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How To Translate User Manual to Russian

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How to translate User Manual to Russian

User Manual or a User Guide is widely used in all industries and for a multitude of purposes. It serves as an instruction with how-to tips and prompts, introduction to a new technology or environment, or presentation of a new product and equipment. It can be published and used for assembly of a heavy vehicle or a maritime vessel, for construction of buildings, plants, and industrial facilities, for operation of automated systems, use of process equipment, repair and maintenance of devices and instruments.

What User Manuals We Translate:

  • Assembly Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Instruction Manual
  • Service Manual
  • Repair Manual
  • Operation Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Troubleshooting Manual
  • User Guide
  • Specifications
  • Guidelines
  • Training Manual

Russian translation of User Manual

Formats and Contents
Mostly, all user manuals are printed and provided to clients for final delivery in PDF format although initially they could be created in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, or similar desktop publishing editors and graphic design creators. User manual contains the description of the object in question, whether it is a large-size electrical or mechanical unit, engine – turbine or electrical motor, tanks or pipes, valves or instruments, UPSs or generators. It also has a recommendations on safe use or manipulation with the item. And, of course, it has a detailed step-by-step guide on how to repair, trouble-shoot, maintain, and operate the presented equipment. Besides, any user manual has a lot of graphics, images, tables, drawings, matrixes, screen shots, and sketches.

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Russian Translation of User Manual

If you need the Russian translation of user manual you are welcome to send your document in PDF or in any available format. We accept newly created PDF documents, converted files, or scanned documents. We shall review the file in its original format you’ve submitted and estimate the cost for translation. The translation shall be performed in any editable format that is most suitable for your particular user manual. For example, of you have just a rich text manual-presentation the MS Word editor would suffice. However, if your manual has a lot of graphics and drawings and tables, Adobe InDesign will be the best solution.

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User Manual for Your Industry

We translate user manuals to Russian across all industrial sectors, including mechanical and electrical engineering, oil and gas facilities and crude oil production, maritime and automotive, construction and civil works, renewable energy, robotics and nano-technology, telecom and information technology. The data and information contained in any user manual is comprehensive for any service – maintenance, repair or operation. We have a team of dedicated Russian translators who can translate your user manual to Russian in a professional manner with due consideration of all technical and engineering nuances and with attention to details.

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