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How to Manage Technical Translation

Technical Translation

How to Overcome the Technical Translation Challenges

Are you busy with a whole lot of work, or dumped with a pile of paperwork, or pressed for time because of numerous calls and talks, and have no tome for managing your technical translation projects?
Perfect! We all have gone through periods like this! Some people continuously and permanently are in such a condition. It is typical of any business if you have a company or if you are an entrepreneur.
How can you overcome the challenges of coping with a large volume of work and still not miss other important tasks? How to do the normal routine things and manage translation of technical documents?
Definitely, you will not have so much time to take care of all of your business tasks yourself. You will have to find somebody who could assist you with translations. It can either be a freelancer or a translation agency.

Translator vs Agency

If you go with a freelance Russian translator you have to find one and select the best among hundreds of thousands of other linguists that would suit you best. It is not an easy task to do as you have to check a host of translation job boards, translators platforms, and translation association websites.

You have to know that there are millions of translators to choose from so you can be really lost in your searching for the most suitable Russian translator both in the UK, Russia, or anywhere else. What would be the most logic and relevant solution?

I am sure the solution is Russian translation company that will be able to take care of your technical translation from English to Russian language. Now what is the most convenient way of finding the right translation company? Well, that’s an easier task to do than with finding the right translator for your project.

Determinants of the Best Technical Translation Agency

First you have to determine for yourself, what is the best location for you to choose the company from – is it Russia or UK or any other country? If you choose the company abroad then you have to consider the risks of remote communication and delays in response. Besides, if the company is foreign and in Russia you may come up with cross border issues like payment or delivery, if required. Taking into account the present day political climate and continuous striving of Asian world to stay aloof from Europe or Western World makes it sometimes difficult to do simple things. So my advice for you is to find the company in your native country, whether it is UK or Germany, or USA. It would be much easier for you to contract a company in the UK or somewhere in the European Union rather than far off in Asia. In case with local company you can feel more safe and secure. You will not struggle with payments (conversion into Rubles and problems with Russian bank system) and what is not less important is the jurisdiction the agency is registered at. Russia is overregulated in itself so it is difficult at times to run business with Russian counterparts smoothly and efficiently.

Second thing is the experience and credibility of the company. You have to check their proficiency and references, if they are eligible to do the translations for you. They should have testimonials and recommendations from their clients, both private individuals and corporate organizations. You should be perfectly aware of their background and proficiency because some agencies do not translate everything. In order to be able to cover all technical subjects and all industries they should have a huge in-house staff or a large network of freelancers, tested and proven. It can only be possible for large-size or mid-size companies, and only a handful of companies can translate absolutely everything. By and large companies have their specific qualifications and proficiency in a limited range of areas of expertise.

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