In What Sectors AI will Never Replace Human Translators

There are some fields in translation that still and will demand human involvement.

Sectors in which AI will never replace human translation

What areas does AI replace humans in?
Over the last decade the development of artificial intelligence has progressed immensely and can now literally replace humans in many fields. But not in everything. Still there are some areas where AI will never be able to replace human involvement for 100%.

All kinds of software applications allow us to record, replay, track, memorize, store, and process different data in various formats with actually one click of a button. Robotization is another aspect of technical progress in blending the mechanics with electronics and information technology. The 20th century saw a huge leap of technologies and its impact on our communication, manufacturing, production, and everyday life. We were transformed into a technology dependent world in which the human work was reduced to 50% and is still being reduced.

Now all information that can be read, heard, or seen, has been converted into digits, stored on a big server, and displayed on LED screens. All mathematical calculations are carried out by machines. Same misfortune occurred to language translation. Now we have a number of the so called Computer Aided Tools that greatly affected the way the translation is carried out nowadays. Actually, it is a good tool for a freelance translator or any other in-house translator working for a big company or corporation.

CAT Tool is a significant translation facilitator
CAT tools like SDL Trados facilitate the translation process and help the translator to translate large volumes within a short period of time. It is widely used in different international companies where translation is performed every day and in great quantities. The company creates its own proprietary termbase and stores the translated texts and documents on their servers. Given that most of text in one company is similar the translator can manage the translation of dozens of pages in one working day (6 to 8 hours).

Google Translator is convenient for superficial translations
Most often people use Google Translate online software to translate their texts and documents without paying a penny for it. Certainly, it is a very convenient app that does not require you to employ or hire a translator, manage the translation project, and make payment to a translation agency or a freelance for translation.

If you don't need a professional or official translation you can use any online translation service and get a decent superficial translation of your document in just a second. It is expected that the logic of Google will learn more languages and will become smarter within the near future. May be, why not. But machine is machine. And it should be always kept in mind that any smart and fancy machine has been designed, developed, and created by a human.

What are the sectors that AI will never replace humans in?
So what are those lucky areas in translation services that AI will never replace with robots, machines, or software? These are book translation, literature translation, translation of fiction stories, text writing for SEO and marketing. i.e. AI will never replace human in areas where creativity is demanded.

Book Translation requires literature skills
Book translation of various kinds is not a one click job as it may require some talent and skill of a human translator who knows the specifics and peculiarities of the target language and culture. There are different types of books, from fiction stories to narratives of events to historical records. Fiction stories, memoirs, or biographies are related to literature style which demands the creativity and a gift of literary writing.

SEO text writing demands creativity that pertains only to humans
Another area where creative approach to translation is required is copywriting or writing texts and articles for blogs and websites for search engine optimization. In order to write an article or text that will convince visitors and turn them into buyers you have to touch the person with something human that will be interpreted as an urge to make a decision and take an action. No machines or robots unless programmed can do that. Only a human translator can do such an excellent work and persuade you to believe the writer.

AI has definitely progressed and improved greatly over the years. But it will never replace human in what belongs and will always belong to human – expression of feelings and emotions, and cultural and historical background.

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What are the areas that will always need the human translation?