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Notarization of Russian Translation

To have a notarized translation you have to request for a certification that would be accepted by your target educational institute, or legal office, or governmental office or agency. The notarization can be different depending on the office or institute that you are applying to. For instance, some agencies ask for just a stamp and signature of the translator or the translation provider that renders the Russian notarized translation services. Other agencies or offices are more demanding and require some more information like the date and name of the one who translates the document to be present and displayed on the notarized copy. Some legal offices, especially governmental, may require even more data and attributes such as the seal with binding, and the certified document in hard copy.

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Notarization Attributes We Use
We certify our translations with round and square stamps and signature with handwritten director’s name. The square stamp displays the URL, email, phone number, company name, and company registration number. The round stamp has the company’s name, company number, and the country or jurisdiction of company’s registration. The notarized document is signed by the director of the company and his name is handwritten next to the signature.

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Birth Certificate - Most Required Translation
The most frequently translated document is Birth Certificate. When the client comes with his BC in Russian it is typically for submission to the UK agencies for local enrollment, employment, citizenship, or for entering the university at one of the UK cities. We also have a lot of requests for translation of BC from English to Russian. It can be for staying in Russia or in any of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries as well as for working in the country as an expatriate consultant or for just visiting Russia.

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Medical Reports Need Notarization Too
Sometimes people come with medical reports for translation from English to Russian while they are staying in Russia or in Kazakhstan for medical treatment or patient care while being at one of the local hospitals. Those medical documents also need certification or notarization because they should be officially recognized and accepted by the local offices and hospitals. When translating from English to Russian it is preferable to use the local Russian translation agency as it bears the certification attributes recognizable by the local authorities and agencies. But it is not a strict demand or outright necessity to use local translation company. We, as being an agency foreign to Russian clients provide translation and certification for customers and patients treated in Russia.

All the documents we translate and notarize are accepted by the local Russian and Kazakhstan legal, educational, and medical offices!

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