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Russia and the West – What Are Common Interests?

Most probably, many of you have encountered with a contingency of global rejection of anything that relates to or refers to Russia. Yes, the conflict that was caused by a clashing of interests of Russia and the West have brought with it some devastating consequences for both Russian Federation and the countries and businesses that were dealing with RF.

But is it so devastating? Can there be any ways out? May I still work with Russian partners and counterparts? Is it possible to run business in Russia or with Russian companies regardless the sweeping sanctions and can I do it without violating any local or international laws and regulations?

Affirmatively Yes!

What are available opportunities in Cooperation with Russia

Yes, you can still work with Russian partners, and yes, you can deal in the same product that you were dealing in before, and yes, you can do it all legally!

Of course, you have to look around and see what means and resources are available and if they are legitimate. You have to mind, however, that due to sanctions the previous logistic chain has been dramatically disrupted and broken. Now you have to find other ways or routes of delivery. At least you have to use different jurisdictions and different parties that, probably, you never used before, or never thought of.

For instance, you can go ahead and use some third party company based and registered in any Russia’ neighboring country, in Asia, or in the Middle East. One of the most popular countries used for international business between East and West as well as between Russian and the rest of the world is the United Arab Emirates.

UAE as an international business hub for your relations with Russian Federation

You can either open and register your own company in UAE and use it as an intermediary in your business relations with Russia. Alternatively, you can use the third parties - already available companies providing the same kind of service – for the same purpose.

Of course, the reason for this global unrest and such drastic sanctions is just the next step of monopolization and privatization of both the natural resources that Russia is abounding in and ways and methods of how it can be tapped.

Anyway, whatever the disaster going on in the world, it should not concern you in the least. You should have a chance to continue cooperating with Russian partners and sellers. In this regard, you have to be sure that you can always find the convenient way of doing your business with Russia.

Russian Translation in 2023 for B2B communications

Since you have an interest in communicating with Russian people you may need the Russian translation services at an affordable price and online. This is what we provide and offer to our valuable customers! We translate documents for engineering and industrial projects, technical manuals for operating the equipment, books for reading, certificates for official introduction and presentation at governmental offices both in Russia and in the UK.

This is year is another busy year with prospects and perspectives which we honor and value in your business and personal communications in Russian language. You have just to let us know about you need for Russian translation by submitting us your details and files subject for translation. Our prices are the best in the UK and across the European Union. All our translations are securely performed outside of Russia, in the EU, that would bring you a peace of mind.