rUSSIAN translation amid crisis

Humanity has been struck by a novel threat – epidemic of COVID-19 virus. That's embarrassing and discouraging. However, it can still be won and fought back if detected and coped with on time.

The isolation of millions of people have caused dramatic economic fall and impact on those people and industries that were dependent on the off-line resources that required the physical presence and interaction.

Thanks to governments that helped the needy persons, especially the elderly ones. Thanks to volunteers who jeopardized their safety, security, and health to save those who were diagnosed as COVID infected. Thanks to all who expressed their free will to be where they were most needed.

UK and Russia are the countries that were also touched by this contingency and are doing their best to bridle it.

Anyway, the life is still going on and we have still to communicate and resolve the outstanding issues and overcome the challenges. The current emergency can be diminished but it depends on how promptly and wisely we respond to it. We must not loose composure and succumb to fear and despair. We have to keep on doing the same things but with a little more care about ourselves and others.

Our services are available for your personal and business needs 24/7 as before! You are welcome to make online requests and get files and documents translated from English to Russian and vice versa.

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Russian translation amid crisis

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