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Novel Translation from English to Russian in the UK

Are you looking for English to Russian translation of your novel book? Do you need to translate your masterpiece for the Russian readers? Is your audience located within the CIS countries in the UK? Does your book have something special to offer for young or elderly generation? Can it be read by both kids and their parents? Is it a family book or a specifically written for a certain category of people?
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Fast Translation Service for Novel Books

Whatever the genre of your book and the target audience for which the book was intended we can manage the translation of your novel from English to Russian language. If you need it fast we can involve as many translators as required to complete the translation within the agreed deadline and deliver it within your set time frame. We offer such service as fast Russian translation which can be a bit more expensive than standard non-urgent translation. So if you are pressed for time and need to translate your book within the shortest possible time you can use our urgent Russian translation service.

What Types of Books we translate

We translate different types of books, not only novels. Among the books we translate are: scientific books, technical books, engineering books, user manuals, training manuals, owners manuals, guide books. Thus if you are a scientific worker or an engineer who needs to have his book translated into Russian you are quite welcome to share your book via submission form or email and send us your work for our review, cost estimate, and translation.

What Genres we translate

Over the last 10 (ten) years we have translated dozens of books from English to Russian and helped our clients get connected to their foreign public and target audience. There is a number of genres that we translate. Among them are: novels, fiction stories, science fiction, detective, romance, humor, thriller, biography, memoir, essay, academic book, scientific book, training book, catalog, E-book, and more genres. Of course, the genres may vary and be mixed. We manage any genre and transmit your message and content with due consideration of all individual nuances and features pertaining to your literary work. We never miss a thing in your masterpiece when translating it from English to Russian.

How to find the best Russian translator for novels in the UK

When you decide to find the Russian translator for your novels on your own you may face certain difficulties. It may result in frustration and disappointment and eventually in poor quality translation, if you contract a translator without experience. It should be noted and kept in mind that when you hire a translator you have to ask him if he has had any experience in translation of literary books, not just some general text or technical or legal documents. The translation of books, and particularly the translation of novels, requires the creative thinking and approach.
The best Russian translator of novels is the one who understands your main idea of writing and key concept of your message and the mood of your masterpiece. He should also be proficient in the subject of your book and be versed in topics you write about.

How to translate a book from English to Russian with quality guarantee

All our clients are happy with our translations and never complained about the quality. All translations when completed are proofread and edited by the second and, if necessary, by a third linguist and expert in literary translation of books. We manage the translation process according to the international and UK quality assurance standards, including ISO and EN. The novel you submit we forward to our team of professional and experienced translators with respective literary translation skills and ability to convert your ideas and thoughts into Russian language with due consideration of local mentality, comprehension, and views.

The translation is performed by a native Russian translator of novels and then edited by another translator or an expert who is not only able to translate your literary work but also keep essence and concept the behind it. So if you need to translate a book from English to Russian with a quality guarantee you can rely on our services and get rest assured you will get a professional and finetuned translation of your novel.

Find the novel translation from English to Russian within a mouse click

The procedure of requesting for translation of a novel from English to Russian is quite simple and consists of three easy steps. First of all, you submit your novel book text for our review and cost estimate. Upon the agreement and approval of our cost estimate we forward your book or text file to our team for translation.

We also do the desktop publishing. So if you need to keep the same payout of the book within the same sequence of pages we can do the formatting of the final translated text and images (if any) to make it look the same as in the original copy.

After the translation is completed by the first translator it will be forwarded to the second translator for proofreading, editing, and polishing of the translated text. At this stage we can send you the semi-finished translation for your review and approval. If you find the final translation as good and perfect we do the final finetuning and submit the finished product to you via email.

Translation of novels at best Prices – lowest price in the UK

If you want to learn the price quote for book translation by just telling us the number of words in the text would not help much as we estimate each work individually. And one book may cost just a hundred Great British Pounds, while the other work may cost one thousand GBP. The price quote depends on several factors such as type of the book, genre in which you wrote your novel, language you need to translate your book into, and the style and manner in which your text was written.