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Are You looking for Russian certified translation services? Do you need the translation of certificates from English to Russian? Are you searching for Russian to English translation of certificates? If you need an official translation of your certificates with stamps, marks, signatures, security features like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, baptisation certificate, adoption certificate, name change certificate, passport or ID document, training certificate or diploma, personal or business documents, we provide Russian certified translation services in the UK for actually any legal document for private clients and business companies.
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We offer the best price for Russian certified translation in the UK market - from as low as £0.06 GBP per source word!
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we translate certificates for a wide range of sectors: education, training, employment, incorporation, citizenship, immigration, court proceedings, identification
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We translate all types of certificates: birth, marriage, divorce, death, adoption, diploma, passport, ID, contracts, specifications, reports, degree, name change, awards, licenses

English to Russian Certified Translation

There are plenty of legal documents that need sworn and certified translation for different purposes. Our company provides legally recognized translation at competitive prices accepted by government bodies in the UK, USA, and Europe. You can enjoy the internationally proven English to Russian certified translation services in the UK performed by our certified translators specializing in translation of all kinds of certificates and legal documents.
Get the official and internationally proven translation of your certificates with us
As one of our services, we provide an official translation of your certificates, passports, specifications, qualifications, diplomas, awards, patents, contracts and agreements, legal and business documents, letters of incorporation, ID documents. We can translate and legalize your document by putting our corporate stamp and signature for validation and proof of authenticity for any legal, government, or business institution. Trust your certificates to our team and you will get a certified translation for legalization of your personal or business documents in a foreign state or country and official recognition by foreign authorities.

We can also issue an authorized proof of quality statement declaring that the translated document is a true and accurate reproduction of the original document. Whatever your need certificate translation for we are here to help you and make your document legal and valid and authorized for any legal agency, court, university, institute, or government body. You can get the translation of any type of your certificate for whatever legal reasons.
Birth certificate
Marriage certificate
Wedding certificate
Medical certificate
Divorce certificate
Death certificate
Immigration certificate
University degree
Certificate of citizenship
Academic certificate
Education certificate
Certificate of incorporation
Training certificate
University Diploma
Change name certificate
ID documents
Contracts & Agreements
Birth certificate_Russian translation
Marriage certificate_Russian translation
Wedding certificate_Russian translation
Medical certificate_Russian translation
Divorce certificate_Russian translation
Death certificate_Russian translation
Immigration certificate_Russian translation
University degree certificate_Russian translation
Certificate of citizenship_Russian translation
Academic certificate_Russian translation
Education certificate_Russian translation
Specifications_Russian translation
Certificate of incroporation_Russian translation
Training certificate_Russian translation
University Diploma_Russian translation
Change name certificate_Russian translation
ID documents_Russian translation
Contracts & Agreements_Russian translation
Certificates We Translate
Russian translation of Passports
Translation of any and ll types national and international passports and ID docs. Any documents issued by legal or governmental body for validating the peronality and citizenship.
Russian translation of QR codes
QR Code
Any and all ID documents associated and related to QR code verification. Proof and validity of vaccination against COVID-19 and other digital certificates requiring the QR code creation and scanning.
Russian translation of ID documents
ID Documents
Any and all personal identification documents: social sequrity cards, driver license, permits, authorisation documents, admission documents.
Russian translation of tickets and receipts
Tickets and Receipts
Various types of tickets and receipts for selling, buying, inquiry, investigation, legal proceedings, proof of trips and travels.
Russian translation of permits
Documents permitting you to enter the country, do the job in a foreing state, giving you an allowance and permission to access certain areas or zones and do some regulated activities within a certain place and for a limited period of time.
Russian translation of qualifications
Documents proving and validating your qualficiation and the right to work as an employee or contractor in the stated position and according to what you are qualified to do.
Russian translation of training certificates
Training Certificate
Documents or certificates issued by training companies or training providers to prove and validate your specialty or qualification you gained at the trianing courses and confirm the knowledge you received from training material and hands-on training.
Russian translation of educational certificate
Education Certificate
Any and all educational certificates, including diplomas with grades and assesment reports. Certificates on completion, graduation, and progress of education in a foreign country.
Russian translation of university diplomas
University Diploma
University Diplomas and certificates and documents proving and validating the graduation of college, institute, or university.
Russian translation of birth certificates
Birth Certifricate
Translation of birth certificates and supporting documents along with medical examination and vaccination reports.
Russian translation of marriage certificates
Marriage Certificate
Marriage certificates and marriage contracts and agreements as well as certified covenants and wishes between and for married couple.
Russian translation of divorce certificates
Divorce Certificate
Divorce certficates and documents proving the breakage, termination and cancellation of marriage relationships and/or marriage greements. Any other documents required for legal proceedings relates to divorce.
Russian translation of death certificates
Death Certificate
Death certificates and burial and cremation reports. Documents proving the death of person, medical examiation, post-mortem examination, and autopcy reports, funeral witness reports.
Russian translation of adoption certificates
Adoption Certificate
Adoption certificates and documents proving the eligibility of taking the child into a family. Documents certifying the parental care and rights of the child in the adopting family.
Russian translation of immigration certificates
Immigration Certificate
Immigration certificates, cross border documents, all types of Visas (study, working, guest, tourist, travel). Documents certifying temporary or permanent staying or living in country.
Russian translation of incorporation certificates
Incorporation Certificate
Certificates of incorporation, businees and/or company registration, charter, power of attorney, warranty, due diligence, legal proof of address, compliance, membership.
Russian translation of medical certificate
Medical Certificates
Medical certificates, reports, prescriptions, patient consent for healthcare interventions and manipulations, health insurance, examination certificates, vaccination reports.
Russian translation of employment certificate
Employment Certificate
Certificates of employment and labor. HR reports, Curriculum Vitaes, work safety report, assesment report, evaluation report, work efficiency report, portfolio, qualification report.

