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How Did COVID impact Russian Translation?

New Normal - How Did Covid affect Russian Translation
First Wave of Pandemic Was Notable
The world has notably changed with the emerging of COVID-19 pandemic. We are not sure how long this virus spread will circulate the earth but the so called first wave showed us a number of things that are worth talking about and taking adequate actions.
We Are Vulnerable
First of all we saw ourselves vulnerable not only to the disease itself but more significantly to the circumstances that we met because of the lockdown restrictions. And we can not be now for sure what is worse - virus threat or crisis brought with lockdown.
Something Curious About It...
Of course, you can have your personal opinion on that as there are a lot of obvious things that we still can not understand or align with logic. For example, how can the virus be curbed with just having a permission to go abroad or a pass to move between regions in the country. But for those who do not have a permission the moving between cities is prohibited. And what about the virus? Interesting..
Coronavirus Crisis
Anyway, the global hassle that was caused by the coronavirus made us feel and see how week we can be before the threats of the world crisis. Healthcare issue is on the agenda. But the struggle with crisis that struck us unawares is also on the agenda. And we have to somehow overcome it and live on. But to live on we have to have something to live on.
Russian Translation Is Alive!
Russian translation industry has also been affected by the virus. The demand in Russian translation has slightly diminished especially for those sectors where physical presence was required. Now with the major part of work going online the translation has also been transformed. For English to Russian translation services the move to the online mode did not so much impact the industry as the translation was already online. But with the crisis the service has become more competitive.