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Russian to English translation of medical reports in the UK

Are You looking for Russian to English translation of medical report? Do You need the Russian translator of medical reports in the UK? Is your request for translation urgent? Do you need to translate your medical documents fast? Does your report contain some private and confidential information about your health and yourself?

Whatever the need for Russian to English translation of medical report, we shall keep it safe and translate it in a respective confidential manner, not disclosing any health or medical intervention details. Your confidence in the quality of our services and safety of your private medical materials is our primary goal. As we are committed to meeting your needs, both in treatment and healthcare, we heed to your requests and take all our efforts to deliver the Russian to English translation of medical report within your time frame and at an affordable price quote.
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Qualified medical translators

We respect the reliance on our services so we trust your medical reports to the qualified and experienced linguists, who have gained knowledge in medicine not only in theory from translation but from practical involvement in medical treatment as a practitioner or a doctor. So, our medical translators have medical background and years of translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents. Therefore, when you send your reports, we shall forward them to the person mostly fit for your medical case and for the content of your documents.
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Price quote for translation of medical report from Russian to English

What medical reports we translate from Russian to English

The range of medical documents we translate is wide. It encompasses the standard clinical reports issued by hospitals or clinics and pharmaceutical specifications and instructions. There is a list of documents we translate, including but not limited to the following:

  • Medical examination report
  • Medical inspection report
  • Medical consent
  • Medical intervention
  • Surgical operation report
  • CAT scan report
  • MRI report
  • Colonoscopy report
  • Laparoscopy report
  • Laryngoscopy report
  • Endoscopy report

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Where can the translation of medical reports be required

There are different medical reports that can be required for official purposes. One of such reports is the vaccination report. It is necessary for international healthcare check as a proof of vaccination record for passing various tests and for getting the access and permission to reside, work, and use domestic social benefits. Also, medical check is necessary when you are hired for work or apply for university. Another reason for translation of medical report from Russian to English is obtaining the permission to stay in the country or work.
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Confidentiality of Your Body and Health Information

We perfectly understand and respect your privacy in regards to your body and health information. Sometimes the client does not want to be publicly disclosed or known for his illnesses and diseases. So we keep his or her information confidential and do not share their health information (undergone operations, medical interventions, revealed malign formations, etc.) which is referred to the personal information. You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your personal medical information! It will be kept confidential and safe! If you want to get an additional guarantee of privacy and confidentiality we can sign a confidentiality agreement upon your request if you like!

Certification of Translated Medical Reports

If it is necessary in you your case and circumstances we shall certify the translated medical report by signing it and putting stamps (round and square) with company’s information. If you need the certification you have to provide the spelling of patient’s first last name as they are written in the international ID document or passport.
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