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Russian Confidential Translation

Documents with confidential information that require additional protection of privacy need translation to Russian rather frequently. Information that needs security is definitely of high importance and significance and is deemed as critical in terms of personal, political, social, religious, national, racial, military, and business character. Of course, any and all documents having confidential nature and bearing private information have to be treated in a special secretive manner. An access to such information should be restricted and limited from third parties or outside agents. Only the interested parties and stakeholders may have an access to such documents. No piece of confidential information can be disclosed to any third party without prior written consent and approval of all parties involved in the matter of affair.
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Sharing with Third Party
However, apart from authorized and committed persons the information can also be shared between persons not involved in the decision making process and not devoted to the subject matter. It is not something uncommon that third party persons are becoming an involuntary participants of confidential relationships, businesses, transactions, communications, and activities. The person who incidentally or intentionally gets an access to confidential material, such as documents, or becomes the witness of some private conversation or communication, he automatically takes on the responsibility for keeping this information, actions, and talks, private.
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Interpreter or Agency Involvement
Customers can also make their private information public when they are compelled to do so due to the need of translating the conversation or text shared between the participants of the committee, or conference, or summit, or closed group meeting. It is becoming necessary to translate the private and confidential information or content especially when the interlocutors or shareholders or business partners are speaking in a different language. To make the conversation or text understandable an interpreter or a translator is hired for this purpose. However, if the matter is international and implies multitudes of documents, one translator will not be able to cope with the entire volume of information. In that case a Russian translation agency can be contracted to deal with the scope of work to cope with the amount of translation to be done.

Confidentiality Agreement
In order for a third party to get involved in any activity or have an access to any information bearing the confidential character the person or a company that was not initially devoted to the privacy of the matter has to be obliged by a certain agreement to keep the secret of the matter or information as long as it is specified by the terms and internal company regulations. For a company to have an access to confidential information it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement and/or any other agreements or contracts that the requester requires.

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Terms and Conditions
A confidentiality agreement shall be signed by all interested parties and for a period strictly set by the initiator. It can be for one month or one year, or even a decade. The length of a period of agreed privacy depends on the kind and type of information trusted and disclosed. The third party, or translator, or translation company that sings the agreement shall be obliged to keep the confidential information safe, not to disclose it to any uninvolved party, not distribute anywhere for an agreed period of time, and then to delete it or remove it upon expiration of the agreement.

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