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Russian to English Translation of Diploma in the UK

Are you looking for Russian translation of Diploma in the UK? Do you have to translate your Diploma from Russian to English for entering the university or for passing the local training? Do you need the Russian to English translation of Diploma for proving your education for employment or for getting the permission to work in the UK or in the European Union?

Diploma as a proof of your education and background
Certainly, if you apply for a job or going to pass the test for higher and further education in the United Kingdom you will definitely have to provide the proof of your past work experience gained for the last decade and the education and professional qualification obtained in the past. You have to submit your translated Diploma to validate your application and let the employer or tutor know your background and the level of knowledge of the field and subject you intend to deal with.
Russian to English translation of Diploma in the UK
Russian certified translation services in the UK

What Diploma translation is required for?

Normally, the translated Diploma may be required for a number of reasons. It is to be submitted to educational institution for improving the qualification or upgrade, or for getting a Bachelor or Master degree at university, or for renewal of education in the UK, or for refreshment of knowledge at local college. The Russian to English translation of Diploma can also be necessary for submission to any official, legal, state, governmental office, agency, or body, for enrollment at any company, getting VISA, getting passport, obtaining a permission to stay in the UK and work there, applying for state funded scientific or social or charity programs, where the skills and qualifications are required.

Price Quote for Diploma Translation
Whatever the need for translation of Diploma, we can take care of your documents and translate your Diploma from Russian to English at the best UK price – 25 GBP. The price is fixed for Diploma translation. However, if it has a long list of subjects to be translated too the price quote may be slightly higher but not too much. Anyway, in order to get a precise cost estimate you have to submit us your scanned documents in PDF or JPG.
Diploma translation Russian to English in the UK
Price quote for translation of Diploma

Spelling of names to be considered!

Diploma may have accompanying documents in the form of attachment with marks for subjects covered during the study period. The list of subjects in the attached document can be short or long depending on the faculty and the institute or university where the student took exams. The translation of subject titles is in itself a separate task so it will be estimated and charged separately.

Translation of Notarized Diploma
Sometimes we receive the requests to translate the notarized copies of translated Diploma to validate the notary and translation. In such cases we can retranslate the text in Diploma and recertify the notarized translation. You have just to provide copies of documents and we shall do the rest.

Spelling of names is mandatory!
When we translate any document, certificate, or Diploma, into English we always ask our clients to provide their names in English as they are in their passport or UK ID documents, or any other international official document. This is critical as the discrepancy in writing/transliteration may cause a lot of mistakes and may lead even to cancellation of rights or license.
Translate Diploma from Russian to English

Certification of Diploma translations

By and large we certify our Russian English Diploma translations upon the client’s request. Of course, when Diploma is translated it requires the certification by the translator or a translation agency that performed the translation. We put two stamps, one of which contains the information with the Company’s name, number, website, and phone number, and the translated document is signed by the Company’s director.
How to translate Diploma from Russian to English
Certification of translated Diploma