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Russian Sworn Translation

When you need the sworn translation you actually need the certified translation or certification of the translated document with a sworn translator who can validate the translation performed and prove the quality of translation. Besides the certification of the document itself you may also be asked to provide a quality proof certificate that can be attached as a supporting document and an additional proof of the validity and would impart an additional legal force and authority to the performed translation.
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Sworn Translator
The sworn translation is basically performed by an authorized translator either appointed by the local legal authorities or doing the translation on behalf of the certified or ISO compliant Russian translation agency which gives him or her the right to translate and certify in favor of the local translation company. A sworn translation is no different from certified translation and is accepted by any legal institution as any other official document. Sworn translation has the same attributes and has the same legal value as a certified translation.
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Certificate of Accuracy
When a sworn translation is performed it is normally accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy, which is a signed statement testifying the accuracy and completeness of the translation made to the best translator’s knowledge and ability. Much like a notarized translation the sworn translation shows that the translated and certified document is genuine and has the same value in the eyes of law and administrative authorities. The genuinity is proved with a stamp or a seal of the sown translator.

Documents that need Sworn Certification
The certification by a sworn translator is required for a variety of documents and certificates, such as birth and marriage certificates, notary contracts, technical, educational, and legal documents, scholar certifications, diplomas, passports, company statutes, and many other documents. The certification made by a sword translator is added to the original copy of translated text as a formal declaration of quality and accuracy.
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Formats we use for Sworn Translation
Sworn certification is delivered either in MS Word or PDF which is preferable as the certification is done electronically and all stamps and signatures are copied into the translated document under the text. We can send you the sworn translation by email as one single PDF document or as multiple PDF documents. Many ask for a physical sending the certified documents to their home addresses. We did it earlier and we do not send any documents in hard copies to anyone as all certifications are done electronically.

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