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English to Russian Translation of Certificates

We deliver the certified translation service – officially accepted and recognized translation of legally important documents to be presented and submitted to the local or foreign governmental authorities like Home Office and Courts of Law.
We serve a wide range of customers, from private clients to courts, institutions, universities, authorized and governmental bodies and agencies, to local and international business organizations and corporate clients.
Assuming the criticality of accuracy in legal and certified translation we consider and attend to every detail of documents you submit, whether it is a stamp with text, or a logo, or names and titles, or dates and numbers. Understanding the importance of your documents we are available for urgent certificate translation for seven days a week.
For working and living in Russia for business, corporate, or private purposes, you have to translate and certify your personal and business documents for official use and submission to legal and governmental offices, departments, and agencies. If you are looking for professional English to Russian translation of certificates in the UK, ULS is your best solution for translation of all of your certificates from English to Russian. We shall assign a dedicated Russian certified translator for your needs and deliver the translated certificates within your time constraints.
For certification we put two stamps - round and square, signature and handwritten first and last name of translator who performed the translation or director's name. You have to be rest assured that your documents with our certification will be readily accepted by any legal, educational, or official agency or department, both in the UK, e.g. UK Home Office, and in Russia (any state official and governmental offices).
Translation of certificates from English to Russian in the United Kingdom
English to Russian certified translation services in the UK
British passport_Russian translation
USA passport_Russian translation
Certificate of Incorporation_Russian translation
State registration certificate_Russian translation
Resolution_Russian translation
Samples of Translated Certificates
UK passport
USA passport
Certificate of Incorporation
State Registration
High School Certificate
Yandex Agreement
Birth Certificate
University Certificate

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Russian to English Certified Translation

