How to Translate a Document to Russian at low cost

Some tips on how to find a Russian translation agency in the UK that will be able to produce high-quality translation for the best price.

How to find Russian Translation Agency in the UK with best price for high quality

Paid or FREE translation
The translation of documents to Russian language in the UK is not a difficult matter as there are a lot of Russians in Great Britain. However, despite the fact that there are many Russian people in the United Kingdom speaking Russian, not too many will help you with your urgent or field-specific translation project. You will still have to search for somebody to translate your document to Russian or to any other language unless you don't care about the quality and are OK with the use of an online translation software like Google translate.

Freelance Translator or Translation Agency
If the quantity of documents subject to translation to Russian is not too many you can use the services of a single translator or a freelancer. You can easily find one on any local job boards or on translators boards like Proz or Translatorscafe. But if you need to translate a document with highly engineering and confidential content in PDF format with over 50 pages and within a very short time you will have to quickly find a company or translation agency that will be able to cope with your project and meet all your needs, demands, and project requirements within your limited or restricted budget!

All in One
It is not an easy task to find a professional Russian translation agency in the UK for all of your needs and according to your specific demands. I am not saying that it is difficult to find a professional company in general – no! But what I am saying is that it is hard to find an agency that will accommodate your demands and budget. Normally, if the project is urgent and has many particular conditions like signing of a confidentiality agreement, conversion between PDF and MS Word formats, use of a qualified translator specializing in translation of a highly technical content, the price quote for translation will be rather high. Of course, if you are not pressed for time and money you are free and welcome to choose any translation agency to your liking!

Professional Translation for Limited Budget
But if you have a limited amount of funds allocated for translation services, you would probably make a number of requests to several translation agencies for their quotes for translation of documents from English to Russian in an attempt to find the cheapest yet professional solution. In this case you have to find a company that would be physically located and legally registered outside of UK but providing the Russian translation services for UK companies and individuals. Such a company will be very much convenient for you in terms of budget. The legal and physical location of the company outside of UK will also allow for more flexibility in regards to legal bindings. By and large, if the company is registered in the UK it will have to pay pretty high VAT tax (+20%) whereas the company registered in a foreign jurisdiction may reduce the overall price for 30% OFF due to a low tax rate.

Best Price for High Quality
Another important and critical aspect is quality. To make sure you will get a high-quality product, even though for a cheaper price, you have to check the location and origin of the company and its translators. Also, you have to ask them for their internal QC procedures they use for quality assurance. Normally, if the company is not ISO certified it should use the internal proprietary quality control procedures that will ensure the delivery of high-quality translation services. If the agency is credible it will allow for a small test translation based on which you will have an idea of whether you will give them your go-ahead with your project or not.
Some tips on how to find the Professional Russian Translation Services provider in the UK that would ensure best price for high quality