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English Russian Translation of Installation Manual

There is a lot of equipment that we are using daily. And some of the equipment or appliances or devices need to be installed or integrated into the existing power supply or telecom or heating or water supply system. Most of us know how to install simple devices or even instruments. But there are many technical or engineering units that require the guidance and knowledge on installation, operation, and maintenance.

Example of GTE installation manual

For example, the installation of GTE (Gas Turbine Engine) requires volumes of instruction manuals for installation of assemblies, fuel system, block, shut-off, and regulating valves, pipping, air intake system, electrical devices, instruments, sensors and transmitters, Allen-Bradley control logic and SCADA systems. In order to operate an engine one should have enough knowledge, at least superficial, about the design, structure, configuration, concept of operation, and designation of the gas turbine engine. But if it comes to the maintenance or repair the instruction manual or repair guide is absolutely necessary.

Siemens GTE turbine

We translate instruction manuals for all purposes and applications:

  • Equipment Installation Manual
  • Instrumentation Installation Manual
  • Electrical Devices Installation Manual
  • Assembly Installation Manual
  • Unit Installation Manual
  • Valve Installation Manual
  • UPS Installation Manual
  • Engine Installation Manual
  • Generator Installation Manual

Instructor vs Instruction Manual

Of course, in case of industrial equipment you can call for a dedicated specialist or manufacturer engineer who can help you to fix the current technical problem and eliminate the causes of failure, and that if you have a contract for an emergency repair. But for smaller equipment, especially in regards to a privately purchased devices or instruments you have to use the instructions to help you first identify the problem and describe the methods and means to remove malfunctioning.
GTE General Electrical turbine

Book or Brochure

The instruction manual can be a large book with detailed description of each assembly and unit and instrument, or just a small brochure with graphics showing the parts and components of the equipment with guidelines on how to install it and start it. We translate instruction manual from English to Russian for all industrial sectors, whether it is an Oil and Gas, or metallurgy, or timber, or power generation, or renewable energy, or construction, or automotive.

Translation of User Manual requires professional knowledge of industry and equipment

The translation of instruction manual from English to Russian requires the professional knowledge of the operation of certain equipment and scientific knowledge of the concept of operation, e.g. the operation of jet engines, knowledge of specific equipment or instrument or device and the respective qualification and skills in translation of technical and engineering documentation, including user manuals and installation manuals.

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