maritime translation
Hull survey report_Russian maritime translation
Shipbuilding contract_Russian maritime translation
Import Report
Export Report
Hull Survey Report
Shipbuilding Contract
ATA reports_Russian maritime translation
CE certificate_Russian maritime translation
ATR certificate_Russian maritime translation
Licenses_Russian maritime translation
Shipping bill_Russian maritime translation
Ship accident report_Russian maritime translation
ATA reports
CE certificates
ATR certificates
Shipping Bill
Ship Accident Report
Registration_Russian maritime translation
Log book_Russian maritime translation
Freight cost_Russian maritime translation
Analysis report_Russian maritime translation
Ship quality certificate_Russian maritime translation
Ship maintenance_Russian maritime translation
Log Book
Freight Cost
Analysis Report
Ship Quality Certificate
Ship Maintenance
Samples of Documents We Translate
Compliance repot_Russian meritime translation
Commerci Invoice_Russian maritime translation
Bill of lading_Russian maritime translation
Shipping instruction_Russian maritime translation
Bill of lading_Russian maritime translation
Tender_Russian maritime translation
Synopsis Record_Russian maritime translation
Document of Compliance
Freight Invoice
Bill of lading
Shipping instructions
Shipping Circular
Bill of lading
Tender inquiry

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Marine Industry Areas We Translate For

Translation for shipbuilding industry that deals with the production of sea-going vessels intended for commercial, merchant, cargo shipping, passenger cruise, off-shore works, and military needs. Translation for supplies of products and provision of services for building, repair and maintenance of ships. Translation for construction of different vessels: ferries, cruise ships, barges, yachts, tankers, cargo vessels, dredgers, floating platforms, submarines, naval vessels. Translation for installation of equipment on ships, such as engines, propulsion system, safety systems, cargo handling, electronics and haulage system. We also translate for a boatbuilding sector that deals with construction of smaller vessels.
Translation for cargo shipping industry that is about the freighters, ocean liners, cargo ships, seagoing vessels, container cargo ships, or merchant ships that carry cargo, goods, or materials internationally across oceans, from one port to another. Translation for shipping of different types of cargo: crude oil, diesel and petrol, food and drink, clothing, wood and timber, raw materials, scrap metal, electronic and electrical equipment, vehicles, components and spare parts, which then is transferred to trucks or rail. Translation for keeping the perishable food in a temperature-controlled environment before it gets to the customer.
Cargo Shipping
Seaport Activities
Translation for different complex marine activities, including docking, transportation, traffic, storage of boats, maritime logistics, loading and unloading, handling, sea trade, energy supply to seaport. Translation for operations that ensure the short lead time in the transport chain and in transit through seaport to road or rail. Translation for operation, maintenance and repair of load components, administrative buildings on the shore side, customs facility, warehouse for goods, cranes, forklifts, docks.
Shipbuilding_Russian Maritime translation
Cargo Shippping_Russian Maritime translation
Seaport activities_Russian Maritime translation
Offshore Work
Translation for all offshore activities and works at the high seas on the ocean including oil exploration, construction works, drilling, platform support, anchor handling, maintenance, bringing equipment to rigs, repairing offshore wind turbines, supplying materials, building and repairing offshore equipment, transporting people from land to offshore platforms and rigs. Translation for operation, maintenance, and repair of all types of offshore support vessels that serve for multiple purposes: seismic vessels, anchor handling tug vessel, platform supply vessel, well intervention vessel, accommodation ships, platform supply vessel.
Offshore Work_Russian Maritime translation
Fishing and Ecology
Translation for operation, maintenance and repair of commercial fishing vessels used to catch the fish in the sea, lake, or river, ranging from small dinghies and crabbers to tuna seiners and large charter cruisers, fishing trawlers for using a trawl like a conical net, fishing boats, fish factory ships or fish plants equipped with onboard facilities for processing and freezing the caught fish, fish processing vessels, catamaran boats used by fishermen, fish carrier vessels, fishing gears, fish tanks with equipment for fish handling, To ensure safety and reliability of fishing vessels the ship owners are regulated by Bureau Veritas which is to be complied with on design, materials, equipment, construction of fishing vessel, hull structure, onboard installations, automation and refrigeration, treatment of fishermen and crewmembers, use of alternative fuels and propulsion methods.
Fishing and Ecology_Russian Maritime translation
Seafood Processing
Translation for operation, maintenance, and repair of factory ships, fish processing vessels, or factory stern trawlers with additional automated onboard facilities for processing and freezing caught fish and whales, freezer trawlers, factory bottom longliners, purse seiners, factory squid jiggers, factory barges, whaler factories. Translation for seafood processing that includes the storage of caught fish, heating, eviscerating, freezing, drying, salting, smoking and fermentation, irradiating, all other activities preventing from spoilage and deterioration and ensure quality of the end product, preservation, canning, and packaging of the sea product. Translation for seafood processing plants that help to use the by-products in seafood processing for producing the fishmeal, fish oil, omega-3 oil, biofuel, pharmaceuticals, collagen, and fertilizers.
Seafood Processing_Russian Maritime translation
Maritime Navigation
Translation for maritime navigation that monitors the location, directs and controls the movement of watercraft or vessel. Translation for different types of marine navigation, including celestial navigation, dead reckoning, inertial navigation, GPS, map, compass, electronic navigation, pilotage, radio navigation, radar navigation, satellite navigation, nautical charts.
Maritime Navigation_Russian Maritime translation
Translation for operation, maintenance, and repair of commercial maritime vessels used in transporting commercial cargo, for any type of commercial venture, or for any other commercial, industrial, or even scientific purposes or in connection with any commercial transactions by water, such as fishing, carrying cargo, supplies, passengers, providing services in ports or to vessels. We translate documentation for different watercraft that carry the cargo and make the commercial shipments, such as merchant ship, merchant vessel, freight carrying vessel, trading vessel, crude carrier, product carrier, chemical carrier, liquefied gas carrier, or any other vessel that carries at least three categories of cargo: break bulk, neo bulk, and containerized.
Commercial_Russian Maritime translation
Naval Affairs
Translation for operation, maintenance, and repair of high-tech naval ships or military ships, or boats or warships used by a navy and equipped with armament and armed with cruise missiles and weapon systems and offensive weapons for missile defense, protection of vessels and military forces moving on water against enemy attacks, for attacking the enemy's merchant ships, for prevention of enemy's intrusion into the coastal waters and land. There are different warships that we translate for: aircraft carrier, helicopter carrier, battleship, battlecruiser, heavy cruiser, light cruiser, surface combatant, destroyer, frigate, corvette, submarine, patrol combatant, patrol boat, amphibious warfare, fast attack craft, combat logistics, mine warfare, coastal defense, sealift, support ships, survey vessel, service type craft.
Commercial_Russian Maritime translation

