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When you make your first steps in business, launch a new international venture, implement a huge industrial project, start a newly built engine, open a valve on the crude oil transportation pipeline, commission a turbine generator, maintain a complex medical equipment, repair SCADA system, doing the troubleshooting on instruments, you always have to learn first the concepts of working, operation, or design before you proceed with doing anything that makes your living or affects you or your environment.

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Personal and Corporate Training
Training courses can be differentiated between the courses for personal development, qualification upgrade or vocational training, and a comprehensive education that takes years at universities or institutes, There is also an on-the-job training that is conducted while an employee is working and fulfilling his or her job duties. It is absolutely necessary for an enterprise or a company to have trained and qualified workers who would know the internal procedures, document workflow and equipment operation processes, and know at least basic information about the equipment they are using.

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Qualification for Industry
Every industrial project, whether it is a construction of a major oil and gas production facility, offshore oil rig, gas compression station, water treatment plant, shipbuilding workshop, gold or metal mining plant, manufacturing or assembly building, must have trained workers on their site, plant, or facility, to be able to fulfill their duties with adequate and respective quality and in compliance with all local and international standards and regulations, by following the project or equipment specifications.

Vocational Training and University Degree
As far as the industrial training is concerned interns are gaining knowledge of their profession in the process of working while performing their normal everyday duties and carrying out routine activities. The vocational training is a must for all industrial organizations and companies. Each individual worker, besides his high school or university degree must be trained on using the particular equipment and learn the specifics and details of a certain work process that he is involved.

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Training Manual
Whether it is an in-house training or hands-on training, or personal training, it implies some handy study or teaching material in the form of some documentation or training manual. There are many types of training documentation that we translate. Please see the list below:

  • Training Material
  • Training Manuals
  • Educational Material for Universities and educational centers
  • Training Documentation and Support Documentation
  • Documentation for Simulators
  • User Manuals for familiarization with the equipment
  • Visual Aids
  • Handouts
  • Booklets
  • Leaflets
  • Tenets

Training Instructor or Tutor
Depending on the type of training the instructor or tutor is selected. In case you take an online training you would need just a visual sample – image or video – of what you are taught about. But if you go through a practical course where you have to touch, turn, or press, you should have someone who would communicate with you, monitor, supervise, and guide your actions, so that you could learn how to do it correctly and professionally!

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