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How to Translate PDF into Russian

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How to Manage the Translation of PDF Documents into Russian

Most often you come across and use documents in PDF format. This format is very convenient as it compresses any size text and graphics into just a few megabytes. So you can accommodate a huge scientific work or a large industrial project content in one or two documents combining all your certificates, contracts, specifications, essays, researches, reports, drawings, and data sheets. It saves your offline hard drive or online cloud server space giving more room for more volumes of necessary project documents.
How to translate PDF to Russian

Best Format
PDF documents are undoubtedly easier for storage, saving, transferring, conversion, scanning, and reading! But about the translation? It is a little bit different matter. Why?

PDF to DOC for Translation
Because PDF is not an editable format. It can be obtained very easily as actually any format can be converted into PDF, whether it is MS Word, or Excel, or Power Point file. Even AutoCAD drawings can be converted into PDF. But when it comes to the Russian translation of PDF documents the client and translation agency face a challenge of making the text editable and translatable. You cannot physically change or delete the text in Portable Document Format, so you have to convert your file back into one of the editable format, whatever is more fit for your needs and tasks.
Price quote for Russian translation of PDF
One of the most popular format used for translation is doc or docx format. It is the easiest way of translating the text and content of PDF files. Even in case of drawings the Word document is the best format for translation as it can be enlarged by setting up a different size to the document.

Online Conversion to Editable Format – How To
Another format used for conversion from PDF is Power Point. It can be used for translation of user manuals or presentations. To convert a document into an editable format you can use online PDF to DOC websites or offline software like Adobe Finereader. However, you have to mind that some online resources can be limited to a certain file size, so if you have a document with over 10MB size you have to check if that website or software can cope and convert that big size for you.
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PDF is just another format
Definitely, if you have to work with PDF file you have to make it editable. And you can do it either online or offline. And translation of PDF documents shall be made in the same way as translation of documents in any other format - by converting them into a convenient format first, and translating the source text into a target language, e.g. from English to Russian or vice versa. The best format for translation of PDF documents is MS Word format. This is the format that allows you to make some tricky changes and easily replace the original text with a translated one. Besides, DOC format allows you to make edits to the layout of the document and move graphics or tables or even insert content from third party resources and websites.

We Choose MS Word for translation of PDF
When the document is provided in PDF we shall convert it into Word or any other preferable format first. Then we shall see what formatting (or Desktop Publishing) is required. And only after formatting we start translating the text. We do the translation last as the text in the target language, for example, in Russian, can be longer than English text due to grammar differences. You can check our samples of translated documents. About 80% of documents we translate are in PDF format! So, you are welcome to share your documents for translation!

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