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Russian to English Translation of Birth Certificate in the UK

Are you looking for Russian to English translation of Birth Certificate in the UK or anywhere else where you are based? Do you need to translate your document in a matter of one day or quicker? Is your request for translation of certificate urgent? Do you have to translate your Birth Certificate for VISA, job application, employment, invitation letter, immigration, education, entering the university or college, court proceedings, submission to the UK Home Office?
Russian to English translation of birth certificate

Why Do I need the Translation of Birth Certificates?

You are welcome to contact us and get a professional translation of Birth Certificate from Russian to English! Whatever the purpose of your submission of certificates we are here to help you solve your local and international administration needs by providing you the translation of legal documents. With our team of expert Russian translators with years of experience in translation of official documents and qualification in international relations we can meet your ID documentation translation needs. You can be sure that we shall manage your birth certificate translation requests in a professional manner within your timeframe and budget. There are many reasons why you would need the translation of a birth certificate from Russian to English. Please find below the list of some of them:
  • Application for getting VISA
  • Immigration requirements
  • Job application / Employment
  • Residence / Naturalization
  • Healthcare / Hospital Treatment
  • Work Permit / Business Travel
  • Event participation / Invitation
  • UK Home Office submission
Russian to English translation of birth certificate in the UK

Who will translate my Birth Certificate?

Actually when a Birth Certificate is required it is necessary for a proof of identity purpose and for local formalities where the confirmation of your origin and place of birth is a must. Of course, if your document is in a foreign language, it should be translated to English. So, your Russian birth certificate has to be translated into English. Normally the translation of certificates, and birth certificates in particular, is performed by professional Russian English translator who knows the terminology and can present it in a standard format accepted internationally. There is a common layouts of all official and ID documents recognized by any and all UK offices and agencies.
Russian to English translation of USSR birth certificate in the UK

Do You Certify the translated documents?

Apart from translation the certification of translated documents is one of the mandatory requirement and obligation for Russian to English translation of birth certificates in the UK. If the document was translated by a single freelance translator he or she should sign it off and put their stamp validating the translation and proving the qualification and expertise of an interpreter. It is also accepted to use the printed version of the certified document for submission to the UK Home Office.
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What does your Certification look like?

Many are asking if they have to do the apostille or notarization of translated documents. It can be normal in Russia where documents are bound and sealed. But in the UK there are no such strict rules. All you have to do is to provide the valid confirmation of the one who translated the document or of the company that provided the translation services. So, the stamp(s) and signature will be sufficient.