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Russian Translation of Birth Certificate

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How to translate my Birth Certificate from English to Russian?

When you apply for a new job online or offline, or travel abroad for getting education or entering a university, or if you are going to marry your fiancée from another country, or move to another place for permanent residence there, or if you visit Russia for medical treatment and need to have your documents in place and translated for medical institution or legal offices, you will need the English Russian translation of Birth Certificate!

There is a number of reasons when and why you would need to have your Birth Certificate translated into Russian:

  • Travel to Russia for business or as a tourist
  • Visit Russia for medical care and treatment
  • Business travel to Russia as a consultant or a narrow specialist
  • Application to any local Russian governmental office or agency
  • Participation in any public meeting
  • Getting the rights for inheritance
  • Visiting your relative or spouse

The translation of your Birth Certificate to Russian shall be performed as any other translation of documents. You just submit your document and we do the rest.

You also have to mind that any official translation should be certified before submission to the local Russian federal agency, office, or department. We can certify your documents and our translations with our stamp and signatures.

English Russian translaiton of Birth Certificate

It is very important to keep the spelling of names absolutely the same as they are written in other official documents like passports, licenses, or other ID documents. Otherwise, the documents will not be accepted nor passed through. We had some cases but rare when one lady – our client – had come back with a complaint that we did the wrong translation of names. It happened because she did not tell us what was the correct spelling of names. So we had to correct the names and recertify the translated documents.

Therefore, in order to avoid any discrepancies and rejection from legal and governmental officers, when translating the Birth Certificate document you have to provide all the names in the target language if they are available on any hard or electronic copy. If you have a passport or any other identification document in Russian language you must check how the name is spelled and show this name in Russian to our team so that we could type it exactly as it is in the Russian version to be accepted by the local authorities.

How can I translate my Birth Certificate from Russian to English?

Obviously, when you request for Russian to English translation of Birth Certificate it means that you are Russian yourself or have Russian relatives living in the UK or in any other country outside of Russia. There are more people coming from Russia to the UK than from the United Kingdom back to Russia. That’s why the need for Russian to English translation of Birth Certificates is more demanded and required than English to Russian translation of certificates.

There is a number of reasons why you would need the translation of Birth Certificate from Russian to English:

  • Temporary visit for business or for visiting partners or colleagues
  • Visiting relatives living in the UK
  • Moving the UK for a permanent residence
  • Applying for a job
  • Entering the local university or any other education institution
  • Submission of documents for enrollment or employment
  • Taking care of elderly parents or junior family members
  • Travelling to the UK
  • Visiting the UK for medical purposes

All translations of official documents such as Birth Certificate have to be certified. The certification should bear the name of the person translating the document, his contact details, website, phone number. In case with translation company the certification data should also have company registration number and refer to the jurisdiction state.

Russian English translation of Birth Certificate

Normally all documents like certificates are submitted in PDF or JPG format as they are the image copies of the original document in hard copy. We translate the document in MS Word format, certify and deliver it back to you in PDF.

All documents translated and certified by our company are official documents that can be submitted to and used at any legal, official, and governmental bodies, agencies, offices, and departments, including the UK Home Office!