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Are you looking at the moment for a professional Russian translator who is qualified to translate your website content, articles, and blogs into Russian or from Russian? Do you need the translation of the entire website or just of a small text? Do you have to translate a one-page website or hundred of URL pages with dense text? Will you translate just one article at a time or you need to translate all the feeds and every day?

You have a great chance to cooperate with us and experience a professional Russian translation services for your website, blog, or feeds!
Russian translation of websites

Content Translated in Editable Format

Normally we translate website texts provided in some editable format like MS Word. In some rare cases we copy the text from website, save it, and then translate it into Russian or English (from Russian). Whatever the method of extracting the text from website we do the translation in a format that will allow us to edit the words and write them in the target language.

Multilingual Website Translation

The translation of website into Russian may be required in different situations and for different purposes. One of the most popular reason for website translation to Russian is the need for a multilingual website both locally and internationally. It is typical for online stores or educational websites for students and trainees (like online training courses), or shopping website visited by foreign clients, or a corporate website describing its services or products, or a website dedicated to some specific topic or agenda. Whatever the information you need to translate on your website, we can handle it and translate it into Russian in the best way possible that will attract visitors, drive traffic, and convert prospects into buyers!
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Blog Article Translation into Russian

Less but not least demanded is the translation of blog articles into Russian. Now with the blogging being developed all over the world, only lazy website owner will not write an article on his website. It has become a must to write articles on any website as it improves the ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and promotes the brand you represent. Every article should be a piece of technical or engineering art where you display the best features of your offer and convince the reader of sufficiency and abundancy of your capacities and abilities necessary for resolution of his issues.

Daily translation of feeds

Also, some of the public media websites may need the Russian translation of their feeds. Since feeds are written and published as frequently as every day, the need for Russian translation of feeds may also be daily. In this regard we shall engage as many translators as required for your particular project. The translation of feeds requires the skills, qualification, and vigor, to keep up with the schedule of publishing the feeds articles. Our team of professional and experienced translators can do it professionally and fast!