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Russian Translation of Certificates for UK Home Office

What Document You Submit to the UK Home Office
Many of our clients are asking for translation to be further submitted to the UK Home Office. This is quite common a thing we are having nearly every day when we have to translate a document or a package of documents for UK Home Office. People need the translation of different types of documents from Russian to English. It varies from mere ID documents to some history records if required for a proof of identity or rights – actually any official documents that confirm your legal presence in the UK.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passports and ID documents
  • Diploma and Graduation docs
  • Police or Courts documents
  • Personal Education certificates
  • Adoption documents
  • Name Change certificate
  • Licenses and permits
  • Previous jobs documents

Russian translation of certificates for the UK Home Office

Do You need the Original Copy or You can do without?
Some of our clients ask for original copies of certified documents to be sent to their home addresses. We did it before – we sent certified documents to our clients via regular post mail. However now we stopped it for a reason. Since we are stepping into the digital age, all certifications, which are valid and official as the signatures and stamps are real and not artificial, are made electronically by inserting the stamps and signatures to the image file in JPG and then converted them into PDF. And when you get the certified document (electronically certified) in your email box you can print it out in color and submit as any original document to the UK Home Office or to any other official and/or legal institute, agency, department, or office.

Russian translation of Birth Certificate for the UK Home Office

Your Documents will be accepted by the UK Home Office!

Even if we send you the original document we shall send you only the original printed copy as we certify all documents electronically. So, instead of paying for mail delivery you can just print the original copy with your color printer and use the printed copy or printed document as an original documents at any governmental agency. So you don’t have to worry about the acceptance of our certified documents. They will be accepted!
Russian translation of permission for the UK Home Office

We provide quality assurance and confirm our legitimacy
Sometimes we get calls from legal offices that receive documents certified by our company. And we confirm the legitimacy of our certification and the quality of the provided translation. The translation is done by a professional linguist or by a dedicated translator specialized in translating certificates and legal documents. When we certify our translation we comply with the local UK requirements for using the marks and sings in certification.

We put two stamps with all necessary information about the company – round and square – they have the company number, website, email, phone number, company name. And, of course, we sign the documents with our director’s signature and his initials – first name and last name. In addition to the standard certification we can also provide, upon request, the proof of quality certificate testifying that the translation performed was accurate by a professional translator and the translated text matches and reflects the original text without omissions or errors.

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