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What You should know about the translation of old Russian handwritten text

Voice From the Past
Historical texts or letters belonging to our ancestors written decades or even hundreds of years ago are of special interest both for us, their descendants, and for public museums. There a lot of manuscripts written in old Russian or English on papyrus which can sometimes shed light on many historical events that were concealed or hushed up. I am sure nearly every family has an old letter of their distant or close relatives with a text describing their internal feelings, impressions, emotions, as well as the environment and events of the past.

Significant Historical Changes
Over the years people move from place to place, from one country to another, and within two or three generations many would normally forget the language of their ancestors unless spoken in the family. Within last three centuries Russia saw many immigration waves, to Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Israel, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. The first Russian immigrants left their motherland with a good knowledge of Russian, But their grandsons and granddaughters do not speak Russian any more. And all the papers, documents or letters, were written by their grandfathers and grandmothers in old Russian language.

Language Was Different
Of course, most letters and texts in the last century and earlier were written by hands, not by printing machines. Only official papers and documents were printed using machines in the 18th and 19th century. The old Russian language had some differences in lexicology and morphology and syntaxes. Our grandparents had a different style of writing their letters. Some of the words had different writing and contained more words than now. Some of the letter in the Russian alphabet looked different.

How to Understand Our Ancestors
For those who try to decipher the text written centuries ago and recognize the letters and words of the old manuscript it would be helpful to find a professional translator of historical texts of old Russian. It is not so much difficult to recognize the words and read the text written by printing machine. There are thousands of books printed two and more centuries ago in old Russian. Those books are readable because the letters are printed and can be well recognized. But it is a different story with handwritten text. It is very difficult to read old Russian handwritten text as the text was written with a special handwriting style.

Many of those who had their relatives living in Russia centuries ago would like to know the true history of their forefathers. Not knowing Russian, more so old Russian, they need a Russian translator able to translate an old Russian handwritten text into English. The translator of handwritten text should know perfectly the history, old letters, and old Russian style of writing.

Curious Facts about Our History from Old Russian Letters
It is very interesting and curious what could be learnt from old letters. Some writers of the past wrote about the details of their family, like birth, marriage and death. Some were writing about their feelings, thoughts, and events, like those who were on the front line in the First and Second World Wars. There was one interesting letter of a soldier addressed to his mother. The soldier was wandering why in the advanced 20th century people continued to kills each other in the war. Why nothing changed with the technical and engineering progress. With the technological breakthrough the weapon was also modernized and improved, improved to kill people. Among similar letters there were found letters obviously sent to the front line from relatives of those who fought during the WWII.

Another letter was from a person who fought on the east border of Russia with Japanese troops. He was describing the hidden facilities built by US navy on the Japan shore as a fortification of the land. And he was saying that it was really strange and unusual to see against what they used to hear from their Soviet officials and history.

So the old Russian letters may shed light on some historical events that you may never know from official sources or may be you will have an access to some details and confidential information of your ancestors that was kept secret for centuries. Whatever is there in your old Russian letters we are able to help you read them and know your past!

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