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Certified Russian translation for your documents

We are getting multiple orders for translation of certificates and official documents, both for personal and corporate purposes. There are many customers who ask for certified Russian translation. They need a proof of the Russian translation services provider in the form of a stamp, signature, date of translation (optional), name of the translator (optional – in case with translation agency it is not required), and sometimes – Translation Quality Certificate along with the translated document.
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Places Where Certified Translation Required
Mostly the certification of a translated document is required at some official places like institutes, companies or governmental offices for onboarding, registration, or enrollment. There are many of those who request to translate their certificates like a Birth Certificate for submission to the UK Home Office. Other clients need the translation of their certificates from Russian to English for delivery to the UK embassy for immigration, getting the citizenship, permission to work in the Great Britain, or for just moving or travelling abroad.

The official translation with certification is required for acceptance by official bodies and agencies, both corporate and municipal. It can be the package of documents that needs to be translated and certified for employment at company’s HR department or at any other legal office, where such certification is required. The certification is mandatory for entering the university or a college.
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Legal Force of Certification
It is actually a normal practice to certify the translated document by a Russian translator or a notary, or by a translation agency, as it is in our case. It is an official and legal proof of the translation provider to validate its translation and confirm the quality of the service. So when the translation is certified it becomes legally bound and valid for any further legal of official use, either locally or internationally, outside of country.

Among other reasons for the necessity of Russian certified translation there may be the needs for official name change or adoption of a child, or transfer of rights or shares to another shareholder, delegation of authority, application to an educational institute, appealing with complaint to a court.

Types of Documents To Be Certified
The official documents that may be required at state bodies are: identification documents, police reports, bank statement, report from work place, diplomas, proof of qualification documents, relatives’ certificates (e.g. Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates).
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Formats and Forms of Certification
All the documents are certified in electronic format and are delivered either in MS Word or in PDF. All the stamps and signatures are put electronically as copies on your document. The stamps are official and signatures are authentic (written by the General Director’s hand). So when you submit your translated documents certified with our stamp and signature you have to be sure and confident that they will be accepted and approved by any legal body, office, or agency!

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