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Team of over 100 of Qualified and Experienced freelance and in-house Russian translators and native-speaking linguists and subject-matter experts for all of your English to Russian and Russian to English translations!

Professional Russian Translator

Trust in our team of professional Russian translators ready to take your English to Russian translation projects!
With a team of more than 100 qualified and skilled Russian translators and a network of over 500 native-speaking linguists specializing in your particular industry sector, be it pharmacy, oil and gas, telecommunication, marine, IT or AI, mechanical or electrical engineering, farming or agriculture, law or incorporation or immigration, we stand out as the best Russian translation agency in the UK for high-quality translations at low prices!
We shall assign the best Russian translator for your unique and field-specific project at reasonable and negotiable price, from as low as £0.06 GBP per source word.
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English to Russian Translator

Cross borders and language barriers with our team of English to Russian translators
With over 10 years of hands-on experience and qualification in your particular sector, our English to Russian translator is the best choice for your multiple translation projects.
We are committed to quality and customer's satisfaction. To ensure you get a high-quality product we follow a rigorous quality control procedure. Our language professionals have respective skills and capacity to handle your projects – whatever volume and urgency. Each project shall be reviewed and evaluated individually and assigned to a professional English to Russian translator perfectly fit and specifically selected for your tasks.
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Document Translator

Trust Your documentation to our Russian document translator
Whether you have a documentation package or just a one-page document we can convert the whole lot into Russian or English at the lowest price in the UK market - from as low as 0.06 GBP p.s.w.
If you have a large multi-page document and your deadline is tight we can involve more than one Russian document translator to accommodate your project and get your work done within the shortest possible time.

Technical Translator

Ensure sustainable and fault-free operation of equipment with our Russian technical translator!
Whether you have an international industry specific project or a multi-functional equipment or just an operation and maintenance manual we can help you communicate your highly-technical information to your contractors, partners, and interested parties using professional Russian technical translator!
We translate documents to Russian language in a variety of technical fields, including oil and gas, construction, renewable energy, mechanical engineering, information technology, telecom, gas turbines, pressure vessels, manufacturing, metallurgy, assembly, and more.
Whatever the project size, volume of work, subject matter, or urgency, Russian technical translator is here to help you succeed in your operation and production!

Legal Translator

Settle your private and corporate disputes with our Russian legal translator
No matter how delicate and sensitive your case is we can handle your court communications with confidentiality and scrutiny to every legal aspect and attention to details of regulations, legislation and codes.
Literally our Russian legal translator will be able to help you settle your disputes, respond to claims, resolve any kind of legal issues, assist you in making a report for police, government or court, and write and localize the text on legal matters.
We provide the translation of legal documents for all of your international proceedings and prosecutions using our best Russian legal translator.

Book Translator

Get Your works published and read by millions with our Russian book translator
If you have a literary work that you want to be read in Russian or English we can help you get your book translated and published in both Russia and UK.
Whatever the genre of your book, fiction, novel, memoir, humor, biography, adventure, comedy, detective, romance, or thriller, we can help you get known and publicized in the country of your excited readers with our Russian book translator.
Whether you are an author that is craving after public acknowledgement and acceptance or just a writer who wants to get recognized locally and abroad you can have a chance of being publicly praised in a foreign language and country with the help of a Russian book translator.

Join Russian Translators

Become a part of our team of English to Russian translators
If you are skilled and gifted linguist with over 10 years of experience and with solid background in a specific field of expertise, you are welcome to join our team of professional Russian translators!
We invite seasoned freelancers with a broad scope of qualifications in different fields, from ...
It is preferable to have a certification of Russian or UK certification agencies for translators like ITI in GB and ATA in USA.
You are welcome to send your curriculum vitae with references from customers and links to public pages

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