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Russian Translation of Technical Data Sheet

Now we have all kinds of data that has to be used, stored, transmitted, protected, or otherwise operated on. Among this data we can pick out technical or engineering data that covers the detailed technical information about the material the product or item is made of, unique and general features pertaining to this particular unit, device, or equipment, properties that belong to this or that particular hardware or electronic sensor or transmitter, and functions that are typical of a certain machinery, vehicle, plant, or equipment. The volume of technical data proportionately depends on the complexity of the system, quantity of parts and components, and designations this piece of equipment of facility may have. So, if you are struggling to find the proper translation service provider we are just specializing in the translation of technical data sheets from English to Russian for all of your technical and engineering purposes and needs!

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Safety Data Matters
One of the major issue with any technical device, instrument, or equipment, is safety of that very equipment and of the end user operating and working with this tool or instrument. There can be dozens of pages devoted only to safety of equipment. Safety material can be presented in user manuals, bulletins, handouts, booklets, and in other forms of hard copy. You can differentiate between safety regulations, rules and tenets. Safety regulations are developed by engineering institutes or state agencies, safety rules can be prepared by local on-site engineers and project specific safety departments, and safety tenets can be written by any superintendent or supervisor, foreman, or a person in charge of safety of performed works.

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Equipment Variety
Equipment can be big or small, long or short, fixed or mobile, loud or mute, sophisticated or simple, metal or plastic or combined, hot or cold, hazardous or harmless, with plenty of instruments or without them, with short service life or with long service life, durable or quick use, installed or dismountable, and all that equipment has its specific technical data that is written in the form of a technical data sheet. We translate technical data sheet to Russian for any type of equipment and technical device. You can rely on qualification of our linguists specializing in translation of technical information and engineering details.

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Different Functions
People are coming with different types of documents that bear the information about their equipment. Likewise, the purposes and functions of equipment are different. And it can also be used in very different industries: in construction of buildings and bridges, harvesting in agriculture, maritime operations and activities, medical treatment, crude oil transportation, water treatment, manufacturing of gas turbines, metal casting, power generation and supply, water pumping and gas compression.

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Price quote for translation of technical data sheets starts from 0.06 GBP per word. If it is just the safety sheet the price can be lower, But if the text or a document specify the engineering data with all features, properties, and functions, and description of operation and maintenance, the price can be higher as it would include the engineering content and terminology that requires more and deeper knowledge of the industry and subject matter and certain experience and respective qualification.

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