translation samples

Some of the samples of English to Russian and Russian to English translation in different sectors.

Technical Translation Samples

Translation of technical documents, operation and maintenance manuals, user guides, reports, booklets, drawings.
Operations manual_English to Russian
Operations Manual
Operations and Maintenance manual_English to Russian
OP&MNT Manual
Technical Manual_English to Russian
Technical Manual
Technical Specification_English to Russian
Technical Specification
Technical Specification_English to Russian
Technical Specification
PDF Drawing_English to Russian
PDF Drawing
Software Manual_Russian to English
Software Manual
Installation Manual_English to Russian
Installation Manual
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Medical Translation Samples

Translation of reports, records, excerpts, prescriptions, analysis, examinations, tests, MRI, CAT scans.
Medical Travel Letter_English to Russian_NHS
Medical Letter_NHS
Surgery report_English to Russian
Surgery report
Medical letter_PASHA_English to Russian
Medical letter_PASHA
Medical aid report_English to Russian
Medical aid report
MRI report_Russian to English
MRI report
Blood tester_English to Russian
Positron emission tomography_Russian to English
Blood tester
Tomography report
Medical product description_English to Russian
Product description
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Legal Translation Samples

Translation of agreements, contracts, specifications, regulations, guidelines, reports, certificates.
Certificate of Incorporation_English to Russian
Certificate of Incorporation
National UK passport_English to Russian
National UK passport
National USA passport_English to Russian
National USA passport
International agreement_Russian to English
International agreement
Diploma_English to Russian
Letter of invitation_English to Russian
Residential agreement_English to Russian
Letter of invitation
Lead agreement
Certificate of Registration of IT_Russian to English
Certificate of Software
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Business Translation Samples

Translation of reports, records, advertisements, booklets, pamphlets, presentations, handouts.
Private equity investment report_English to Russian
Private equity investment report
Marketing Investment report_English to Russian
Marketing Presentation
Business reinforcement letter_English to Russian
Business reinforcement letter