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What Marine Documents We Translate

  • Customs Declaration Russian translation
    Customs Declaration
    Translation of customs declarations legally required for accompanying goods and products entering or leaving the country, tracking accurately the movement of goods in a prompt and timely manner. Translation of forms, documents, and lists with details about the internationally imported and exported goods. Translation of documents for customs clearance, respective licenses, permits and compliance confirmation certificates.
  • TÜV certificate Russian translation
    TÜV Certificates
    Translation of an internationally recognized TÜV product certificates with a proof of quality and safety based on tests performed at registered laboratories in adherence to local and international regulatory standards. Translation of documents that indicate the commitment of a manufacturer to producing and supplying quality goods and products complying with the requirements of regional, national and international regulations on safety, quality and sustainability. Translation of certificates of performance tests for electrical safety, hazard, and noise.
  • Bill of Lading Russian translation
    Bill of Lading
    Translation of bill of lading as a legally binding document providing the carrier and shipper with all the details necessary for accurate processing and shipment of cargo and merchandize, e.g. types of goods, quantity, and destination for delivery. Translation of legal documents accompanying the shipped products and used for transportation of goods that serve as a shipment receipt of freight services, as a contract between the freight carrier, shipper, and consignee, and an agreed terms and conditions for transportation of goods.
  • Consignment Note Russian translation
    Consignment Note
    Translation of a Consignment Note containing the unique consignment or tracking number and all the necessary details of the merchandize or goods shipped. Translation of legally binding documents signed between a consignee and a consignor and accompanying the hazardous products and materials with instructions for a carrier or shipper for sale, storage, transfer, handling, resale, use, and for all movements of such commodity.
  • Technical Manual Russian translation
    Technical Manual
    Translation of technical manuals issued by manufacturers with how-to or step-by-step guide, specifications, technical and engineering data, instructions, support and training material, safety requirements, recommendations, guidelines, tenets, list of components and spare parts, and instructions for installation, assembly, operation, use, fixing, maintenance, repair, inspection, examination, troubleshooting, for technicians, operators, engineers, or end users, to do the servicing, maintenance, or operation of device, instrument, tool, equipment, vehicle, facility, plant, or industrial project effectively and successfully.
  • Maritime specification_English Russian translation
    Translation of technical vessel specifications describing features, applications, characteristics and functions of vessels, barges, cranes, containing the details of vessel's equipment and parts such as winch, piping, jetty, containers, wires, stern, work deck, telescopic mast, radio beacon, pilothouse, radar, captain room, aft deck, facilities for fishing and diving operations, navigation, and handling. Translation of technical details such as: general information, dimensions, maneuvering and propulsion system, electrical power generation, tank capacity, deck and lifting equipment, radio and navigation equipment, performance, accommodation.
  • Imort Reports_English to Russian translation
    Import Report
    Whether you are a captain of a commercial vessel or a responsible agent, you have to report about the import of any goods and products that are arriving on your vessel and entering the foreign port. This necessitates the translation of import reports for vessels that perform works at offshore installations or providing shipping services. The marine office should report about the passengers and crew members onboard the ship. Any articles or baggage that is carried by passengers can be examined and cleared. We translate any import report made by an officer for a vessel reaching its berth, when it arrives at port. The report we translate contains the description of cargo, any size commodity, various items, such as packages of different sizes, goods and products. We also translate general declaration and cargo declaration or manifest, as well as catch certificate for fish importing.
  • Export Report_English to Russian translation
    Export Report
    Translation of an export report or export declaration describing the details about goods and items that are bound for export and the information about the export transaction made by an exporter or by owner of goods and submitted to the customs authority at the port for controlling exports. Translation for obtaining clearance for exported and moved goods with customs before they leave the country's port. We translate for all exports by boat or ship in the form of a cargo in a container before they are loaded on vessels. The information that we translate includes the details about the departure point and destination, the consignee and the consignor, amount of packages, type of goods, commodity code, reference number.
  • Waybill_English to Russian translation
