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How to Translate Certificates from Russian to English

We are getting all kinds of certificates for translation from Russian to English or from English to Russian. People are coming mostly with Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Passports, Name Change Certificates, as well as with Death Certificates and Divorce Certificates. Sometimes we are getting exotic certificates like a parental adoption certificates for same marriage couple in the UK who adopted a child born by a surrogate mother in Russia.
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Variety of Certificates
Also, we are frequently requested by our customers to translate passports or work permissions for staying, studying, or working in Russia. Many people come with packages of documents for translation in one go. There may be different certificates, diplomas, education certificates, training certificates, proving their qualification and skills.

For working abroad many apply with the request for translating the work experience reports stating their work experience and number of years worked.
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Demand in Packages
There are many clients who come with their packages of documents for translation from Russian to English, especially those who want to immigrate or who care for their relatives, spouses or parents. They ask for translation of a whole number of documents, varying from mere Birth Certificates to Graduation documents to military service certificates. It is also common to get a request for translation of a Driver License between English and Russian languages.

Submission Formats
The submitted documents are provided basically in two or three formats such as PDF, JPG, and PNG. Of course, all certificates are translated in an editable format, i.e. MS Word and then converted into PDF.
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Certification - What it looks like
Certification is not a must but we surely certify all our translations upon request and as per the individual request and/or legal necessity, e.g. when it is required by any legal office, agency, or government department, like UK Home Office. Normally, we put our corporate stamps – round and square, put our director’s signature with his name and last name written by his hand.

Price Quote
The price quote for translation of each document is calculated individually as some documents have just a couple of words whereas other documents may have pretty much of text on one page. Our standard rate for translation of one single page of a document is £25 GBP. However, if there are more than one document, for example, if the clients submits a bundle of certificates and supporting documents the price may be revised accordingly, depending on the number of pages and the total volume of text in documents.

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