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Russian Translation of Books in the UK

Are you looking for professional and creditable Russian translation of books in the UK? Do you need to translate your book from English to Russian or from Russian to English? Does your masterpiece needs to be published in the UK or somewhere else in the world? Is your book large or small? Was it written for kids or for adults? Does it have some technical information? Has it been made as a training syllabus or as a user guide for consumers and customers? Is your book a novel or fiction or biography?

Whatever you want to translate from English to Russian or from Russian to English we are here to help you with translation of your book OR BOOKS in your genre and in your niche! If you are an author of your book we have some individual offers like post-translation customer service in case you need some polishing of the already translated text. We translate books and prepare them for publishing. Some people ask us if we can publish books in Russia or anywhere else. Well, we are only a Russian translation agency with a team of dedicated English or Russian translators who translate books in an editable format and deliver them back to you with a style and look as in the original copy. So, we only prepare the translation and layout FOR PUBLISHING but we do not publish ourselves nor do we have any contacts with publishing houses as some may think. Our part is to provide accurate and professional translation of books either from English to Russian or from Russian to English. And this is what we do perfectly!

Types of Books we translate

Most of the books we translate are biographies and memoirs. A little less in numbers are the order for translation of novels and fictions or science fictions. Then follow the technical and training books for construction, assembly, installation, operation and maintenance and for training courses. When translating literary books, it is important to keep the same creative mood of the original text with due consideration of idiomatic expressions and cultural differences for better understanding. Sometimes the translated text does not express all emotions that author has put into his story if translated in a word-for-word manner. So, in order for the book content to be filled with emotional touch and interwoven with mimics and gestures the original copy describes the translator who undertakes this task has to have the natural gift of expressing even subtle emotions and making the reader cry or laugh.


With our qualified and experienced Russian translators committed to client’s satisfaction and fine results you can get a polished and fine-tuned translation of your valuable book to Russian or from Russian. Of course, every translator whom we trust your thoughts, ideas, fantasies, and creative reflections, is not a novice but a seasoned and experienced linguist with years or decades of experience.


We have translated dozens of books in different genres and on different subjects, including technical and legal, not only purely literary style. Not all but many orders include the request for formatting of pages before publishing. It includes the correction or adjustment of layout of text and images as well as using the right font and color for translating the content.


The translation process consists of at least four phases. First, we discuss all nuances related to the terms, price quote and payment conditions, then we ask for any additional information that might be useful or that needs to be considered for translation. Second step is client’s payment before we start translating the book. Payment can be divided into several stages or amounts depending on the client’s wishes or concerns. Third is translation of the Book itself. After that, when translation of the book is completed, as a third step, we deliver the translated book back to the client for their review. And the last step shall be the polishing of the final text, as a post-translation service, if needed.