    Translation of sea waybills or receipt of goods issued by a carrier to a customer for commodities and goods shipped onboard, containing the information about the point of origin, route, destination, and displaying the names of the consigner and consignee. Translation of documents or non-negotiable contracts between the ocean carrier and the customer under which the carrier is obliged to transport the designated cargo and deliver the goods ordered by the customer in its vessel from one port to the port of discharge. Translation of instructions referring to the shipment of consignment of goods.
  • Hull Survey Report_English to Russian translation
    Hull Survey Report
    Translation of hull survey reports for all types of checking the overall condition of the vessel's equipment, hull structure, machinery and internal systems, stern gear, weed hatch, freeboard, .. Translation of documents for inspection of vessel's structural condition that is made by using the visual inspection, hammer testing, Non-destructive testing (NDT), ultrasonic testing, for assessment of structural integrity, tightness, functionality, thickness, vibration, corrosion, pit depths, and build quality and for finding any cracks, dents, leaks, spots with scraped paint. If you are vessel or barge owner, you need to make sure your vessel has a guaranteed crew safety and appropriate logistic efficiency and complies with the relevant rules and requirements pertaining to the technical vessel condition.
  • Shipbuilding Contract_English to Russian translation
    Shipbuilding Contract
    Translation of shipbuilding contracts and agreements for a complete or partial construction of a ship or vessel, for regulating the complex and substantial projects and relationships and obligations between builders and buyers, and specifying potential commercial risks. Translation of shipbuilding supporting documents for long-term projects with descriptions and provisions on development, construction, delivery and payment.
  • Maritime license_English to Russian translation
    Translation of a marine license for any activities that fall under licensing in the marine sector. Translation of documents for depositing or removal of substances or materials using vessels. We translate marine licenses for construction works, laying of cables, fortification of shores and offshore structures, incineration of any substance, depositing and removing of marine dredged material, physical interaction with seabed, port development, works in the harbor, offshore power generation, fishing.
  • Shipping bill_English to Russian translation
    Shipping Bill
    Translation of shipping bills or bills of transshipment before the loading goods or objects on board the exporter's vessel and before acquiring a clearance report for exporting the goods from one country to another. Translation of documents on verification of goods and their assessment by customs authorities for filing the shipping bill. We translate all types of shipping bills – for dutiable goods, duty-free goods, goods with drawback claims.
  • Sales Documents_English to Russian translation
    Sales Documents
    Translation of sales documents for evidencing and validation of goods to be shipped by vessel, for showcasing the goods and products to your buyers. We translate all types of sales documents including sales orders, contracts, business proposals, case studies, invoices, and sales decks. Translation of documents for engaging your potential customer with details about the product you sell, best practices, processes, and how-to guide.

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English to Russian translation of maritime documents

The maritime industry encompasses a diverse array of activities like ports, commercial shipping, fishing, cruise, marine, naval, maritime business, and a lot more activities that all need translation of documentation. Since marine, international and commercial shipping are major sectors that contribute to the economies of the United Kingdom and Russian Federation the need for English Russian translation of maritime documents is essential and crucial in cross-border communications.

The variety of maritime positions is diverse and the work at maritime industry is rather challenging. It involves training, and 24/7 presence and being on duty at sea and ashore. There are many professions that are rewarding, bringing wealth and opportunity, and that any mariner and sea-fearer would be happy to have: captain, chief engineer, technical officer, operator, port worker, naval architect, shipbroker, financier, consultant, accountant, lawyer, insurer, and any qualification that refers to a highly skilled maritime workforce.
Translation of documentation in maritime industry from English to Russian
English to Russian translation of maritime documents
Shipping industry consists of different activities that include the transportation of passengers and freight both at inland and international waters. We have linguists who are experts in English to Russian translation for navigation, engineering, and technical support for commercial and fishing fleet in deep sea waters and for vessels like tugs, barges, workboats, lifeboats, commercial yachts, and navy ships, and for shore-based infrastructure.
Marine industry consists of various activities such as marine engineering, shipbuilding, marine renewable energy, marine support activities for oil and gas offshore rigs, marine science, recreation marine activities. If you need a Russian to English translation for marine industry, we are just here to help you with the most sophisticated marine texts and documentation, whether scientific, technical, engineering, or accounting and finance.
Ports industry consists of all activities pertaining to ports, including warehousing and storage, cargo handling, delivery, loading, unloading, transportation. So, we also translate for port activities as well.