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The high level of precision and accuracy required for translation distinguishes the engineering sector from other fields. Our in-house quality control standards, dedication to precision and commitment to accuracy make our clients trust us to translate their critical and sensitive engineering information. With the growing demand for Russian engineering translation, our capacities and resources fully cover and accommodate your project – whatever volume, urgency, and subject matter!
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We offer the best price for engineering translation in the UK market - from as low as £0.06 GBP per source word!
Wide range of technical sectors
Wide Range
We translate in a wide range of engineering sectors: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering.
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We translate all types of engineering documents: reports, records, presentations, user manuals, catalogs, instructions, letters, specifications, procedures, policies, proposals.

English to Russian Engineering Translation

ULS (Universal Language Solution LP) delivers high quality Russian engineering translation you can trust! We help UK and Russian international engineering projects and leading engineering companies accomplish their missions and achieve their goals with concise and accurate English to Russian engineering translation services.
To ensure you get the consistent and accurate English Russian engineering translation we assign the project either to a bilingual Russian engineer or a linguist with respective engineering qualification, perfect technical knowledge of your specific field, and over 10 years of experience in translation of technical, scientific, and engineering documentation.
With our in-house project management system, quality assurance procedure, and subject matter experts you will get an unrivaled translation of your engineering documents with a high level of expertise in your narrow, sophisticated, and unique field.
Accurate translation of engineering documents from English to Russian for Your project
CAD drawings
Engineering Plans
Bill of Material
Safety Manuals
Inspection Reports
Installation Manuals
Engineering Specifications
Data Sheets
User Guides
Training Material
Marketing Material
Equipment Warranties
Feasibility Studies
Architectural Drawings
Patents_Russian engineering translation
Reports_Russian engineering translation
Diagrams_Russian engineering translation
Schematics_Russian engineering translation
CAD drawings_Russian engineering translation
Engineering Plan_Russian translation
Presentations_Russian engineering translation
Bill of material_Russian engineering translation
Safety Manuals_Russian engineering translation
Inspection Report_Russian engineering translation
Installation Manuals_Russian engineering translation
Engineering Specifications_Russian translation
Catalogs_Russian engineering translation
Data Sheets_Russian engineering translation
User Guides_Russian engineering translation
Training material_Russian engineering translation
Marketing material_Russian engineering translation
Equipment warranties_Russian engineering translation
Surveys_Russian engineering translation
Designs_Russian engineering translation
Diagrams_Russian engineering translation
Certificates_Russian engineering translation
Feasibility studies_Russian engineering translation
Architectural drawings_Russian engineering translation
Some of the samples of documents we translated for technical sector
Engineering study_Russian engineering translation
Manufacturer specification_Russian engineering translation
Materials specification_Russian engineering translation
Safety Data Sheet_Russian engineering translation
Geological Survey_Russian engineering translation
Software description_Russian translation
Kinetic energy study_Russian engineering translation
Technical drawing_Russian translation
Engineering specification_Russian translation
Specification_Russian translation
Engineering Study
Manufacturer Specification
Materials Specification
Safety Data Sheet
Geological Survey
Software Description
Kinetic Energy Study
Technical Drawing
Engineering Specification
Samples of Documents We Translated