Whether you have to move to another country as an immigrant, or you travel abroad as a student for studying at the local university, or you submit your documents for employment to one of the European or British company, or you want to get a temporary or permanent residense in the country and you need to translate your documents for the UK Home Office, or you need to get a permit for seasonal working or for involvement in non-commercial projects, you will always need an official and certified translation of your documents from Russian to English as the local corporate and legal organizations and goverment agencies, offices, and departments, must have your personal and legal documents available in English and certified. You are welcome to let us legalise your documents and help you with your personal and corporate needs with Russian to English certified translation services in the UK.
If you are managing business with Russian counterparts or if a Russian partner is incorporating his business in the European Union or in the UK, he will have to translate his incorporation documents and certify them for the local legal and governmental offices.
For a married couple it is important to have all the personal and marriage documents certified. In case of divorce the respective divorce certificate should be translated and certified. If a child is born or adopted the birth certificate and adoption documents are requried for certification. For a student it is crucial to have his documents translated and certified for entering the university or a college. Upon graduation Diploma will be needed for getting a job.
When you change your name, or get a license, obtain a permit to work, get a degree in learning and pass specific training courses, or if you get awards, you should have them all translated and certified for legalization, verification, validation, identification, and registration.
Get your documents legalised with Russian to English certified translation
Russian to English certified translation in the UK

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Russian to English Translation of Certificates

Get your documents translated and certified with Russian to English translation iof certificates
Russian to English translation services in the UK play a crucial role in providing accurate and legally recognized translations of various certificates, ensuring seamless communication in diverse personal and legal contexts. This service encompasses the translation of different certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, name change certificates, passports, and more. These translations are carried out meticulously, adhering to legal and linguistic standards to ensure precision and authenticity.

The use and application of translated certificates are multifaceted, catering to the needs of individuals, legal processes, and official documentation. In the UK, where linguistic diversity is prevalent, translated certificates are vital for individuals navigating various legal procedures. Translated birth certificates, for instance, are essential for immigration processes or international adoptions. Marriage and death certificates may require translation for legal proceedings or documentation of familial events. Name change certificates are crucial for individuals updating official records after a change in identity. Translated passports are indispensable for international travel and legal recognition. These translations also find application in educational institutions, where students may need translated academic certificates for enrollment or recognition of qualifications.

Additionally, translated certificates serve as valuable tools for businesses engaging in international collaborations, ensuring that legal and personal documentation is universally understood and accepted. Overall, Russian to English translation of certificates in the UK is pivotal for fostering effective communication, legal compliance, and personal documentation in the multicultural landscape of the UK. They contribute to the accessibility and inclusivity of legal and personal processes, allowing individuals and organizations to navigate diverse linguistic requirements with confidence and accuracy.
Russian to English translation of certificates in the UK

Russian Certified Translator

As you search for a professional Russian certified translator in your place don't misss the opportunity to use our superb quality services of English Russian certified translation. Our team of 100+ experienced and qualified linguists specialising in translating all kinds of certificates, including diplomas, permits, passports, vaccination certificates, licences, training certificates, child care certificates, medical examination reports and patient care certificates, enrollment documents, graduation certificates, employment documents, identification documents, and any other legal or official document proving your identity, education, origin, work experience, qualification certificates, and more.
Any document you need the English Russian certified translation for has to be handed to a trusted professional with years of experience and respective qualifcation in your particular area of expertise. The translation of certificates requires special knowledge of legal terminology and specific style of writing the certificate text. We have language experts who are versed in certificate translation.
You may need the Russian to English translation for getting a job, getting married, entering university or helping your child at school. We can help you with certification of your personal and corporate documents.
Normally we translate certificates on the same day as you submit them. So you don't need to wait for days or stay in a queue. We deliver the translated and certified file on the very same day you've submitted it. The standard cost of translation unless the document is too much wordy is just 25 GBP per singel page. If you have more pages you can avail of our discounts. For a large pack of documents we can cut the overall price quote for 10% to 20% OFF.
Professional English Russian certified translator
Russian certified translator
Translation of all sorts of documents: reports, records, presentations, contracts, certificates, user manuals, books, specifications, diagrams
Translation of different user manuals: operations manual, maintenance manual, installation guide, repair guideline, training manual
Translation of all kinds of reports: medical, business, financial, operation, production, manufacturing, repair, investment, qualification
English Russian document translation services in the UK
English Russian translation of user manuals