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How to translate PDF to Russian

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How to translate PDF document to Russian

As far as the volume of documentation is concerned PDF format is the best solution for processing huge amount of content with text, images, and engineering drawings. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a unique format that can display all kinds of documents from any and all other formats and types. Images with high resolution and plenty of pixels or AutoCAD drawings with multitudes of small technical details, or packages of different project documentation, or certificates, presentations, user manuals, and specifications, can be fit into a relatively small size of documents and saved and stored on PC, local or cloud server, or on flash drive and/or any other electronic device or carrier.

How to translate PDF to Russian

PDF for File Transmission
PDF format is also convenient for transmission of files via internet or intranet. The size of the original copy of the document may be rather heavy to load it on PC or to send it to a recipient. The original format of the file can have extensive and expanded features and editing functions that make the file unnecessarily big in size and very spacious for transfer. So, literally, the only option available now for making the file smaller and lighter is the conversion to PDF.

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Conversion to and from PDF
How can you convert your documents to PDF? For some formats, it is quite easy. For instance, MS Word editor has an option for saving the document in PDF. Other formats can be converted to PDF using online resources that allow you to save the file in whatever format you like in the end. You have to just upload the document in the original format and go for conversion to PDF. Likewise, you can also convert your document from PDF to MS Word or to any other available and convertible formats. In cases when you have to extract the text or image or drawing you have to use some finereading or desktop publishing editors like Finereader, Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, Quark Xpress, or other similar editors.

Where PDF is used
Most of PDF users are companies implementing industrial projects or legal firms or departments that store engineering documentation and legal documents in archive or somewhere within a hand reach for an immediate use. Most of the time the documents with stamps and signatures are scanned and saved for further use. Technical drawings too are very frequently converted from AutoCAD or DWG format to PDF for use, storage, and transfer. User manuals or maintenance and service manuals or training manuals are also saved in PDF and printed for different purposes – repair, maintenance, operation, or education.

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We can manage your PDF files
So whether you have small slip or handout for print out or a large technical manual for power generation or production equipment or a project documentation package for construction of an oil gas facility on site, or you have confidential legal documents that need translation to Russian, we are to help you manage and translate your documents into Russian or from Russian to English, regardless of the files’ size and content.

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