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Gazprom gas injection rate drop

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Russian Gas Injection Rate in European Storages Is Low in 2021

According to Gazprom the injection rate of Russian gas delivery into the European storage tanks has dropped and remains rather low. The replenishment performed this year barely hit 8 billion cubic meters in contrast to significant withdrawal of more than 65 bln cubic meters.

Over the last few months the delivery rate of Russian gas to European UGS remains at a low level despite the high value of demand in the European Union. The shortage of gas supply is breaking the record and dropped to a little more than 34.5 billion of cubic meters.

15 bln Cubic Meters Required to Make Up For the Loss

By the end of 2020 and in the beginning of 2021, during the winter season, the withdrawal volume was more than 65 bln cubic meters which is a lot in comparison with just around 8 bln cubic meters of gas by the end of May 2021. So now, in order to make up for the loss the injection rate should be increased up to an average of 15 billion cubic meters a month.

The Ukrainian gas storages are also suffering from the delay and lack of gas supply. According to the Gas Infrastructure Europe Data the Ukrainian UGS received a mere 0.35 bln cubic meters of gas within a month after the first injection was made. And this figure equals to about 2.5% of the entire volume that was demanded during the period of heating in winter.

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