What is the best translation agency in the UK

What are the determinants and indicators of the best Russian translation agency.
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  • Location
    When you look for a Russian translation agency in the UK or beyond the first thing you have to take into consideration is the location of an agency. The location may tell you a lot even before further inquiry.
    The country or city where an agency is supposed to be based is the first border that you have to cross.
    But the location can also be a beneficial factor in case an agency in question is based in the country of your target language. It may be good in terms of having native language speakers for translation and for saving money as it is typical that local agencies may charge less in comparison with international companies.
  • Size
    Size is another factor that determines few other things, like experience, availability, and management. The size may also affect the price. If you wonder why the size of a translation company may affect the price you have to imagine what would be the large translation company look like. You have to understand that in order to manage the big company it should have a management team that has so many managers as to work with every language. In this case the company that works with just two languages is much more flexible and light-weight that may reduce a lot of costs for both the company itself and for you as a customer.
  • Publicity
    Before you even contact an agency you have to make sure the company you apply exists. The company that introduces itself as an international translation company should have respective publicity in the world and in the mass media.
    Of course, if the company is small and works only with freelance translators (not in-house as in case with large companies) it may not be very popular. However, the presence in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, may add a lot to the recognizability of their agency in the global or local market.
  • Availability
    The Russian translation company in the UK or in any other country should be available for any size of your project. It should be noted that even small companies may have a team consisting of hundreds of available translators. If the company is small it does not mean that they do not have the required capacity or human resources to cope with your project and manage it. Even small companies have a solid team of sufficient number of native speaking translators ready to take any assignment whatever size and volume.
    The lack of availability of the required translators speaks about poor management of the company that may affect the quality of translation.
  • Communication
    Any translation agency, whether it is Russian or UK agency, should be absolutely communicative because translation is always communication. It is preferable to contact an agency with 24/7 and round the clock availability. But it is true that the full day and night availability is only possible with huge companies which have their affiliates or branch offices on different continents, like Americas, Europe and Asia, that makes them available throughout the week and at any time. With smaller or small companies it is not always so. They can only be available within their time frame during the light day when they are awake and ready to reply to your emails or to answer your calls.
  • Price
    Price is the last factor that may determine if an agency is good and professional. It is because the price depends on many factors listed above. The bigger company the more fees and charged and VAT pays the company. Of course it can be registered in a jurisdiction that allows to optimize the taxes and thus reduce the payment burden on the company and the customer. The final price quote may depend on what contractor or translator is hired. Sometimes companies use a non-native translator speaking fluently in the language you need to translate your text into. He may also be good in translation of your document but not as perfect as a native speaker.
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Ways to find the best Translation Agency

UK Translation Agencies
Most probably, you are looking for the best Russian translation agency in the United Kingdom. Obviously, there is a host of translation agencies in UK that can legitimately be called the best agencies. Among the big agencies there are: Languagereach, Lingo24, Pangeanic, Brightlines, Translationservices24, Lingua-world, Global Voices, Kwintessential. They are the leading agencies in UK. And actually all of them provide Russian translation services.

I need to find the professional Russian translation agency in the UK with decent prices and quality assurance

If you know the company and their professional qualifications or if you used their services before and it was successful you may choose them for any of your present and future projects as any of those companies deserves to be your contractor.
However, before you contact those companies you have to know a few things that can be helpful in choosing the professional and cost effective agency for your English to Russian translation projects that could save your time and budget.

I have to translate my medical documents from Russian to English for the local clinic in the UK

Translators' Job Boards
Any business unless it is solely dependent on artificial intelligence employs or hires people for doing the job. In case with translation industry, we employ professional translators who translate from English to Russian or vice versa. If you would like to work directly with linguists you can find them on translators' platforms like Proz, Translatorscafe, Translatorsbase, or on job boards like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Freelancer.

I need English Russian translation of my novel for a good price and within the shortest time possible

Agencies Share the Same Translators
When looking through the translators' portfolio you can notice that many of them had an experience of working for the same translation agency. It means that many of them could do the translations for some or for many of the aforementioned companies at one time or another. It also means that 10 or even 20 companies in UK could use the same English Russian translator.
But what does it mean to you? It means that you can actually choose any of the company listed above and get a high-quality English Russian translation service as it is stated in the companies' quality assurance policy. If it is the case then it is just the time to think about choosing the best and cost effective Russian translation agency in UK for your particular project.

How can I find the English to Russian translation services in the UK for as low as £0.06 GBP per source word?

How to Recognize the Creditable Translation Agency
The respected translation agency will never use students, newbies, or novices, for performing Russian translations. It will always contract professional and seasoned linguists with years of experience and due qualification in the respective sector, like medicine, business, finance, legislation, corporate law, manufacturing, production, oil and gas, engineering, agriculture, and all other fields.

How can I find a professional Russian translator for my engineering project who would be able to translate my documents and drawings?

Many agencies take pride in having an ISO and EN certificate or compliance with the above standards. It is absolutely worthy and commendable for any public organization to comply with the international quality assurance regulations. Besides, it is a guaranteed proof of eligibility of the company to provide the English Russian translation services.

Translator Has the Last Word
But the quality of the final translation product depends solely on the translator and/or proofreader, not the agency itself, as such. So, it is more important for you to look at how the company interacts and communicates with translators, and if translators are happy with the company. If the translators are OK with the agency in question, then you can be 100% sure the translators will deliver the best quality possible.

I have to translate an operations and maintenance manual for installation of equipment at one of the oil and gas facilities

Responsiveness is Vital
Another aspect that helps you determine the professional qualification of the agency is by how quick and promptly the agency responds to your request. We made a research and found that only 1 out of 5 aforementioned agencies responded within the same… day. All the rest of the companies either just did not respond or responded within 2 or more days. Of course, such a delay in reply can be devastating for urgent tasks.

Price is Critical
Price is critical as well. Most of translation agencies we mentioned above charged around £0.11 GBP per source word for English to Russian translation. Our average rate for Russian translation is £0.06 GBP per source word. To get an exact price you have to fill in the online form and submit your file. You can be sure you will get a professional high-quality translation at decent rate!
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How to choose the best Russian Translation Agency among hundreds of agencies in the UK
Please have a look at the difference in price quote, VAT, and the lead time between UK agencies.
We inquired at some of UK agencies about the price quote for translation of an English text of 687 words into Russian language.
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