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Engineering Categories We Translate
We translate documents for all categories of engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Translation for mechanical engineering projects in designing, analysis, manufacturing, production, testing, maintenance and operation of industrial equipment, machinery, plants, transport systems, treatment and processing facilities, aircraft, watercraft, medical devices, robotics, instruments, transmitters, heating and cooling systems, weapon, and other products. Our translators are experts in core areas, such as mechanics, dynamics, and thermodynamics, and materials science. We translate documents and user manuals for manufacturing, maintenance, and operation of various mechanical equipment and plants: power generating plants, electric generators, steam and gas turbines, internal combustion engines, electrical motors, elevators and escalators.
Translation for designing, developing, manufacturing, testing, repair, maintenance and operation of instruments, devices, equipment, systems, and plants that use electricity and electronics. We cover all areas of electrical engineering: power generation, electrical motors, transmission systems, batteries (UPS), control systems, instrumentation, telecommunications, radio frequency systems (RF), remote sensing, radar and navigation systems, signal processing, broadcast and communication systems (e.g. global positioning systems (GPS). Our translators are specializing in translation of user manuals for a wide range of electrical equipment and components, from tiny microchips and devices to large power generation stations.
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Translation for designing, building, construction and developing of infrastructure: houses (private and public), homes, buildings (office and industrial), structures (cable trays, scaffolding), towers (masts, poles, supports), roads, bridges, dams, caves, tunnels, sewerage systems, water and power supply systems (pipes, dykes). Our translators are experts in translating for all stages of civil works, from planning, excavation, construction to maintenance, repair, and demolition. We translate for civil engineering projects implemented for villages, towns and cities, and industrial facilities.
Mechanical engineering_English Russian translation
Electrical engineering_English Russian translation
Civil engineering_English Russian translation
Chemical Engineering
Translation for producing, safekeeping, storage, transportation, and use of chemical products, agents, substances, and materials, e.g. plastics, petrol, fuels, paints, fibers, coatings, synthetic products, polymers, polyester, nylon. Our translators have respective knowledge and expertise in chemistry, biochemistry and chemical processing, process engineering, and biochemical engineering. We translate all kinds of documents and user manuals for designing, developing, and controlling of chemical processes at laboratories, for scientific discoveries and for creating chemical products, from vaccines, body creams to biofuels to waste treatment bacteria.
Chemical engineering_English Russian translation
Translation for designing, developing and testing of computer hardware and software, new technologies, computer systems, and components: microprocessors, microcontrollers, micro conductors, personal and industrial computers, memory devices, networks, routers. Our translators are experts in computer science and electronic engineering. We translate texts and documents on writing software and firmware for digital systems for controlling and monitoring the processes and operations of devices, equipment, motors, sensors and for designing and manufacturing of circuit boards, operating systems, analog and digital sensors, and microchips, for robotics and automation.
Computer Engineering
Computer engineering_English Russian translation
Industrial Engineering
Translation for designing, developing, improving, modification, optimization, implementing and manufacturing of complex integrated systems, processes, and operations. We translate documents and specifications for devising efficient systems, designing industrial facilities, reconfiguring existing plants and equipment. Our translators are experts in mathematics, physics, sciences, engineering technologies, systems engineering, production engineering, supply chain engineering, and are familiar with methods and practices of engineering analysis, and evaluation of systems, processes, and operations, from manufacturing, assembly, to processing data.
Industrial engineering_English Russian translation
Energy Engineering
Translation for designing, testing of machinery for developing ways, methods and processes of production of energy from mining carbon deposits or extraction of natural resources like oil and gas or from renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, or hydro power or from biofuels. We translate documents for generating, converting, storing, transmitting, and supplying energy produced by fossil fuel or sustainable sources to consumers as well as for developing and building new renewable technologies used by wind turbine farms, hydro-electric power plants, and solar power installations.
Energy engineering_English Russian translation
Translation of documents for the use of farm machinery, management of water supply and irrigation of fertile soil, erosion control, cultivation and preparation of land, farm drainage, increase of yields, planting and harvesting of crops, handling, sorting, storage, packing and processing of agricultural products and byproducts, feeding and breeding the livestock. Our translators are experts in farming and agriculture science, environmental issues, and are familiar with bioengineering and farming practices. We translate for designing, operation and maintenance of agricultural and farming equipment, automation systems, smart technologies, for improvement of efficiency, heating, cooling, ventilation, integration technology with farming, producing biofuel.
Agriculture Engineering
Agriculture engineering_English Russian translation
Biomedical Engineering
Translation for design, development, and utilization of life-saving components, equipment and technology in medical science and healthcare for scanning, analysis, diagnosis, treatment and recovery, use of artificial organs and fabrics, implantable medical devices, orthopedic implants, surgical robots, biomaterials, tools for kidney dialysis, medical imaging. Our translators are experts in bioengineering and biomed, biomedical electronics, computational biology, cellular, tissue and stem cell engineering, bionanotechnology, orthopedic bioeingeeeing, molecular biology, genetics, clinical engineering, and know how to apply engineering and technology to healthcare and medicine.
Biomedical engineering_English Russian translation

