How to Translate a Book for Russian Readers

Some knowledge about the process of book translation from English to Russian language

What You Should Know about Book Translation

If you have a book to translate into Russian or any other language you should know the process of book translation from start to finish. It will help you evaluate your project and estimate the cost for translation of your book regardless of what a translator or translation agency charges you.
The translation of a book is not like a drag and drop operation. It involves several stages - translation, proofreading, and editing. Also, if a book is in PDF or InDesign formats the formatting or DTP (Desktop Publishing) will also be required. Certainly, any English to Russian translations, whether it is technical translation or engineering translation, require quality check or double check of translated text. Besides, and what is most important in book translation, editing is what makes the book translation complete and ready for publishing in a language of the targeted readers.

Is AI good for book translation?
Many authors use computer aided tools or AI for their translations. It may be good if text is general and does not bind you legally or does not require any creative thinking and localization. In case with book translation the use of tools like Google translate or Deeple is absolutely unacceptable . The software translation will never transmit your literary message to the end reader in way that you would like to have it transmitted. Any software, however neural, will always be mechanical, not artistic or imaginative. So, sooner or later you will have to start looking for a professional book translator, whether in UK or in Russia.

Where and How to find the best translator
You can search for a good Russian translator of books on your own on a search engine like Google or Bing. Or you can go directly to one of the many translators job boars or translators association boards like Proz or Translatorscafe, or Translatorsbase. There you will be able to narrow your search down to your location - country or city. But, please mind that you may not find the best Russian translator for your book unless you live in London or Moscow. The smaller place the less chances you will get the translator perfectly fit for your English to Russian translations. So, you have to apply a broader search for book translation professionals.

Price Quote
The price for translation of book from English to Russian will be comprised of several components that are essential for any book translation if you want your book to have published in Russian language and at Russian marketplace. So, what are those components or services that are necessary for your book translation? Well, there are quite a few but they are indispensable. First, is translation, second is proofreading, and third is editing. What are they and what do they represent? Translation is clear. Proofreading is a quality check by a proofreader or a second linguist proficient in book translations. What is most important in any book translation is editing. Editing is the fine-tuning, polishing, and brushing of translation itself for publishing. It is not just checking the translation for grammatical or stylistic errors but rather a retranslation or localization of translated text for Russian readers and adjustment of translated text to the target public and audience.

Lead time
Since the process of book translation from English to Russian comprises of at least three stages it will affect the timing as well. If you translate a document from English to Russian consisting of 10 pages it will take a day or two max. But if you translate a book the delivery date will be extended for days of weeks as there will be at least three people involved who will translate, proofread, and edit your book. And the third phase of editing may be a long as the translation itself as the editor will have to rethink and reread not just translation but your original text and make appropriate changes and corrections to the translated text – it may be even the replacement of some words, sentences, or even paragraphs. The editor's job is very critical and important for your book readers, whether in Russian or English.
Knowledge about how to find the best Russian translator and estimate the cost of translation

Stages of Book Translation

The book you submit to us we translate either from English to Russian or from Russian to English using our professional English or Russian translators respectively. All linguists that we hire or contract are qualified and experienced in your specific genre, whether it is a science fiction, or a novel, or a memoir or biography.
Proofreading / Quality Check
Upon completion of translation we forward the translated book (or text of a book in Russian or English) to our proofreaders for their double quality check for errors in grammar and style. The translated book will be reviewed by a seasoned proofreader who will go through the text and examine it with close attention to details.
The book will be 100% ready when it is fully prepared for publishing. The service that makes books ready for publishing is editing. We work with the best English and Russian editors who are expert in helping writers to polish and localise the text of a book for final delivery to publishing house.