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Russian Coal Production level in 2021

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Russian Ministry of Energy expects the recovery of coal production in 2021 to the pre-pandemic level

The Russian energy ministry is waiting for the coal industry to recover to the 2019 levels

According to Deputy Energy Minister of Russia, it is expected that the coal production in Russian will go up by the end of 2021 and reach the indicators of 2019. Due to the well known pandemic crisis the production of coal was reduced because of the fallen demand in European countries.
Russian minister expressed his confidence and stated that the coal production will increase in 2021 and get the outcome results of 2019. The last five months showed the feasibility of such prognosis. Even though Russia has lost 40 million tons of coal during the pandemic hassle, still we can resume the production rate by the end of the current year.

Coal is Still Bringing Profit to Russian Budget

As the figures at Russian Energy Ministry showed the coal production diminished in 2020 by about 9% down to 400 million tons. Due to the decline in demand for and consumption of coal in the west the overall export was decreased from the previous 221 mln to 208 million tons. But in contrast to western consumers the Asian-Pacific market brought some profit roughly about 10% in 2020. This year showed positive tendencies and increase in demand.
Within the last 4 to 5 months the export has went up well. However, it is worth noting that the demand for traditional coal has declined, whereas the coking and anthracite coals are demanded.

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