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Russia is one of the major exporter of crude oil in the world. It brings along a lot of communication with international customers and consumers. Russian oil companies cooperate and get a huge support from foreign partners, investors and joint ventures. Every process in the oil industry - from exploration to production, transportation and refinery - needs professional approach and work. Production or treatment of crude oil is not confined to just few countries with oil deposits - it is an international business.
So Russian fields are operated and maintained by local and foreign companies and owned by consortiums or joint ventures or limited companies shared between multiple shareholders from different countries, both legal entities and individuals.
Among hundreds of Russian oil companies we can list a number of major oil companies in Russia that are managed, supported, financed, or consulted by foreign partners and international entities. They are: LukOil, Gazprom, Novatek, Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Transneft, Bashneft, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Sakhalin Energy, Tatneft, Zarubezhneft, and other companies.
Such multinational management and work requires continuous communication. We can support your business, technical and engineering communications with our English Russian oil and gas translation services. The crude oil production business is always international as the oil extraction is regulated by international laws and regulations and by the The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). If the project is managed by or shared between Russia and one of the English speaking countries or UK company you are expected to request, at some point of time, sooner or later, for English to Russian translation for oil companies, both in Russia and in the UK.
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Most, if not all, Russian oil companies have their major shares owned by foreign beneficiaries, including the citizens or Oil Companies of the United Kingdom.
The extensive presence and integration of UK oil companies in the crude oil production business in Russia can be explained by the interest rate they get from joint projects, joint ventures, and consortiums created together with Russian oil tycoons. Among the world known UK companies that are involved in handling the deposits of crude oil and petroleum products in Russia are: British Petroleum (BP), British Gas (BG), Nafta, Petrofac, Royal Dutch Shell, Britoil, RusPetro, Star Energy, and other companies.
All major oil fields and sites in Russia have been developed, drilled, mined, tapped, and operated using the human or technical resources of UK partners. Besides the UK oil companies there are multitudes of UK engineering, construction, designing and consulting companies involved in the Russian oil business process across the country.
Considering the rather heavy involvement of British oil companies in the Russian oil business it is evident that the Russian English translation for oil companies in the UK is part of cooperation and business process. You can get the service for all of your Russian English international projects!