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Engineering Documents We Translate
  • Data sheet_Russian engineering translation
    Data Sheet
    Translation of data sheets provided by manufacturer or supplier describing the product and its performance and giving detailed information about its functions, technical characteristics and features, properties, materials, components, as well as operating requirements and methods of use.
  • Engineering Specification_Russian engineering translation
    Translation of engineering specification containing detailed and comprehensive information on design, fabrication, installation, construction, arrangement, wiring, piping, and describing all technical procedures and processing, as well as physical, mechanical, and electrical properties of the material, equipment, and facility.
  • User Manual_Russian engineering translation
    User Manual
    Translation of a user manual intended to assist users and consumers to utilize the material, equipment, or a product seamlessly. Translation of a user guide with detailed information about the operation, maintenance, functions and features, troubleshooting and repair, and step-by-step instruction on how to use the product, assemble, install, commission and start-up, replace or dismantle.
  • Engineering Presentation_Russian engineering translation
    Translation of engineering presentation containing graphics, charts and diagrams and providing the necessary technical information on how to solve a problem, make a decision, sell your product or service, create a report, gain certain engineering skills. Translation of various types of presentations in the form of Standard Operating Procedure, Press Release, Case Study, White Paper, Business Plan, Annual Report.
  • Feasibility Study_Russian engineering translation
    Feasibility Study
    Translation of a feasibility study for engineering project management and planning. Translation of an assessment or analysis of project's technical, engineering, operational, economic, legal, and scheduling factors that ensure the successful completion of the project. Translation different types of feasibility reports like executive summary, description of product and service, marketing strategy, financial projections, project findings and recommendations.
  • Survey_Russian engineering translation
    Translation of engineering surveys for collecting and analyzing the information with a spatial position of land for conception, designing, planning, developing, construction, operation and maintenance of engineered project. Translation of documents for surveying activities that include Global Positioning System (GPS), digital mapping, satellite imagery, geodesy, remote sensing, and traditional surveying, for construction of facilities, buildings, and plants.
  • Engineering Report_Russian translation
    Translation of engineering reports that convey a broad scope of unified and neatly combined technical information and display an open-access to well-conducted scientific researches with comprehensive reviews, tutorials, prospects, visions and missions. Translation of engineering information on the design, development, experiments, process, procedures, technical concepts, tests, and technologies involved, with a graphical depiction of trends and project data, presenting an analysis results of an engineering project and offering respective solutions.
  • Engineering Diagram_Russian translation
    Translation of engineering diagrams that communicate and convey ideas and technical data about an object in the form of a three-dimensional object on paper or on a computer screen, and specify the geometry and information to engineers and other professional workers involved in the project. Translation of manufacturing blueprints, circuit diagrams, schematics, flow-charts, piping and instrument diagrams, detailed drawings, wiring diagrams and floor plans, maintenance and repair diagrams, assembly drawings, 3D images.

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Translation of Engineering Documents Russian to English

At LOGOSTRANS we specialize in translation of engineering documents from Russian to English both for private individuals and corporate clients. We utilize ISO compliant project management procedures, best practices in translation industry and time-proven translation solutions perfectly fit for Russian English engineering translation.

We employ and contract highly qualified engineering translators who are skilled and experienced in technical, engineering, and scientific fields, and able to deliver high quality engineering translations. Professional linguists perfectly versed in engineering terminology, continuous quality checks, and subject-matter experts support ensures you will get your final product with the highest level of linguistic and technical accuracy.

As a reputable engineering translation company, we provide fast and accurate Russian engineering translation services that help you grow and expand internationally. We help plenty of companies both in UK and Russia, in engineering, scientific, manufacturing, and in oil and gas industries achieve success in foreign markets across borders. Driven by our expert knowledge of engineering sector and powered by our in-house project and translation management technologies, we are able to deliver the most efficient engineering translation services in the market you've ever seen.
Engineering translation of documents from Russian to English