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How to find the best Russian translation agency for Oil and Gas project

Russian translation service for oil and gas industry is very popular and highly demanded as Russia is one of the major if not the largest supplier of oil and gas on the world market. Since the need for Russian oil and gas translation is frequently requested it is necessary to find the Russian translation agency conforming to your standards, requirements, and specifications. They must have the respective professional knowledge about the industry, not superficial knowledge but deep and detailed knowledge of every aspect of mining, extraction, production, transportation, processing, and treatment of carbon natural resources.

Should be Experts in Your Industry
It is important for an agency to have on board not only the experienced translators but also the experts in the specific field who could help the Russian translators to understand the implication and the true meaning of words, phrases, and terms used for describing the equipment, facility, terminals, tanks farms, pump stations, compressor stations, mining fields, construction and production site. Obviously such masters can be contracted or hired as consultants in different oil and gas industry matters. Or they can actually function within an agency as translators and work as linguists with high competence in the industry. It is absolutely indispensable to have such people in the staff of any translation company. They are the key employees or freelancers that drive the entire company to success and profit by doing the technically accurate translations for their clients. Remember that qualified and professional translators are the main assets of any translation company because they do the work for you and translate your documents, technical and engineering drawings, websites, PDF files, AutoCAD drawings, and project videos.

Capability and Capacity Matter
When you come to an agency with a project you have to find out if the company you are going to contract for your oil and gas translation assignments is able to cope with the scope of your task and handle the multitude of documents to be translated. It is evident that an agency should have a team of in-house translators or a wide network of freelancers eligible to translate in your sector and perfectly versed in oil and gas subject.
Whether your project is small or large, the agency you contact should be proficient and capable enough to rely on in managing a high volume of documents and large scope of work. You may need to translate a pack of documents in MS Word, scanned and converted documents in PDF, technical and engineering drawings in AutoCAD or PDF or DWG, and all that in hundreds or thousands of pages.

The More the Better
So the company you go to have to cope with all that in a professional and timely manner. So, often, in case with large project the size of a company matters much. If they have just a few translators you may fail with them when you need the translation of thousands of pages within a very short period. They will not be able to physically translate all of your documents within the set time frame. So if you are pressed for time you have to assign your thousand pages project to a company with over 1000 translators in stock – at least 10 translators per industry or language.

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