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Russian Translation amid Sanctions

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How to get Russian Translation amid sweeping sanctions?

There are not many countries that fell under US sanctions but the effect and impact of those sanctions on the world can be devastating as it is with Russia. North Korean sanctions affect only this particular country and not anybody else as it is a closed country and does not let in any stranger or a tourist. So there is not so much trade going on with North Korea that would have a detrimental effect on the rest of the world. Another country that has been imposed with the United States sanctions is Iran. Iran is considered to be the major Asian country opposing the western world and has a much bigger influence in the region and internationally than small North Korea.

Sanctions against Russia are the most impactfull

But even Iranian sanctions are no match for Russian sanctions that may result in damage to the world economy let alone smaller European countries that heavily depend on supplies of gas, crude oil, corn, cast metal, and alloys from Russia. Given that EU is by 70% dependent on gas supply from Russia the expanded and extended sanctions list may deal a huge blow not so much at Russia but at the European Union. Shortage of wheat and gas supply will be sufficient to plunge the EU into chaos and nightmare.

UN is monitoring the sanctions avoidance

The observance of sanctions has been strictly supervised by international organizations and by the United Nations. So, any attempts to avoid sanctions or use questionable methods and techniques may be investigated, prosecuted and penalized. It means that you cannot deal directly with Russia unless you have a long-term agreement excluding sanctions or if your business or company does not fall under sanction conditions and is outside of its affect. And this circumstance puts the Russian translation at stake making it difficult to make cross-border transactions and Russia-West communications.

Globalization Vs Sanctions

However, you have to mind that Globalization implies the continuous and uninterruptable communication and data exchange and it will never go. The only thing that changes is the route of such communications and supplies. Yes, it becomes more complicated and sophisticated but not impossible. If you know that what you are going to do violates the sanctions you have to abstain from doing it and look for another way around.

How to manage Russian translation despite and regardless of US sanctions

Of course, there is no complete shut-down of supplies or communications with Russia. Now it just changed the route and instead of direct contact you have to use the services of other countries, jurisdictions and official sources which are outside of sanctions’ effect and do your business accordingly. Therefore, you may still need the English Russian translation of documents regardless of any sanctions. Whatever your contractual obligations are we may help you with your needs to translate documents, user manuals, books, drawings, websites, or videos, into Russian!

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